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Welcome to A taste of Chat

Each day or as often as possible I will post a full day from our chat the day before, Some folks are a little put off by the newness of Chat so this is a taste of what goes on in our chat room, we have a lot of fun and as you will see our  chat differs from some of the larger chat servers in that we are more like a internet family and some of us have been chatting for many years, it may get a little "PG" at times, and once in a while we get some rude people in but we get rid of them quick, the log below is a full days chat and is not edited and you will see we do have a lot of fun.

some chat abbreviations: LOL = laughing out loud - brb = be right back - bbl = be back later - lmao = laugh my a** off - there are many more but you will catch on easily.


Sat May 07 2011

The Chat starts at midnight, so the night might be a bit slow

Session Start: Sat May 07 00:00:00 2011
Session Ident: #native-american

<Windle> 'least, not enough to count
<rosepetals> ok i have a question ladies maybe you can help me
<Windle> dunno what ndn name I would pick
<yellowwolf> cant thinjk of a cool name
<rosepetals> wild feather
<yellowwolf> fire away and fall back
<rosepetals> i like that name
<rosepetals> how do u get a guy to go crazy for me
<Windle> mine would have to be wild hair
<rosepetals> or just go craZY
<rosepetals> LOL
<yellowwolf> i think ya have to approach him
<Windle> how close is he to being crazy now?
<rosepetals> i like that name windle
<yellowwolf> cause he is always risking crashing and burning
<rosepetals> lol
<rosepetals> i dont know how crazy he is
<Windle> you want him crazy for you or just crazy?
<yellowwolf> that would flatter me
<rosepetals> but i always wanted a guy to go crazy for me
<rosepetals> lol
<yellowwolf> and be prepared to talk trucks and man stuff
<Windle> I did, too, but they just turned out to be crazy
<rosepetals> lol lol lol
<yellowwolf> yeah but some shallow guys are always after one thing
<Windle> seriously - I tend to attract schizophrenics
<rosepetals> yes i know
<Windle> and bikers
<rosepetals> oh no windle
<Windle> or used to - haven't attracted anything more than mosquitos in
<yellowwolf> well some how ya have to sort them out
<rosepetals> lol
<yellowwolf> may be join a few clubs and get a feel for the talent
<rosepetals> yes thats wer i am at ywolf
<Windle> I think it was because I know how to talk to schizophrenics
<rosepetals> sorting them out
<rosepetals> lol
<rosepetals> windle you must have slit personalities
<rosepetals> ops split
<yellowwolf> yeah lots of use boy wolves are damaged goods already
<Windle> LMAO
<rosepetals> lol
<Windle> I am what I like to call a non-disassociated multiple
<yellowwolf> may be ya just start off in a plutonic relationship and see
how it goes
<rosepetals> what lol
<rosepetals> good advice ywolf
<Windle> yeah, it does help if you take the time to figure out if you
like 'em or not
<yellowwolf> i think some times ya can grow into love
<rosepetals> i see
<Windle> and liking is more important than loving in the long run
<rosepetals> this is true
<yellowwolf> we have a few couples in the gun clubs and they seem to
share a great relationship
<rosepetals> hey do u guys think its normal to have altur egos
<Windle> as my ol' mama used to say, you can't stay in bed all the time,
helps if ya got something to talk about when you're not
<rosepetals> omgosh gun club
<yellowwolf> yeah
<rosepetals> lol
<yellowwolf> we only shoot paper targets
<rosepetals> lol oh no
<rosepetals> lol
<yellowwolf> what ever it dont bother me
<Windle> most people have different personalities they use with
different people - are you the same person with your parents as you are
with your friends?
<yellowwolf> im going to spend all day at the range tomorrow
<yellowwolf> from 9am till 5pm
<rosepetals> cool
<rosepetals> wow why all day
<yellowwolf> different matches
<yellowwolf> then theres the BS talking how we can fix theworld
<rosepetals> i have one
<rosepetals> her name is chencha
<yellowwolf> susage sizzle at lunch time
<Windle> what does chencha do that you can't?
<yellowwolf> one what?
<rosepetals> chencha speaks her mind and is in your face
<yellowwolf> well with ya folks ya sort of feel obliged to do what they want
<rosepetals> but she is funny with a deep acsent
<yellowwolf> but with ya friends ya do what you want to do
<Windle> depends on what folks....lol
<rosepetals> lol this true
<rosepetals> she only comes out when she is around her friends
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07* sets mode: +o spiritdog
<rosepetals> hey spirt
<yellowwolf> hi spirit
<Windle> hey spirit
<yellowwolf> welcome home
<@spiritdog> hi everyone
<rosepetals> hey
<Windle> kids all in bed now?
<@spiritdog> i wish mine were
<Windle> put a mickey in their milk, spirit
<yellowwolf> or tie them up
<rosepetals> lol oh no u guys r bad
<@spiritdog> nothing shuts em up on a weekend
<rosepetals> lol
<yellowwolf> more coke a cola
<yellowwolf> and chippies
<rosepetals> aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<yellowwolf> wear them out
<rosepetals> lol
<Windle> I still like the idea of a velcro wall, like david letterman
had - dress the kids in fuzzy suits and stick 'em to the wall where they
can't touch anything - if they're too obnoxious, stick 'em upside down
<rosepetals> lol i like that idea
<@spiritdog> rosepetals don't stretch out letters like that again
<yellowwolf> yeah that would be good anbd have every surface covered in
it so they cant run around
<rosepetals> sorry
<Windle> needless to say, I was not called on much to babysit
<rosepetals> r u hearing impaird
<yellowwolf> some are site impared
<@spiritdog> not me but we have several members that are
<Windle> sight, too
<rosepetals> ok
<rosepetals> will do
<yellowwolf> well folks im starving so im off to cook
<Windle> k, yellow, great to see ya
<rosepetals> ok later ywolf
<Windle> hugs
<yellowwolf> bbl
<Windle> k
<yellowwolf> hugs all around
<rosepetals> bye
<yellowwolf> bye
<@spiritdog> tc
<yellowwolf> thanks sd
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left #native-american
<rosepetals> brb u guys
<Windle> k
09* Guest8445 (~Guest@dxb-as96475.alshamil.net.ae) has joined
<@spiritdog> hi guest
<Windle> hey Guest8445
<Guest8445> hi
<Windle> how's it going?
<Guest8445> good
<Guest8445> u
<Windle> not too bad, ty
<@spiritdog> brb kids
<Windle> k spirit...lol
<Guest8445> who's kids here
<Windle> spirit is in charge of kids tonight
<Guest8445> oo
<Guest8445> ok
<Guest8445> so were u come from
<Windle> we have an age limit in here, so no kids
<Windle> florida, usa, and u?
<Guest8445> cool l
<Guest8445> uae , dxb
<Windle> dxb?
<Guest8445> mean dubai
<Windle> oh, ok - cool
<Guest8445> :)
<Guest8445> so hw old r u ?
<Windle> that's the country with the palm islands, right?
<Guest8445> ye
<Windle> older than dirt - I'm 59 - u?
<Guest8445> 18
<@spiritdog> 54 here
<Guest8445> aha nice
<Windle> you got 'em locked in the closet now, spirit?
<@spiritdog> it never ends
<rosepetals> lol hey u guys i am back
<Windle> wb rose
<@spiritdog> wb
<rosepetals> thanks
<rosepetals> what did i miss
<Windle> yellow went to cook supper
<rosepetals> oh ok
<Windle> spirit's got the kids duct taped to the laundry pole
<rosepetals> lol oh no
<Guest8445> okay it's nice to talk with ya all
<Guest8445> i have to go
<Guest8445> bye
<rosepetals> bye guest
<Windle> k guest, tc
04* Guest8445 (~Guest@dxb-as96475.alshamil.net.ae) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<@spiritdog> be good
<Windle> or good at it
<Windle> bet he felt like he'd come in the old folks home by mistake....lol
<rosepetals> lol
<@spiritdog> he didn't know what to say to ppl as old as his grandma
<Windle> heheh
<rosepetals> lol
<@spiritdog> i'll bb ina few gotta deal with night meds bbl
<Windle> k spirit
09* spiritdog is now known as sdog-afk
<rosepetals> lol
<rosepetals> ok all gotta go get my pizza
<Windle> oh geez, I can tell I'm gonna be stiff and sore tomorrow - took
a fall in the grocery store today - somebody's little darling had
dribbled juice or a popcicle down the aisle and publix keeps their
terrazzo very clean and polished
<Windle> k rose
<rosepetals> oh no girly i am sorry to hear that feel better see you all
again tommorow hopefully bye all good nite
<Windle> g'nite
<rosepetals> gn chica
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<nativewolf> hey win mmm asleep?
<nativewolf> ok that would mean no
<nativewolf> lol
<nativewolf> and noe i am all by me self
<nativewolf> now
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<Windle> sheesh
<nativewolf> hey win hugs
<nativewolf> lol
<nativewolf> lol
<Windle> hey native, hugs
<nativewolf> win u makin me talk to my self
<Windle> just got moofed
<Windle> I was talking to myself earlier - spirit went off to do sumthin'
<nativewolf> lol dont u hate that
<nativewolf> lookin all crazy some one comes in takes a look and just bails
<nativewolf> lol
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#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<nativewolf> 'lol
<nativewolf> lol
09* Windle (~me@adsl-74-235-205-213.mco.bellsouth.net) has joined
<Windle> geez
<nativewolf> lol y u in and out
<Windle> no tellin' - think at&t's having fits
<@sdog-afk> wb windle
<Windle> yahoo went all squirrelly, too
<nativewolf> lol u still with them ?
<nativewolf> lol
09* sdog-afk is now known as spiritdog
<Windle> not much choice around here
<Windle> ty spirit
<nativewolf> lol
<@spiritdog> yvw
<nativewolf> well then i got duct tape picked some up for my man on the
way home
<nativewolf> he all silver now
<nativewolf> i need a new man
<Windle> lol
09* Guest8457 (~Guest@adsl-99-22-75-68.dsl.wotnoh.sbcglobal.net) has
joined #native-american
<nativewolf> i kno just sad huh
<nativewolf> hi guest how are u ?
04* Guest8457 (~Guest@adsl-99-22-75-68.dsl.wotnoh.sbcglobal.net) has
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<nativewolf> wth
<Windle> another drive-by
<nativewolf> yep
<@spiritdog> we get em here every night
<nativewolf> duct tape all i got to say
<Windle> oh yeah, the looky-loos
<nativewolf> yep
<Windle> duct tape and wd-40 are all ya need
<nativewolf> brb but by that time win u would have been in and out a few
times lol
<Windle> well, I gotta get my exercise somehow
<Windle> k native....lol
<@spiritdog> i'm sick to my tummy
<nativewolf> true do yo thang baby
<nativewolf> aaww sorry spirit
<Windle> told ya not to eat all those cookies, spirit
<nativewolf> lol
<@spiritdog> dang night pills doing it
<nativewolf> what kind ?
