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How to Chat

Chat Rules

1)  Sexual harassment will not be tolerated, if you do it we will send the log to your internet service provider, if you do it from your workplace we will send the log to your workplace, Profanity, racist remarks and sexually explicit language are not permitted, do these things and you will certainly be banned from this server "forever" amen!!.
2)  Clones and Bots are not allowed.
3)  Future Use
4)  Ask permission in channel before messaging or DCC'ing someone you do not know.
5)  Discussion of sacred topics like ceremonies,  objects and rites should be conducted in private. anyone that knows anything about it wont talk to you about it anyway!
6)  Advertising channels, web sites, etc. in the channel is not allowed. and will get you banned!
7)  'Lurking' - sitting in the channel and refusing to partiipate or respond -  is just plain rude and is not allowed.
8) Future Use
9)  Port scanning is not allowed.
10)  Future Use
11)  Fighting and arguing in the channel is not allowed.  If you have a problem with someone -  take it private.
12)  Opping, De-opping, Kicking and Banning as a form of play or "joking" is prohibited. for moderators and IRCOP's
13)  Flooding (more than 7 consecutive lines of text in under 15 seconds) is not allowed.
14)  The use of scripts advertised to have or be compatible with spyware or linklookers is prohibited. "it will get you Banned/klined forever!!"
15)  Harassing or stalking other users is prohibited. "it will get you Banned/klined forever!!"
16)  Transmitting virus infected files is prohibited. "it will get youBanned/ klined forever!!"

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