<Windle> some o' them munchie pills, huh
<@spiritdog> i'm down from 17 per day to 7
<nativewolf> thats good
<nativewolf> brb
<Windle> yeah, that is good
<Windle> k native
<Windle> brb - loo
<Windle> back
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<Windle> sheesh
08* Windle sings: is anybody out there....?
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<Windle> hey kenna
<kenna> hi windle
<Windle> how ya doing?
<kenna> doing ok and you?
<Windle> not too bad, ty
<kenna> your welcome i am at work what are you up to?
<kenna> xool
<kenna> ok that is weird only did it once
<kenna> lol
<Windle> just hangin' out a bit before I go to bed
<kenna> oh i hear ya i am up till i off at six am and then a 20 minute
drive home
<kenna> drink a beer or two and eat dinner and go to bed
<Windle> yeah, night shift can really turn ya around
<kenna> well i am on perma nights
<kenna> asked for them
<Windle> what do you do?
<kenna> 3 nights a week from 6p to 6a, 6p to 10a, 6p to 6a
<kenna> Security Officer
<kenna> you?
<Windle> retired photofinisher
<kenna> wow cool lucky your retired
<kenna> i am heading back to school again
<kenna> ugh got a week of freaking classes to take
<Windle> what sort of classes?
<kenna> for commissioned licenses
<kenna> so that i can carry a pistol on commissioned sites
<Windle> oh, ok
<kenna> means going from 9.50 an hour up to 15.50 an hour
<Windle> that would make a difference
<kenna> yep sure does
<kenna> we just lost a fellow officer to a jerk shooting his face off
<Windle> geez, sorry to hear that
<kenna> thanks
<kenna> we are all wearing black around out badges
<kenna> then i am going to get my chl's as well as the other thing i need
<kenna> so i can have my gun on me anywhere i go
<Windle> like to have your gun close to hand, huh
<kenna> yep
<kenna> feel much safer with a loaded 40 cal on my hip
<kenna> simi auto
<kenna> 24/7 Taurus tatical
<kenna> the kind our miliatary carry
<kenna> oh no poor Twofeathers
<kenna> just read the thing at the top
<Windle> yeah, I saw that - hope two is doing okay
<kenna> me ot
<kenna> to
<@spiritdog> i use to have a taurus nice gun
<kenna> Windle you know i have had people of late telling me i should go
back to the country i came from i look at them so puzzled and have been
replying back you should go back to your country i am where my people
have lived for thousands of years
<kenna> oh wow cool spiritdog
<kenna> yea this one is nice love her shoots like a dream and smooth to
<@spiritdog> mine was noisy scared the hell out of ppl
<Windle> well, guys, I need to go to bed - ya'll have fun talking guns
<Windle> see ya
<kenna> lol spirit
<@spiritdog> sleep well
<kenna> ok Windle sleep well
<Windle> ty ty g'nite
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#native-american (Quit: If I must go into eternity, I'd prefer to go by
the scenic route.)
<kenna> Spirit do you have anyone ever tell you crap like that?
<@spiritdog> like what
<kenna> like telling you to go back to the country you came from
<@spiritdog> ppl are full of crap
<kenna> mean ok yea i am native american and i have a few features of
the germans because my father's grandmaw's parents were from Germany
<@spiritdog> i just ignore that kind of thing
<kenna> yea well i tell them that they need to go back to where they
came from and that my people were here way before theirs
<kenna> i try sometimes just get so freaking mad
<@spiritdog> what tribe are u
<kenna> part Cherokee and part LaKota Souix
<kenna> more Cherokee though
<@spiritdog> siyo and hau
<kenna> never learned our language i am afraid wish i did the only word
i know in LaKota is Waste
<kenna> but willing very willing and eager to learn
<kenna> i was not raised on the reservation or even near one.
<@spiritdog> well cherokee is tuff at first but then it gets easier
<kenna> know my great grandmother use to sing Cherokee morning song to
me every single morning
<kenna> cool
<kenna> well guess you can say i know a bit of Cherokee i know that song
<kenna> and can sing it even without the words or music
<kenna> but that is the only thing i know in Cherokee
<kenna> hey though better than not knowing right
<kenna> any
<@spiritdog> the song to learn is amazing grace in cherokee its our
national anthem
<kenna> oh that is such a beautiful song will do that
<@spiritdog> you gotta learn how to work with vowels
<kenna> work with the vowels? how so meaning can you show me?
<@spiritdog> well a is ah e is aye i is e then oh and u is uuhand there
is v pronounced uh
<@spiritdog> there is ni i vowel
<@spiritdog> no i vowel
<kenna> wow
<kenna> well my work is going to be cut out for me isn't it?
<@spiritdog> best way to learn it is go to cherokee.org
<kenna> oh wow thanks will book mark that one
<kenna> see i had an old man who was Cherokee when i lived in Arkansas
<@spiritdog> they give free language lessons
<kenna> wow cool
<kenna> well this old Cherokee who i came to love and respect
<@spiritdog> gotta walk off a leg cramp brb
<kenna> k
<kenna> i will finish telling you and it will be there when ya get back
<kenna> his name was Running Water, he was so kind to me. Gave me my
first dream catcher he made himself. He had children and grandchildren
would tell me about them. would tell me about the times he was growing up
<kenna> one day we were talking he said to me you don't have a name yet
do you a tribal name that is? i told him no i did not
<kenna> he said let me pray on it for awhile and i will get back with
you on this. well weeks went by i forgot about it well Running Water did not
<kenna> he came to me one day saying you will be known as White Butterfly
<kenna> 4 months after that he passed. i found out just about a year ago
now that when he named me. he basically adopted me as his daughter.
after hearing this i went home and cryed for hours
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09* kenna (~kenna@hou-69-171-164-128.evdo.leapwireless.net) has joined
<kenna> stupid net
<@spiritdog> back
<kenna> welcome back
<@spiritdog> yonega wahlela white butterfly in tsalagi
<@spiritdog> thx
<kenna> wow cool
<kenna> very pretty none the less
<kenna> just wondering is that true what i was told?
<kenna> about when he named me he basically adopted me
<@spiritdog> its pronounced yow nay gah wah lay lah
<kenna> omg that is so beautiful going to make me cry now
<kenna> wow that he would take the time and do that for me
<kenna> makes me even more grateful to him
<@spiritdog> i wrote a song in mixed english and cherokee
<kenna> cool
<kenna> but do you know if that is true about when he named me or not?
<@spiritdog> it's called yonega
<kenna> if so then wow a loud huge wow and bless him in many ways
<kenna> ok
<kenna> what does that mean?
<kenna> like i said i am wanting to learn
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<kenna> poor guest8470
<@spiritdog> there's no word to change for ok other than yes
<@spiritdog> yes is Vv uhuh
<kenna> nice
<@spiritdog> i thought that guest was coming back in
<kenna> guess not
<kenna> Spirit though did he the old man adopt me then?
<@spiritdog> i'm going to run a trace on him
<kenna> on Guest? go ahead
<kenna> how does one find out what their spirit animal is?
<kenna> have been told since i have visions and dreams about wolves that
the wolf is i am not sure if that is right or not
<kenna> seems to me that to many people claim the wolf. i want to know
for sure not to just blurt out the animal i like best
<@spiritdog> great
<kenna> how does one find out their spirit animal though
<kenna> i have to also keep a dream catcher above the head of my bed to
keep from having nightmares
<@spiritdog> you have to engage a healing from a medicine man
<kenna> ok will do that as soon as i can
<kenna> though i do love the wolf if my spirit animal is not that then
it's not
<kenna> i also love other animals as well. when i was younger my great
grandmother who was full blood Cherokee use to make homemade cough med
<@spiritdog> well in the land of the cherokee over half the tribal
members are ani waya wolf clan
<kenna> oh wow
<kenna> so there could be a major reason without me knowing it that i
love the wolf so much then
<@spiritdog> ah-nee wahyah
<kenna> the cough med had pepperment, honey, lemon, and whiskey
<kenna> ah-nee wahyah
09* kenna is now known as yonega-wahlela
<yonega-wahlela> may as well use my name
<yonega-wahlela> kenna is a nick name from real my close friends and
family call me nothing like my real birth name
<yonega-wahlela> cool
04* nativewolf (~nativewolf@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
<yonega-wahlela> welcome back NativeWolf
<yonega-wahlela> never mind
09* Guest8474 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
09* Guest8474 is now known as matt-quake
<matt-quake> hi
<yonega-wahlela> hi matt
<matt-quake> how are you
<@spiritdog> hey matt how;s u 2night
<yonega-wahlela> fine and you
<matt-quake> morning here lol
<matt-quake> good thx and you?
<matt-quake> im good yonega-wahlela, where are you from?
<@spiritdog> doin ok
<matt-quake> good
<yonega-wahlela> glad to hear that Texas u?
<matt-quake> france
<@spiritdog> brb leg cramp again
<yonega-wahlela> wow
<matt-quake> what time is it in tx?
<yonega-wahlela> poor Spirit
<yonega-wahlela> 3:07am
<matt-quake> ok spirit
<yonega-wahlela> i am at work
<matt-quake> you work at night
<yonega-wahlela> yep
<matt-quake> so i do
<yonega-wahlela> cool what do you do?
<yonega-wahlela> I am a security officer
<matt-quake> i work in a big cup-cake factory
<matt-quake> i see
09* wolfkatt (wolfkatt@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o wolfkatt
<matt-quake> hi wolfkatt
<@wolfkatt> hi matt
<yonega-wahlela> hi wolfkatt
<yonega-wahlela> oh wow matt
<matt-quake> what happen
<yonega-wahlela> i am going back to school again soon
<yonega-wahlela> like nets week or so
<yonega-wahlela> where you work
<yonega-wahlela> that must be cool working there
<@wolfkatt> hi yone
<matt-quake> how old are you to go back to school?
<yonega-wahlela> just found out what my name is in Cherokee so i am using it
<yonega-wahlela> 41
<matt-quake> well this is tireing
<yonega-wahlela> and yea going back to school company is sending me back
<yonega-wahlela> bet so mine is to
<yonega-wahlela> I pull 40 hours in 3 nights
<matt-quake> i hope it won't be too hard to go back in school
<@wolfkatt> i can relate to those hours
<matt-quake> i carry heavy bags all days
<yonega-wahlela> oh god wow
<@wolfkatt> 6 days a week
<matt-quake> flavor, cacao sugar ...
<@wolfkatt> and nothin to show for it
<yonega-wahlela> no they will work around my work so that is cool
<yonega-wahlela> ouch wolf
<yonega-wahlela> figures wolf that is the way it goes right
<@wolfkatt> gotta pay the bills
<@wolfkatt> but when I play - i play hard
<yonega-wahlela> this is to get my commissioned lisence
<yonega-wahlela> me to
<yonega-wahlela> the only thing is when i have time to play i am just to
damn tired
<@wolfkatt> and admittedly, there is a lot of goofing off and
procrastination (like now)
<yonega-wahlela> not this coming week but the week after i will be going
<yonega-wahlela> lol right
<yonega-wahlela> well i get paid to sit on my arse and play on the
computer between making rounds
<yonega-wahlela> mean getting paid 9 dollars and fifty cents an hour to
goof off most the time
<yonega-wahlela> come on who would not love their job right?
<@wolfkatt> do we work at the same place?
<@wolfkatt> lol
<@spiritdog> back
<matt-quake> wb
<@spiritdog> thx
<matt-quake> feel better?
<@spiritdog> yes
<matt-quake> good
<yonega-wahlela> not sure wolf
<yonega-wahlela> welcome back spirit
<yonega-wahlela> we could be wolfkatt
<yonega-wahlela> where do you work
<yonega-wahlela> i am a security officer
<yonega-wahlela> in texas
<@wolfkatt> IT Tech/Programmer
<@wolfkatt> in Texas lol
<@spiritdog> spiritual healer
<yonega-wahlela> cool Spirit
<yonega-wahlela> wow cool Wolfkatt yea texas
<yonega-wahlela> hate texas weather
<@wolfkatt> aye
<yonega-wahlela> see i live near Galveston
<yonega-wahlela> yesterday it got to 85 already
<@wolfkatt> yer still preachin to the chior :)
<@spiritdog> were suppose to hit 93 and 95
<@spiritdog> next 2 days
08* @wolfkatt going UP to Conroe Sunday
<yonega-wahlela> cool
<yonega-wahlela> i graduated from Conroe High
<yonega-wahlela> you must know where Cleveland Texas is then?
<@wolfkatt> aye
<@wolfkatt> you're almost a yankee if you live way up there lol
<yonega-wahlela> no way
<yonega-wahlela> use to
<@wolfkatt> hehehe just kiddin
<yonega-wahlela> i was raised out in Tarkington
<@wolfkatt> livin in south houston here
<yonega-wahlela> wow well hello neighbor
<@wolfkatt> heyas
<yonega-wahlela> I live in Dickinson
<yonega-wahlela> working in Santa Fe
<yonega-wahlela> you know highway 6 and 646 meet
<@spiritdog> santa fe new mexico
<yonega-wahlela> where that Big Cheif is
<yonega-wahlela> no no
<yonega-wahlela> Texas
<@wolfkatt> roundabouts
<yonega-wahlela> I am working as a Security Officer right behind Big Cheif
<yonega-wahlela> you ever get to Galveston since Ike
<yonega-wahlela> wow got quite in here
<@spiritdog> it does that
<@wolfkatt> between chatting and watching Thor I still have to work some :)
<yonega-wahlela> lol your on here, at work, and watching Thor
<yonega-wahlela> wow only in Texas can someone be paid to do that
<@wolfkatt> :)
<yonega-wahlela> ok i found this one thing where i am now playing a game
like hangman only it gives you the cherokee word for the animal and you
have to give the english word for it
<yonega-wahlela> not doing bad and already know how to say good in cherokee
<yonega-wahlela> lol
<@wolfkatt> :)
<yonega-wahlela> not sure of correct spelling but osta is what it sounds
like to me
<@spiritdog> good is osdv
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09* yonega-wahlela
(~yonega-wahlela@hou-69-171-164-128.evdo.leapwireless.net) has joined
<yonega-wahlela> what did you say stupid net dropped me
<@spiritdog> oops
<yonega-wahlela> when you posted
<yonega-wahlela> the correct spelling for good
<yonega-wahlela> was what again?
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<@spiritdog> my back is killing me gotta laydown for a few mins
09* yellowwolf (~yellowwolf@125-239-113-214.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) has
joined #native-american
<yonega-wahlela> k sleep well spirit
<yonega-wahlela> hi yellow wolf
<yellowwolf> hi yone
<yonega-wahlela> oh wow wolfkatt you have a badge cool beans
<yellowwolf> hi kat
<yellowwolf> must be the sheriff
<yonega-wahlela> gotta be
<yonega-wahlela> spiritwolf looks like the judge
<yellowwolf> wheres ya horse?
<yonega-wahlela> mine ate him for dinner
<yonega-wahlela> no just kidding
<yellowwolf> wolofs better than a dog
<yonega-wahlela> i am in a silly mood
<yellowwolf> wolf
<yonega-wahlela> yep
<yellowwolf> hey this room does it too ya
<yonega-wahlela> i had when i was just around 3 or 4 a wolf piup for a pet
<yellowwolf> cool
<yonega-wahlela> that is ok i get that way around four am when working a
12 hour shift
<yellowwolf> did ya keep it when it grew up?
<yonega-wahlela> Wolfie was the best dog i ever had
<yellowwolf> are ya at work?
<yonega-wahlela> yea till he saved my life by attacking a man who was
kidnapping kids and killing them he sued and had Wolfie put down
<yonega-wahlela> ya
<yellowwolf> dam
<yonega-wahlela> yea i cryed for months
<yellowwolf> well hes in spirit now and still looking after you
<yonega-wahlela> but they guy did lose a leg
<yonega-wahlela> yea he is that
<yellowwolf> good job
<yellowwolf> hop a long
<yonega-wahlela> yep great job the animal control officer allowed us to
be with him when they put him down they did not take him till the day he
was to be destoryed
<yellowwolf> limp along
<yellowwolf> whats wrong with people didnt they know what the fool tried
to do?
<yonega-wahlela> then they let us take him up they gave him a steak
dinner as a reward for capturing the guy
<yonega-wahlela> yes but still he was a wolf and they guy lost a leg
<yellowwolf> so
<yonega-wahlela> i still think he was a hero
<yellowwolf> got a taste for human legs, i expect
<yonega-wahlela> i know yellow i know exactly what you mean
<yonega-wahlela> that is what they were afraid of
<yonega-wahlela> was the only time he ever bite anyone
<yellowwolf> was it cause you were ndn
<yonega-wahlela> i was a child playing in my yard during the summer with
a summer dress on
<yellowwolf> i bet if it was a whitemans dog it would of got a medal
<yonega-wahlela> yep
<yonega-wahlela> yellow see i had an african man here while back telling
me that we as in American's owe him money
<yonega-wahlela> i looked at him like what the hades are you talking about
<yellowwolf> what
<yellowwolf> how does he figure that out?
<yonega-wahlela> he said because his family were slaves we owe him money
<yellowwolf> are you native yone
<@wolfkatt> omg.. don't even get me started
<yonega-wahlela> i told him if that were the case then his people as
well as white man owes me and my people our lands and all that back
<yonega-wahlela> he shut up
<@wolfkatt> lol
<yonega-wahlela> i know wolfkatt
<yellowwolf> cause lots of ndns were forced into slavery too
<yonega-wahlela> just pisses me off
<yonega-wahlela> yes
<yonega-wahlela> i was just not long out of high school went to job corp
what a joke that place is
<yellowwolf> give him a back dated bill for rent
<yonega-wahlela> but was in the Tulsa Oklahama one
<yonega-wahlela> i should
<yonega-wahlela> we got this white chick from California
<yonega-wahlela> it was so freaking funny
<yonega-wahlela> she walked into our dorm room 6 girls to a room
<yellowwolf> ok
<yonega-wahlela> and get this she tells me she never wants to look at or
speak to a savage i gave her a what the hell look
<yellowwolf> dam
<yonega-wahlela> asked her why she said because they cut your heart out
and eat it while they watch you die
<yonega-wahlela> i just laughed
<yonega-wahlela> she was talking about scalping and all that from the
stupid movies
<yonega-wahlela> all i could do was laugh
<yellowwolf> well yeah
<yellowwolf> you should of told her that the heart is quite tastey
browned with onions
<yellowwolf> and a hint of garlic
<@wolfkatt> some farva beans and a nice Chiante
<yellowwolf> man what planet waqs she from
<yonega-wahlela> me being cherokee and lakotah souix and there was a
full blood cherokee above me then the other 3 girls were apatchie, black
foot, chataw and think the other was chipawah
<yonega-wahlela> right
<yellowwolf> lmao kat
<yonega-wahlela> well we were all laughing our butts off and started
talking about the best way to scalp her firwst
<yonega-wahlela> first
<yellowwolf> she was a bit out numbered
<yonega-wahlela> yep
<yonega-wahlela> if possiable she turned even whiter than she was
<yellowwolf> i bet she never got a wink of sleep for days
<yonega-wahlela> she put in for a room transfer right then
08* @wolfkatt hangs a bloody wig on the wall just like the cheap
wannabe "Indian art" other ppl do
<yonega-wahlela> i still laugh my butt off thinking about it
<yonega-wahlela> the RA came down she was laughing saying you 5 should
be ashamed of yourselves
<yonega-wahlela> still funny
<yellowwolf> it would of been so funny walking past her in the middle of
the night
<yellowwolf> the dam whiteman invented scalping
<yonega-wahlela> i know
<yonega-wahlela> we would crowd around her every day
<yellowwolf> meanys
<yonega-wahlela> we made her life hell
<yellowwolf> yummy meat on the bone
<yonega-wahlela> well she deserved it
<@wolfkatt> hehehehehe
<yellowwolf> was she a red neck
<yellowwolf> hill billy?
<yonega-wahlela> no she was a primpy californian
<yonega-wahlela> she came from california like around hollywood
<@wolfkatt> red-neck hillbilly would be a friend
<yellowwolf> dum ass californian
<yonega-wahlela> yes she was that
<@wolfkatt> cali-phony-a
<yellowwolf> cauliflower
<yonega-wahlela> mean ok first off your in indian land and your talking
bad about them in a room full of them
<yonega-wahlela> ok how dumb can one person be
<yonega-wahlela> you said it both of ya
<yellowwolf> like lighting a match in a gun powder magazine
<yonega-wahlela> we would sit around her talking of how we could cook her
<yonega-wahlela> yep exactly
<yellowwolf> may be shewas a massacist
<yonega-wahlela> well put it this way she was a true blonde
<yonega-wahlela> omg yep
<yellowwolf> ok say no more
<yonega-wahlela> i still like i said laugh my ass off at her now
<yellowwolf> that explains every thing even this old wolf understands
<yonega-wahlela> one girl even put salt on her
<yonega-wahlela> lol yellolw
<yellowwolf> yummy
<yonega-wahlela> i kept telling her she needed pepper
<yellowwolf> yeah more pepper
<yonega-wahlela> slowly cooking rotisory style over an open flame
<yonega-wahlela> to seal in the juices
<yellowwolf> tomato chutney would go well with her
<yellowwolf> okra and corn
<yellowwolf> and some spuds
<yellowwolf> poor young lady
<yonega-wahlela> oh yes
09* taffy (taffy@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o taffy
<yonega-wahlela> no poor us having to put up with her
<yellowwolf> i bet her brothers told her all that
<@taffy> hi all
<yellowwolf> its a brother thing
<@wolfkatt> i can't believe you are even considering that... can you
imagine the amount of stringy, greasy, tofu-flavored meat?
<yonega-wahlela> hello taffy
<yellowwolf> hi taffy
<yonega-wahlela> bet so
<@wolfkatt> hiyas taff
<yonega-wahlela> OMG YES YOUR RIGHT
<@taffy> hows every one
<yonega-wahlela> roflmao
<yonega-wahlela> ok and you?
<yonega-wahlela> wolfkatt your right she might be a bit stringy and
major greasy as well as tasting of tofu
<yonega-wahlela> not you taffy
<yellowwolf> my sister told my brother and me that we were adopted
<yonega-wahlela> Yellow you the baby of your family?
<yellowwolf> power over people
<yellowwolf> middle one
<yonega-wahlela> i use to tell my little brothers and sisters that
<yonega-wahlela> oh see i am the oldes
<yonega-wahlela> oldest
<yellowwolf> see every kid seems to say stuff like that
<yonega-wahlela> yep
<yellowwolf> then their younger siblings start to fear that no one wants
<yellowwolf> or loves them
<yellowwolf> dam complexes
<yonega-wahlela> hey now your gonna make me feel bad
<yellowwolf> well ya should be
<yonega-wahlela> although with my little sister Nikki it is true she was
<yellowwolf> mnan i was screwed up by my sister for a few years
<yellowwolf> yeah but dont need to rub it in
<yellowwolf> until my brother and i found her weak spot
<yonega-wahlela> no i love my sister though
<yellowwolf> and then we destroyed her in seconds any time we wanted
<yonega-wahlela> omg you didn't use that against her
<yonega-wahlela> oh see that is so mean
09* Guest8486 (~Guest@CPE-58-165-237-210.sa.bigpond.net.au) has joined
<@taffy> hi Guest8486
<yellowwolf> i over heard my folks fighting
<yonega-wahlela> hi guest8486
<yonega-wahlela> oh no
<yellowwolf> and i heard that my sister had been dropped on her head
when she was a baby and she had a small bald spot
<yellowwolf> hi guest
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#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<yonega-wahlela> oh you did not you meanie
<yellowwolf> well yonega when ya have been at some one elses mercy for
years why not fight back
<yellowwolf> but we are on good terms now and i love my little blister
<yonega-wahlela> well my brothers would hide in the woods and jump out
at me and chase me with spiders
<yonega-wahlela> bet ya do
<yellowwolf> yeah spiders are good
<yonega-wahlela> i am scared to death of em
<yonega-wahlela> i will tell you why
<yellowwolf> except im a bit yellow with them too
<yellowwolf> ok
<yonega-wahlela> i scream freeze and then cry and can't move
<yellowwolf> darn
<yonega-wahlela> well i was around 6 when i saw this huge garden spider
<yellowwolf> gee
<yonega-wahlela> well i had a bright idea to stomp on it with my bare foot
<yonega-wahlela> well i did
<yellowwolf> and
<yonega-wahlela> and thousands of babies poured out of her and ran up my
09* Guest8492 (~Guest@CPE-58-165-237-210.sa.bigpond.net.au) has joined
<yonega-wahlela> i was covered in them
<@taffy> wb Guest8492
<yellowwolf> oh
<yonega-wahlela> welcome back guest
<@wolfkatt> ya know, i gotta admit. Thor is worth paying to see :)
<yellowwolf> hi guest
<Guest8492> hi here
<yonega-wahlela> so that is why i am scared like i am of them
<yellowwolf> yeah i saw it last week kat
<yonega-wahlela> cool wolfkatt
<yellowwolf> and i know what ya was looking at
<@wolfkatt> action, fantasy, comedy and actually believable acting
<yellowwolf> we get spiders nests in grass here high upon the tops
<@wolfkatt> pretty well done :)
<yonega-wahlela> oh yuck
<@taffy> o may taker a look then wolfkatt
<yellowwolf> my brother put his finger in one and it came out bleeding
<Guest8492> hi to all im chatting to from australia
<yonega-wahlela> then later after getting grown
<yonega-wahlela> oh yuck
<@taffy> welcome to the room Guest8492
<@wolfkatt> :)
<yonega-wahlela> i was bitten on the leg by a brown recluse
<yonega-wahlela> then have been bitten 2 more times since then all by browns
<yellowwolf> is that a spider
<yonega-wahlela> yep
<yellowwolf> dam
<@taffy> hey Guest8492 would u like a nickname
<yonega-wahlela> very poisons
08* @taffy to change your nick name, click your nickname, right click
your nickname, then click change nickname or type /nick nicknamehere
<yonega-wahlela> so yea i have a great fear of spiders
<Guest8492> that would be cool thaks
<@taffy> if u have one in mind i could change for u
<yellowwolf> i dont like them but if i have to i can flatten them
<yonega-wahlela> i can't touch them
<yonega-wahlela> i can't even look at a picture of them
<Guest8492> tell me what your thinkin is
<yellowwolf> i like the big hairy harmless ones
<yellowwolf> but all else are doomed in my house
<yonega-wahlela> i don't like even dead one's
<@taffy> Guest8492 if u have a nickname u would like to use i could
change it for u if u tell me what itg is
<yellowwolf> joey
<yellowwolf> the bush kangaroo
<Guest8492> l;ol lol
<yellowwolf> wombatt
<Guest8492> good one
<yellowwolf> wallabie
<yonega-wahlela> oh oh werewolf
<yonega-wahlela> he he
<yellowwolf> hi cuzz from kiwi land
<Guest8492> lone wolf will do
<@taffy> we have a lone wolf Guest8492 sorry
<Guest8492> okay
<yellowwolf> boomerange
<yonega-wahlela> powermonkey?
<yellowwolf> wattle
08* @wolfkatt is now known as "earthtoned ostracized arachnid"
<Guest8492> ozwolf then
09* Guest8492 is now known as ozwolf
<yellowwolf> welcome to the wolves group aussi
<ozwolf> thankyou
<@taffy> do u have wolves in ozz
<yonega-wahlela> oh wolfkatt did you have to do that?
<ozwolf> thanx thy are the coolest creatures
09* Guest8496 (~Guest@ool-44c71ac9.dyn.optonline.net) has joined
<@taffy> hi Guest8496
<ozwolf> no omly wild dingoes but they ar smaller than wolves but just
as mean
<Guest8496> hello everyone
<yellowwolf> should be flattened earthtoned ostracized arachnid
<Guest8496> anyone here Seneca indian?
<@taffy> o u could have had dingo
<yellowwolf> dont ya also have a fox oz
<yonega-wahlela> no sorry guest
<yonega-wahlela> not me
<yonega-wahlela> but hi anyways
<@taffy> no sorry Guest8496 i,m not native american
<yellowwolf> hi guest
<Guest8496> how do i change my name guest isnt suiting me
<ozwolf> yes we have foxes but they are shy creatures
08* @taffy to change your nick name, click your nickname, right click
your nickname, then click change nickname or type /nick nicknamehere
<ozwolf> nah ozwolf is fine
<@taffy> lol every one wants to be a wolf
<Guest8496> hmmmm
<yellowwolf> howwwlll
<yellowwolf> woof woof
<ozwolf> there the best
<Guest8496> whatever well
<yonega-wahlela> yellow can ya make sure that thing you just squished is
outside where i don't have to see it?
<Guest8496> my name is Joshua Clearwater and I am half seneca indian
<yellowwolf> yep no problems
<yonega-wahlela> cool
<yonega-wahlela> tx
<yellowwolf> i will give it to the cat
<@taffy> i dont know ozwolf they are not in my country any more and u
know what i,m glad because humans never leave them alone
<@taffy> Guest8496 what nickname would u like
<ozwolf> yes humans can be cruel and stupid about nature
<Guest8496> Clearwater
<yellowwolf> can you understand the lakota lanuage yonega
<yellowwolf> language
09* Guest8496 is now known as clearwater
<yellowwolf> oh spellings shot
<@wolfkatt> i don wanna be a wolf, just am
<yellowwolf> hi clear
<@wolfkatt> i wanna be a bunny
<yonega-wahlela> only know Waste
<clearwater> i wish i could speak seneca
<@taffy> lol wolfkatt
<yellowwolf> be a wabbit
<clearwater> yellow wolf what are you which tribe i mean?
<yellowwolf> i learnt some from folk
<yonega-wahlela> cool
<yellowwolf> part maori
<yellowwolf> a small part
<yellowwolf> yellow is Zi
<clearwater> nice
<yellowwolf> wolf is sunkmitu
<clearwater> im looking further into my heritage my grandpa is full Seneca
<clearwater> my dad is 50
<clearwater> and im like 25
<@taffy> thats great clearwater
<yellowwolf> in lakota
<clearwater> anyone got any good native american names for my last name
haha i mean no white man names work
<yonega-wahlela> my great grandmother on my mother's father's side was
full blood Cherokee
<clearwater> that is really cool
<clearwater> were the cherokees and senecas friends
<yonega-wahlela> just don't know how to go about finding her last name
<yonega-wahlela> maiden that is
<yellowwolf> may be you can ask relitives yonega
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#native-american (EOF from client)
<clearwater> cant get my native american then Clearwater
<yonega-wahlela> that is just it no one that is living remembers
<clearwater> more**
<yellowwolf> pity
<@taffy> how about searching records
<yellowwolf> tribal memebers
<clearwater> agreed. my dad me my brother my 2 cousins and 4 uncles
<yonega-wahlela> yea it is let me see that would make me what a 1/8th
<yellowwolf> at the rez?
<yonega-wahlela> well i know my grandmother's name
<yonega-wahlela> lailah mary Poteet
<yonega-wahlela> yes french
<yellowwolf> well that could help start ya search
<clearwater> a lot of this search crap though costs money
<yonega-wahlela> then great grandmother poteet was Thema Bethune
<yonega-wahlela> yet again french
<yellowwolf> often the defence departments have good records
<yonega-wahlela> then it would be her grandmother
<yellowwolf> have ya tried a google search
<yonega-wahlela> i remember meeting her
<yonega-wahlela> yea
<yonega-wahlela> did not work
<@taffy> here u go yellowwolf put the name in there u may come up with
some thing heres the link
<yellowwolf> ok
<@taffy> http://www.archives.gov/genealogy/tutorial/dawes/final-rolls.html
<yellowwolf> darn taffy i dont know how you come up with this info so fast
<yonega-wahlela> i know that on my fathers side i have my great
grandmother whom i was told was full blood cherokee as well
<@taffy> skywolfwoman gave me that link long time ago
<yonega-wahlela> thanks taffy
<yellowwolf> taffy i made an appointment with the hypnotist to day
<@taffy> spiritdog u here u are cherokee u would know far more then me
<@taffy> o good yellowwolf
<yellowwolf> monday night 7pm
<@taffy> let me know how u got off yellowwolf
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#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<yellowwolf> i will
<yonega-wahlela> her last name was the maiden was um oh geeze
<yonega-wahlela> come on think
<yellowwolf> but he doesnt do regressions said they belong in the past
<yonega-wahlela> Garner
<@taffy> he may know of some one yellowwolf
<yonega-wahlela> Eva Mae Garner Vandver
<yellowwolf> i hope you have writen the names down yone
<yonega-wahlela> that one i know well and the others to
<yonega-wahlela> but have now been told that Garner is not a native
american name
<yonega-wahlela> so i don't know mean i look at pictures of her and she
looks cherokee
<yonega-wahlela> mean that is where i get my super high cheek bones from
<yonega-wahlela> my mum's skin is quite a bit lighter than mine
<yonega-wahlela> dad's is to
<yellowwolf> said he would reprogramme
<yonega-wahlela> i tan really easy
<yellowwolf> me too
<yonega-wahlela> and when i do tan i get really dark
<yellowwolf> a tanned yellow wolf
<yellowwolf> i get burnt
<yellowwolf> your cauliflower freind will shake even more then
<yonega-wahlela> oh wow
<yonega-wahlela> right
<yonega-wahlela> well she is no friend of mine
<yonega-wahlela> she was a dumb white hoe
<yellowwolf> must be diplomatic
<yonega-wahlela> not sure
<yellowwolf> dont want any bad karma
<yellowwolf> whats a hoe?
<yellowwolf> we use hoes in the garden
<yonega-wahlela> that stupid girl from california
<yonega-wahlela> whore
<yonega-wahlela> she was a whore
<yellowwolf> opps
<yellowwolf> shhhh
<yonega-wahlela> hoe for short
<yonega-wahlela> ok ok
<yellowwolf> mwolf dont like bad words in here
<yonega-wahlela> oh ok
<yellowwolf> he says all are welcome
<yellowwolf> some are more welcome than others
<yellowwolf> lol
<@taffy> ok can we keep it clean
<yonega-wahlela> omg
<yonega-wahlela> yea taffy
<yellowwolf> its cool taffy
<yellowwolf> new guy
<yellowwolf> new gal
<@taffy> yellowwolf i know the rules
<yellowwolf> just rying to help maam
<@taffy> just keep the ho bit down
<@wolfkatt> ya, it's not even close to christmas
<yonega-wahlela> yes ma'am
<@wolfkatt> it's a "family room" :)
<yellowwolf> i my mistake
<yellowwolf> i didnt understand the term
<@taffy> talking of cualiflower my plants are coming up good
<yellowwolf> do ya cook it with a cheese sauce
<yellowwolf> immm
<@taffy> aye some times
<yonega-wahlela> oh geeze
<yellowwolf> cool
<yellowwolf> what?
<yonega-wahlela> just found out from google garner could be french
<yonega-wahlela> just what i need more freaking frence
<yonega-wahlela> french
<@taffy> lol
<yonega-wahlela> ugh
<yellowwolf> well thats what you were thinking before wasnt it?
<yellowwolf> french fries
<yellowwolf> frogs legs
<@taffy> maybe family was french thats ok
<yonega-wahlela> no was thinking cherokee
<yellowwolf> cant pick ya family
<yonega-wahlela> but no french
<@taffy> some parts of france were celtic too
<yonega-wahlela> that means that 3 parts of me are french
<yonega-wahlela> yuck
<yellowwolf> new zealand
<yonega-wahlela> no france
<@taffy> well we are what we are and one thing for sure we are all human
<yonega-wahlela> i don't want to be french
<yonega-wahlela> ugh
<yonega-wahlela> yea taffy just i know i am cherokee and trying to prove
it has become impossable
<yonega-wahlela> and i am getting angry about it
<@taffy> it may take time is all
<@taffy> may i ask how old u are yellowwolf
<yonega-wahlela> see my great great grandmother was full blood but no
one remembers her name
<@taffy> opps
<@taffy> yonega-wahlela
<yonega-wahlela> been searching for 22 years now
<yonega-wahlela> i am 41
<@taffy> ok ty
<yonega-wahlela> your welcome
<yonega-wahlela> on my father's father's side i do not know them at all
<@taffy> i wish spiritdog was here he could help maybe
<yonega-wahlela> and try tracing Jones
<yonega-wahlela> good luck with it
<yonega-wahlela> lol
<@taffy> thats a welsh name
<yonega-wahlela> welsh, english, scottish, irish
<yonega-wahlela> take your pick
<@taffy> i,m welsh irish scotish
<yonega-wahlela> mine is irish
<@taffy> and its a comen welsh name
<yonega-wahlela> i have on my mum's side dutch as well as black dutch
<@taffy> gawd u do have a mix dont u
<yonega-wahlela> taffy wish i could show you a picture of me
<yonega-wahlela> yea
<yonega-wahlela> i also have German
<@taffy> well u could make a profile on this site
08* @taffy Join our great new internet community, free homepage,
classifieds, photo albums, private forums, blogs, private clubs, ecards,
games, not bad eh? much more... http://community.native-american-online.org
<yonega-wahlela> ok might do that tonight
<@taffy> ok
<yonega-wahlela> going to have to go soon and do my paperwork and get
ready to head home
<yellowwolf> opps sorry about that
<@taffy> looks like u got a lot of countries
<yonega-wahlela> after a 12 hour freaking shift
<yonega-wahlela> yea i do
<yonega-wahlela> my dad's mum's father was Vandver
<yonega-wahlela> then his wife's mom's mother and father were from Germany
<@taffy> so where did the cherokee bit come in u say
<yonega-wahlela> my mothers side for sure
<yellowwolf> i also have some german, english, scothish and irish blood
<@taffy> well go down your mothers root
<yonega-wahlela> my great great grandmother on my mom's mother's mother
or father's side
<yonega-wahlela> all i know is down to my great grandmother
<yonega-wahlela> her maiden was Bethune
<yonega-wahlela> which is french
<yonega-wahlela> it would have been her mother
<yonega-wahlela> and i don't even remember her name
<yonega-wahlela> i was like 6 when she passed
<@taffy> looks like french is prominent in your fmily
<@taffy> family
<yonega-wahlela> yea to prom
<yonega-wahlela> and i don't like 9it
<yonega-wahlela> i
<yonega-wahlela> it
<@taffy> well we are what we are we cannt change it
<yonega-wahlela> i know
09* Guest8508 (~Guest@75-175-164-35.blng.qwest.net) has joined
<yellowwolf> yep
<@taffy> hi Guest8508
<yonega-wahlela> if i could i would
<yellowwolf> hi guest
<yellowwolf> many?
<yonega-wahlela> see Great Grandmaw buried her husband in the ground
when they found out he had cancer and would not allow him food or water
09* Guest8508 is now known as manypearlz
<yonega-wahlela> saying that mother earth would heal him
<@taffy> hi manypearlz
<yonega-wahlela> she use to make homemade cough meds
<yellowwolf> welcome home manypearlz
<yonega-wahlela> hello many
<@taffy> omg yonega-wahlela was she crazy
<manypearlz> helloppl
<yonega-wahlela> no well maybe a bit but shoot she was like old to though
<@taffy> u know thats classed as murder
<yonega-wahlela> remember great grandmaw saying she was cherokee when we
as kids would be at her house spending the night every morning she would
sing the Cherokee morning song to us
<yonega-wahlela> no taffy he died 3 years after she did that
<yonega-wahlela> his head was above ground
<@taffy> gawd
<yellowwolf> for the wolf to wander past and lift his leg
<yonega-wahlela> i can still hear her sing it
<yonega-wahlela> yellowwolf omg no
<yellowwolf> ok
<yonega-wahlela> when my grandmother found out what she did they went
over there and dug him up
<yellowwolf> how long was he buried for
04* manypearlz (~Guest@75-175-164-35.blng.qwest.net) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<yonega-wahlela> he was only buried for like 8 hours
09* Guest8510 (~Guest@75-175-164-35.blng.qwest.net) has joined
<yonega-wahlela> welcome guest
<yellowwolf> a bit scary
<yonega-wahlela> yea
<yellowwolf> wb many
<yonega-wahlela> but she was old to though
<@taffy> hi Guest8510
09* Guest8510 is now known as manypearlz
<yellowwolf> hi guest
<@taffy> opss sorry manypearls
<yellowwolf> trip on the cord?
<yonega-wahlela> she if i remember right was like 104 when she passed
<manypearlz> hehe sorrow its jus me
<yellowwolf> a good innings
<manypearlz> my pc is dorking out sorry
<yonega-wahlela> have a great uncle who just turned 101 this past jan
<yellowwolf> wow good blood line
<@taffy> thats great yonega-wahlela maybe he would know some ting to help u
<yonega-wahlela> olshaimers has got his memory messed up
<yonega-wahlela> the family has tryed to get him to tell us
<yellowwolf> your real quiet tonight katt
<yonega-wahlela> he would know
<@taffy> some times they go back in time it be good to listen to him
<yonega-wahlela> it was his mom whom i am talking about
<yonega-wahlela> well he talks about WWII
<yonega-wahlela> and that is about it
09* Bellringer (~Bellringer@h202.0.189.173.dynamic.ip.windstream.net)
has joined #native-american
<@taffy> hi gm Bellringer
<yellowwolf> hi bell
<Bellringer> hi all
<yonega-wahlela> you can ask him Uncle Bill where is your son Bill he
will tell you I am an American Marine
<yellowwolf> did he fight in the pacific
<yonega-wahlela> I am on Owi Jima we are building a road to the top of
that hill
<yonega-wahlela> yep
<yellowwolf> might of come to my place
<yonega-wahlela> infact he was a SeaBee and his troop were the ones who
built the road to the flag raising on Owi Jima
<yellowwolf> wow
<yonega-wahlela> he is the last of his troop living
<yellowwolf> them sea bees were hard workers
<yonega-wahlela> yes they were
<manypearlz> thats some awesome history
<yonega-wahlela> he use to own a pool hall
<yonega-wahlela> yea it is many i am proud of what he did
<yonega-wahlela> his brother Uncle George was an Army soldier stationed
in Germany for WWII
<yellowwolf> a fighting family
<yonega-wahlela> yep my dad's side was Army
<manypearlz> i i never take what our elders have done for us
<yonega-wahlela> i went against them all
<yellowwolf> mine was air force
<yonega-wahlela> i was Navy
<yonega-wahlela> wow cool Yellow
<yonega-wahlela> Uncle Bill was like you are what?
<yonega-wahlela> oh he was peeved
<yellowwolf> royal nz airforce
<yonega-wahlela> cool Yellow
<yellowwolf> flying over the UK
<yonega-wahlela> my dad was Army his dad was Army
<yonega-wahlela> all the way back were army
<@taffy> wow long treck to uk yellowwolf
<yonega-wahlela> and i broke tradition
<yellowwolf> north africa, corsica and siccily
<yonega-wahlela> cool yellow
<yellowwolf> i think it was about a month taffy
<yellowwolf> he only told us about his time many in theUk
<@taffy> via plane these days is quite a fedw hours
<yellowwolf> ship
09* MWolf (MWolf@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o MWolf
<@taffy> hi gm MWolf
09* Princess (~Princess@74-141-202-73.dhcp.insightbb.com) has joined
<yellowwolf> hi josh
<@taffy> hi gm Princess
<yonega-wahlela> i was in peace time
<yellowwolf> hi princess
<yonega-wahlela> so i stayed state side
<@MWolf> morning yall
<Princess> wow alot today lol
<Princess> gm
<yonega-wahlela> hello Mwolf
<Bellringer> hello princess and mwolf
<yonega-wahlela> and princess
<yonega-wahlela> and bellringer
<yonega-wahlela> and josh
<Princess> wow what is your name? lol
<yonega-wahlela> wow alot popping in
<yonega-wahlela> who me?
<Princess> yes
<@wolfkatt> i can't believe this... must be sleep depravation...
<yonega-wahlela> english translation is white butterfly
<yonega-wahlela> gotta be wolfkatt
<Princess> aw, pretty
<yonega-wahlela> thank you
<Princess> yw
<@wolfkatt> i just started 'madea - big family' *gags*
<yellowwolf> we have a white butterfly here
<@wolfkatt> must be a karma punishment lol
<yonega-wahlela> maybe wolfkatt
<yellowwolf> it eats all our cabbages
<yonega-wahlela> yea a white butterfly
<yonega-wahlela> no no no no
<yonega-wahlela> don't like cabbage
<@wolfkatt> does it also put the lotion on it's skin?
<yonega-wahlela> no
<yellowwolf> well these ones do
<yonega-wahlela> or it gets the hose again
<Princess> today is derby day! guys
<@wolfkatt> hehehehe
<yonega-wahlela> derby?
<Princess> horse race
<@wolfkatt> ok, yeah... sleep depravation
<yellowwolf> gee gees
<@taffy> hope u enjoy Princess
<yellowwolf> get some cotton candy
<Princess> i watching a rerun of the parade
<Princess> they wouldn't have that yellow
<yellowwolf> can ya see ya self or did you make the film
<Princess> maybe a mint julep or some burbon balls
<yonega-wahlela> i am going to bookmark this page cause i don't think i
will ever find it again if i don't
<yellowwolf> not for the kids
<yonega-wahlela> and i need to go get paperwork done
<yonega-wahlela> geeze i hate to do my real work at work
<yellowwolf> first nation chat yonega
<@taffy> ok tc yonega-wahlela
<yonega-wahlela> lol
04* yonega-wahlela
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#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<yellowwolf> phhft
<Princess> children don't really care lol yellow. they watch it but they
just want to eat bar- be -cue. the teen just want to party
<Princess> teens
<yellowwolf> that sounds more sensible
<manypearlz> yeah..and it took me only 6 tries to get here. lol
<yellowwolf> book mark it too many
<Princess> the hosre trainer bet on who's going to win
<Princess> horse
<Princess> trainers
<manypearlz> book mark..hehe
<yellowwolf> i like a flutter on the lotto
<Princess> i don't play the lotto
<Princess> but they get real money!
<@wolfkatt> nini
<yellowwolf> nini katt
04* @wolfkatt (wolfkatt@ has left #native-american
<Princess> my cousin's on t.v. right now
<yellowwolf> well there are some special prizes for mothers day here
<yellowwolf> cool princess
<@taffy> manypearlz keep this link its the chat
<Princess> prices for mother's day? that's new
09* yonega-wahlela
(~yonega-wahlela@hou-69-171-164-128.evdo.leapwireless.net) has joined
<manypearlz> sweet taff. thanks
<@taffy> wb yonega-wahlela
<@MWolf> all you have to do is search for native american chat
<yonega-wahlela> ok found you again
<yellowwolf> prizes in lotto
<@taffy> yvw manypearlz
<yonega-wahlela> thanks stupid computer
<@MWolf> we are the top google listing
<yellowwolf> wb yonega
<yellowwolf> yeah thats where i found it mwolf
<@taffy> did u get some good sleep MWolf
<yonega-wahlela> thanks got it added now
<@MWolf> i slept ok but could have slept another couple hours
<manypearlz> thats way odd bcuz every time i tried to enter i got sent
else where
<@taffy> lol i,m just about done for i stayed up with shadoe and
beachbum till 5.00am
<Princess> i was on skype with my cousins friend for like hours lol he
fell asleep
<yellowwolf> that happened a bit to me too many i often thought that the
room was too fullor some thing
<@MWolf> i think what happens is that ppl may try to join more than once
<yonega-wahlela> why couldn't my family's last name be like blackfeet or
something like that instead of jones and Marchetti and Stankovich and
Poteet, as well as Bethune
<@MWolf> well, whats wrong with those names ?
<manypearlz> just didnt make sense..finally i hollared.."i need my wolf
pack" and wahlah..im here. lol
<@taffy> well jones is welsh the others i dont know
<@MWolf> well it was nice to see doe in here again
<yellowwolf> cool many
<yonega-wahlela> well trying to figure out what my great great
grandmother's name was
<@taffy> it was MWolf
<@taffy> we talked for quite some time
<Princess> manyperalz, where are you from?
<yonega-wahlela> i see ya many how ya doing?
<yellowwolf> what other interests have ya got yonega?
<manypearlz> im from montana
<yonega-wahlela> well guns
<Princess> cool
<yonega-wahlela> love guns
<yellowwolf> me too
<@MWolf> i think yonega and wahlela are 2 different languages arent they?
<yellowwolf> i have lots
<Princess> i'm in kentucky pearlz
<yonega-wahlela> my service pistol is a 40 cal. 24/7 tatical taurus
<yellowwolf> mine is springfeild 45 acp
<manypearlz> sweet..how ur weather holding
<Princess> i don't like guns. i like swords though
<yonega-wahlela> i have a M-1
<yellowwolf> i have a taurus 357mag
<yonega-wahlela> cool
<yellowwolf> garand?
<yonega-wahlela> yep
<yellowwolf> me too
<Princess> good so far pearlz, but it's 6:46am lol
<yellowwolf> some marine lost it here in a swamp
<yonega-wahlela> i have two 7.62x54 russian
<yellowwolf> a new barrel and stock and it goes again
<yonega-wahlela> wow
<manypearlz> ur 2hrs ahead of me
<Princess> the sun just got up
<Princess> oh
<yellowwolf> i have a fn fal in 308wn
<manypearlz> nice, facorite time of day
<manypearlz> oops favorite
<yonega-wahlela> sun is not showing yet here
<yellowwolf> nor here its dark
<Princess> i'm a night/morning person
<@taffy> no sun here today its raining
<manypearlz> lol..me too
<yonega-wahlela> i have like 3 .22
<yonega-wahlela> a 12 a 14, a 20
<yonega-wahlela> two sks
<yellowwolf> yeah me too anshultze target 22 olympic free rifles
<yonega-wahlela> one ak-47
<manypearlz> rain..argh. no no
<yonega-wahlela> cool
<yonega-wahlela> many send it my way we need it badly
<yellowwolf> sharps 45-70
<yonega-wahlela> tell it to go to Texas
<yonega-wahlela> wow cool
<Princess> pearlz, today is the ky. derby
<manypearlz> ok..one serving comin ur way
<yonega-wahlela> oh have a 38, 45, 40 and a oh geeze
<yellowwolf> whinchester yellowboy in 45longcolt
<manypearlz> fun
<yonega-wahlela> thanks many
<Princess> yes
<yonega-wahlela> desart eagle
<yonega-wahlela> eagel
<yonega-wahlela> crap
<yonega-wahlela> can't spell today
<yellowwolf> what cal the desert eagle
<yonega-wahlela> yea that word
<yellowwolf> its cool i can figure it
<yonega-wahlela> no idea
<manypearlz> hehe..glad to see i'm not the only dyslexic
<yonega-wahlela> it belongs to my husband
<@taffy> brb i got to have more tea to wake up
<yonega-wahlela> who is French Canadian and Nez Peirce
<yonega-wahlela> hang on brb
<yonega-wahlela> watching this car
<yellowwolf> we shoot a lot of olympic stile pistol shooting so i have a
few olympic pistols
<yellowwolf> 32swl
<yonega-wahlela> cool
<yellowwolf> walther
<yonega-wahlela> ok they are just turning around
<yellowwolf> walther 22
<yonega-wahlela> i want a walther ppk
<manypearlz> brb..coffee time
<Princess> ok
<yellowwolf> k
<yonega-wahlela> k
<yellowwolf> i like the 45 best
<yellowwolf> and i have 3 cap and ball pistals
<yellowwolf> 44
<yellowwolf> flintlock 50 cal
<yellowwolf> pistol
<yellowwolf> 50 cal hawken rifle flintlock
<yellowwolf> mortimer 45 cal percussion
<yellowwolf> heaps of 303 british
<yonega-wahlela> cool hubby has a musket gun
<yonega-wahlela> we don't use it
<yellowwolf> 12ga, 20 ga drillings
<yonega-wahlela> it is a double barrel think a 20 gage not sure of the cal
<yellowwolf> fun to shoot
<yellowwolf> and a cannonb
<yellowwolf> a russion free pistol
<yellowwolf> 36 navy colt
<yonega-wahlela> i pointed this one at a guy who was going to try and
come into my house
<yellowwolf> 45 peacemaker 45lc
<yonega-wahlela> the guy ran down the road screaming
<yonega-wahlela> lol
<yonega-wahlela> hubby has a peacemaker
<yonega-wahlela> told hubby when he got home about it he told me that if
it had been loaded and i fired it the gun would have knocked me on my bum
<yellowwolf> 7 1/2 barrel bit hard to fast draw
<yonega-wahlela> bet so
<Princess> i never held a gun in my life
<yonega-wahlela> i want an M-16
<yonega-wahlela> wow really Princess
<yellowwolf> i want an m14
<Princess> really
<yonega-wahlela> geeze still got four minutes of my shift left
<yellowwolf> but the FN FAL is just fine with the 20 shot box mag
<yonega-wahlela> dang i have been hunting since i was 3
<yonega-wahlela> shot my first gun at 2
<Princess> i've never hunted either lol
<yellowwolf> i just shoot paper tagets
<yonega-wahlela> not me
<yonega-wahlela> my first kill was a 12 point buck
<yonega-wahlela> i was 6
<yellowwolf> no much game about here
<yonega-wahlela> oh that explains it
<yonega-wahlela> this was a white tailed
<yellowwolf> and ya kilt a bare when ya was 3?
<@MWolf> hmmmmmmm
<Princess> i was singing solos at 6 lol
<yellowwolf> danail?
<yonega-wahlela> time for my morning song everyone can start howling now
<yellowwolf> woowww
<Princess> lol
<yonega-wahlela> ok smarty pants
<yellowwolf> lol
<yonega-wahlela> ok all time for this tired woman to get her extention
cord rolled up and in the car and head home
<yellowwolf> ok yonega you take care now and we will see ya round
<Princess> nice meeting you
<yonega-wahlela> 6pm will come all to quick
<Bellringer> tc yonego-wahlela
<yellowwolf> dont forget to come back now
<yellowwolf> i better head f the sack too
<yonega-wahlela> nice meeting you all had to call off duty
<yellowwolf> great chatting thanks people
<Bellringer> tc yellowwolf
<yonega-wahlela> and now to get things wrapped up to head home
<yellowwolf> you too bell
<yonega-wahlela> drink a cold one and sleep
<yonega-wahlela> dream sweet all when you head to bed have a great day
<yellowwolf> see ya
04* yonega-wahlela
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left #native-american
<@MWolf> winyan walking eagle
09* Hiya (~Hiya@ip98-170-195-65.pn.at.cox.net) has joined #native-american
<@MWolf> hey ya hiya
<Hiya> good morning peeps
<Hiya> hiya M
<Bellringer> hey hiya
<Hiya> so happy to be home....hooray!!!
<Hiya> hiya bell
<Hiya> omigosh...taffy! you still up mama?
<Hiya> dang!!! lol
<Princess> hiya hiya
<Hiya> hiya Princess...how's every little thing?
<Bellringer> i think taffy is brb tea
<Hiya> ahhhh
<Princess> my cousin's here. lol
<Princess> we were skype for hours
<Hiya> awesome! you having a nice visit?
<Hiya> here as in in the room here? Or at your house?
<Princess> we'll see more later. it's early. but she's been here since
10pm yesturday
<Princess> my house
<Hiya> very cool
<Princess> i'm still up from then but she and my sister went to bed at
5am lol
<Hiya> I was really, really hoping to sleep past 5 am - but no dice.
sigh. dang internal alarm clock...grrr
<Princess> derby day!
<Hiya> oh...wow...sweet! got yer funky hat?
<Princess> i still have no plans for today sigh
<Princess> no, i don't ike hats
<Princess> lol
<Hiya> when I lived in Saratoga - the travers was the big race....all
the movie stars and richie riches came out to play...
<Princess> yes, famous people are here
<Hiya> of course I was in college then and tending bar - made a butt
load of money at travers time. :D
<Princess> you know the show kate plus 8?
<Hiya> yes
<Princess> the mom was here in the parade
<Princess> and guy . from food network is here too
<Hiya> I don't like that woman...she has exploited her children to make
a buck....I think it's wrong. grrrr
<Hiya> now the food network is somethin I can get into for sure...lol
<Princess> it just reminds me of home movies to me
<Hiya> home movies? what does?
<Princess> we have alot but they just aren't on t.v.
<Hiya> the derby? Kate or food netwrok? lol
<Princess> kate plus 8
<Hiya> ahhh
<Hiya> do you have that many kids in your family?
<Princess> cousins maybe. i only have an older sister
<Hiya> gotcha...
<Princess> i lived with 7 people until i was 14
<Hiya> I have younger bro and younger sis...I am the oldest...
<Princess> i'm the baby! :)
<Hiya> awe..the baby princess...heehee
<Hiya> my ex used to call Mandy princess when she was little...
<Princess> my mom's one of five. so is my grandmother
<Princess> aw, cute
<Hiya> if you called her Mandy she would get very angry and yell...."I
not Manda...I a pincess!!"
<Hiya> lol
<Princess> my grandmother has 12 grandchildren
<Princess> lol
<Hiya> wow...
<Princess> i want five children now lol tradition
<Hiya> I am lookig forward to being a grandma..but not yet. Neither of
my kids is ready for that
<@taffy> ok back
<Princess> i have things to do before i have children
<@taffy> hi to all i missed
<Hiya> 5 kids? Dang girl...you better get busy finding a man...tick tock...
<Princess> wb
<@taffy> ty
<Princess> yw
<Bellringer> wb taffy
<@taffy> ty
<Princess> hiya lol that's always the problem
<Hiya> taffy...you crazy mama...have you had any sleep at all?
<@taffy> lol nah i have had some sleep
<Hiya> like the energizer bunny you are...lol
<@taffy> lol
<Hiya> I was so whipped last night...I swear I logged off and was out
before my head hit the pillow
<Hiya> was a super long week
<@taffy> it was nice to see shadoe and beachbum so i stayed
<Princess> my cousin will be the announcer for the derby. she'll wear a
hat lol
<Hiya> oh yes...I haven't seen them in a while...
<Hiya> awe..nice princess... :)
<@taffy> omg hats dont suit me
<Hiya> I like baseball caps...
<Princess> everyone wears a huge hat for derby lol exept me
<Hiya> good for running to the store when your hair is jacked up
<@taffy> aye
<Princess> lol i know right
<Hiya> I went to bed with wet hair last night...wow...gonna need a whip
and a chair to tame this rats nest...lol
<manypearlz> ok im back now sorry..got into my coffee, so i should be
gettin sleepy soon..lol
<@taffy> lmao Hiya
<Hiya> hiya manypearlz
<Bellringer> wb
<Princess> skype is fun but, it's embarassing lol
<@taffy> wb manypearlz
<Princess> wb pearlz
<manypearlz> ty all
<Hiya> usually I braid it before bed...but is hard to do with jacked up
<Hiya> mandy will do it for me sometimes...
<Princess> coffee makes you sleepy? i'd be wired lol
<Princess> cool hiya
<@taffy> it takes 5 hours for my hair to dry so i usually do it in the
day but i have gone to bed with it wet omg what a mess in the morning
<manypearlz> yep..sedates me
<Hiya> I know, right?
<Princess> it makes me hyper pearlz
<Hiya> I usually blow dry mine if I wash at night...and if I braid it
when it's wet...it will stay wet for ever...
<manypearlz> funny..my kids are like me..drink it n theyre goners
<Hiya> wow...
<Hiya> how long did hilis stay on after I left last night taffy?
<@taffy> not to lonng
<@taffy> long
<Hiya> I figured...he was worn out from his rant...lol
<@taffy> or did i leave first not sure now i was so sleepy
<Princess> yes, hiya i have plenty of guy friends but now i can never
tell who likes me lol
<Hiya> I can imagine...
<Princess> they say stupid random things too lol
<@taffy> i know shadoe and beachbum was still here when i left
<Hiya> well who do you like? Don't leave it up to them...set your hat
for who you have interest in and go for it baby girl!
<Princess> i don't do that. i'm old fashion lol
<Hiya> well Hilis never says stupid things...but we are worlds apart on
political beliefs....lol
<@taffy> lo
<Princess> well, hilis isn't 23 lol
<Hiya> nope...he's 49 - almost 50
<@taffy> wow 23 Princess have u ever had a date
<Princess> guys 18-26 say anything
<Princess> no taffy
<@taffy> hmm we was that age one time too Princess
<Hiya> gotta go ya'll...sister on the phone...bbl
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<@taffy> tc Hiya
<Princess> ok
<Bellringer> tc hiya
<@taffy> well time to step it up Princess
<Princess> i'm cool. i like group activities anyway
<@taffy> ok i got to run for a hour or two but will be back u all tc now
04* @taffy (taffy@ has left #native-american (Quit:
learning things are only good when u can help others)
<manypearlz> well people..coffees taking affect..lol. talk to you all
later, nice being here again..nite/day
<Bellringer> tc pearlz
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09* Guest8541 (~Guest@adsl-74-226-70-125.mem.bellsouth.net) has joined
<Bellringer> hello guest
09* Guest8541 is now known as hehokaheyoka
<Princess> hey heho!
<Bellringer> hey heho
<hehokaheyoka> hello
<hehokaheyoka> wait, something don't feel right here
<hehokaheyoka> hmm
<hehokaheyoka> there, that's better
<Princess> lol
<Princess> today's derby day heho. how are you?
<hehokaheyoka> doing good, how about yourself?
<Princess> i'm excited
<hehokaheyoka> got any money on the race?
<Princess> no, i don't bet
<hehokaheyoka> me either
<hehokaheyoka> wouldn't know who to bet on anyway
<Princess> my cousins over my house
<Princess> me either
<Princess> i ushally know the names of the horses
<Princess> but not this year lol
<hehokaheyoka> we haven't had a real stand out horse in a lot of years
<Princess> i guess
<Princess> i don't know about horses too much
<hehokaheyoka> we got dog racing over here in west memphis, i've been
there once, not really my thing but it was fun
<Bellringer> i've given up on animal races it seems to push the animal a
bit too much, but like you said heho it was fun at one time
<Princess> i don't like dogs lol
<Princess> were they greyhounds?
<hehokaheyoka> yup, i love greyhounds
<Princess> they run fast
<hehokaheyoka> my friends has two of them, old racers, and they love to run
<Princess> cool
<hehokaheyoka> they are wiemeriners, probably spelled that wrong
<Bellringer> i bet they do
<hehokaheyoka> they look just like greyhounds
<Bellringer> it's ok got it pretty dog
<hehokaheyoka> they are a lot of fun to play frisbee with
<Princess> lol
<Princess> i've walked my cousins dog but i never had an pets
<Princess> any
<Bellringer> saw a great dane that the coloring made me think it was a
very large wiemeriner
<hehokaheyoka> you can't throw it farther than they can run, trust me
<Bellringer> they have a lot of speed and grace don't they
<hehokaheyoka> oh yeah, and they are some of the most loving dogs i've
ever seen
<Princess> huge dog, that one
<@MWolf> hey dave
<@MWolf> do me a favor dave and type the "f" word please just once
<hehokaheyoka> fuck
<@MWolf> sigh
<@MWolf> dam it
<hehokaheyoka> trying to get an auto kick for cussing?
<Princess> lol
<hehokaheyoka> wow, i just typed the "f" word on this board and didn't
get kicked out
<hehokaheyoka> does that make me special?
<hehokaheyoka> well, in a short bus kind of way, i guess
<Princess> lol
<hehokaheyoka> time to get going, gotta go pick up kids, y'all take care
<Princess> ok
<Bellringer> tc heho
<Princess> later heho
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<Princess> me too bbl lol :)
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<Guest8563> hi
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09* Guest8567 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
08* @MWolf hey Guest8567 welcome
<Guest8567> thank you
<Guest8567> how are you guys?
<@MWolf> good , you ?
<Guest8567> very well
<@MWolf> where ya from ?
<Guest8567> uzbekistan, you?
08* @MWolf Is male 62 years old, Biloxi Mississippi USA
<Guest8567> good, i'm 25
<Guest8567> how is the weather in america?
09* AJ (~AJ@CPE-121-214-218-241.lns6.fli.bigpond.net.au) has joined
<@MWolf> its very nice here today
<@MWolf> and where you are ?
<@MWolf> hey aj
<AJ> hello everyone
<Guest8567> in uzbekistan
<@MWolf> hows the north of OZ?
<AJ> pleasent evening here
<@MWolf> sunny and clear here gonna get warm today
<Guest8567> guys i have a question...
<AJ> best thing about the dry is the stars apear back in town. lol
09* Guest8567 is now known as joe-camel
<@MWolf> yeah
<joe-camel> i have been to london for 4 years
<@MWolf> i can only see about 4 of the brightest
<joe-camel> and came back and married
<AJ> you must get your share of humidity there too.
<@MWolf> oh yeah we get plenty of humidity
<joe-camel> now me and my wife would like to go to america
<@MWolf> i have no desire to go to any other country
<joe-camel> we need a help to get visa from american embassy
<AJ> visiting is nice but there's no place like home
<joe-camel> it is actually difficult for us
<@MWolf> is uzbeckistan a muslem country ?
<joe-camel> who can help me to get a visa if it is possible?
<joe-camel> yes, muslim country
<@MWolf> good luck with that visa
<AJ> good luck
<@MWolf> go thru the process like everyone else
<joe-camel> thank you for your advise
<@MWolf> there is no chance that anyone in this chat will go out on a
limb for ya
<joe-camel> i didn't know americans are so.......
<joe-camel> "friendly"
<@MWolf> yup we are very friendly
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<AJ> i'd agree wuth that
<@MWolf> lol
<AJ> lol
<AJ> I joined this chat on a chance I'd meet people that love the
outdoors as much as I do. Haven't tried it anywhere else so I guess I'm
a little nieve, but was surprised someone has the stuff to front up with
that one lol
<@MWolf> he is in the other room
<@MWolf> sec
<@MWolf> <Guest8582> hi
<@MWolf> <MWolf> im still the same guy i was in the other room
<@MWolf> <Guest8582> i know man
<@MWolf> <Guest8582> but here you are alone
<@MWolf> <Guest8582> why don't you want to help?
<@MWolf> <MWolf> because I or anyone else would be a fool to
<@MWolf> <Guest8582> why?
<@MWolf> <MWolf> i dont know you or your family or your political
convictions or if you are a religious fanatic, if i were to help you it
could cause well, lol it aint gonna happen, i dont want to find my way
onto a no fly list
<@MWolf> or an FBI shit list so dont bother me with thsi stuff
<@MWolf> <Guest8582> what are you talking about?
<@MWolf> <Guest8582> i think you got me wrong
09* Guest8604
(~Guest@host12-240-dynamic.50-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined
08* @MWolf hey guest, welcome
<@MWolf> yes im american
<AJ> hi there
<Guest8604> :-)
04* Guest8604
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<AJ> that's exactly why i was surprised! lol
<@MWolf> those guys are doing everythign they can do to get over here, i
have no use or time for um
<AJ> yep completely agree
09* Guest8642
(~Guest@host101-188-dynamic.180-80-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined
<@MWolf> wb
09* nupa (~Blitzbear@ has joined #native-american
<nupa> gm mwolf
<nupa> gm spiritdog
<AJ> hey nupa
<nupa> gm AJ
04* Guest8642
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<AJ> evening lol
<nupa> lol
<AJ> how's your crops doing? not too much rain I hope?
<nupa> they are doing great
<nupa> we get alot of rain but few sunny days too
<@MWolf> hey there nups
<@MWolf> hows thangs /
<nupa> how are ya mwolf
<nupa> things good here
09* Guest8642
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<@MWolf> how does your garden grow?
<nupa> man it growing everything is up
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> :)
<nupa> i cant wait harvest it lol'
<nupa> another month we be picking peas and beans
<nupa> :)
<@MWolf> my beans are growing good my tomatoes are doing great
<nupa> good
<nupa> i cant put my tomtoes out yet
<@MWolf> those beans will grow 10 feet tall nups
<nupa> but they doing ok in pots
<nupa> wow
<@MWolf> let me show you what they will look like
<nupa> i made cage about 5 feet tall for them
<nupa> ok
<@MWolf> give the pic a minute ot load
<nupa> ok
<@MWolf> tell me them aitn som dam big beans
<@MWolf> HEIRLOOM. Soak up a pot of 'Big Mama' and each smooth-textured,
extra-tasty bean will swell to fill a teaspoon.
<nupa> omg
<@MWolf> one bean fills a teaspoon ....... man i cant wait
<nupa> man they are big
<nupa> yes
<nupa> lol
<@MWolf> and they are heirloom
<AJ> wow
<@MWolf> so you can save seeds
<nupa> yeah save some plant next yr
<nupa> yeah
<@MWolf> oh you will want to plant a lot more next year
<nupa> i save all my seeds from last yr i spend now to date only 8 bucks :0
<nupa> yes i will
<@MWolf> :)
<nupa> 8 to 10 feet
<@MWolf> yup
<@MWolf> :)
<@MWolf> woof
<nupa> im going need poles in that cage lol
<nupa> woof woof
<@MWolf> lol
<nupa> lol
09* smkybones (~smkybones@ppp-99-14-103-235.dsl.ipltin.sbcglobal.net)
has joined #native-american
<nupa> hey smkybones
<smkybones> 1-2-3-4-5 five howdy's
09* Guest8718 (~Guest@node24. has joined
<@MWolf> i hear that man
<@MWolf> i run text to speech
<AJ> hey there smkybones
08* @MWolf hey guest, welcome
<Guest8718> Pathfinder said hi
<nupa> hey Guest8718
<@MWolf> hey path
<Guest8718> greetings
<nupa> hey pathfinder
09* whitewolf (whitewolf@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o whitewolf
<smkybones> how dooo nupa n Aj
<@whitewolf> oh lawd
<nupa> hey bro
<@whitewolf> mornin
<nupa> morning
09* Guest8718 is now known as pathfinder
<nupa> lol
<smkybones> cantecolon been around?
<nupa> hey pathfinder
<pathfinder> ty
<@MWolf> hey budwoof
<nupa> havent seen her for a few days
<pathfinder> greetings
<@whitewolf> hey pathfinder
<@whitewolf> hey woofman
<@MWolf> she is in everyday
<@MWolf> you wanna see the beens i got growing budwoof?
<AJ> hey there pathfinder n whitewolf
<pathfinder> hi
<@whitewolf> hey aj
<@whitewolf> yeah man
<smkybones> < been eation beans all damn winter !!!!!!!!
<smkybones> lol
<smkybones> j'k
<pathfinder> ben eating crow all winter
<nupa> hows ur garden doing bro
<@MWolf> please dont use the arrows man
<@whitewolf> purty good right now
<@MWolf> the ants move outta your strawberries man?
<@whitewolf> god dang!
<@whitewolf> them some big beans lol
<smkybones> found some morels ,, i put some in a stew ,
<@MWolf> yeah man i sent nups some
<pathfinder> no morels in michigan yet
<pathfinder> been eating lots of brook trout
<@whitewolf> nah there is still a few ants around
<@MWolf> she put a fence around um 5 feet tall, lol they grow 8 to 10
feet tall
<AJ> what's a morel?
<@MWolf> a mushroom
<smkybones> they bigger than coke can,s check out the morel, web page
world wide , just click on your state ,
<@MWolf> a lot of ppl hunt them here
<AJ> thanks lol
<AJ> cool
<pathfinder> about another 2 weeks and they be up
<smkybones> umm they should be up in mich ,,,
<smkybones> brb illl check
<pathfinder> not where I am at
<pathfinder> was out other day- beef steaks jsut popping
<pathfinder> anyone from south daktoa?
<smkybones> nope no one has posted any pic in mich yet ,,
<smkybones> im in indiana ,,
<AJ> used to collect white mushrooms as a kid further sth. We only get
toadstools and deadly ones here in the tropics
<pathfinder> ty
<@whitewolf> i dont eat mushrooms of any type lol
<smkybones> look for the world wide and click that ,, take you any where
you need to go
<smkybones> some dude selling 3 lb for 50 buck,s
04* pathfinder (~Guest@node24. has left
<AJ> wil do
09* pathfinder (~Guest@node24. has joined
<smkybones> gotta bounce ,, peace ,,
04* smkybones (~smkybones@ppp-99-14-103-235.dsl.ipltin.sbcglobal.net)
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<@MWolf> i think i'l have enough beans to freez a few bags and save
seeds for next year
<nupa> u should mwolf
<@MWolf> the tomatoes im planting next year
<@MWolf> and 3 more beef steaks
<nupa> wow i might try this place burpee looks like good stuff
<@MWolf> oh yeah quality stuff
<@MWolf> i buy plants so i dont have to worry about um they send the
plants when its the right time for your zone
<@whitewolf> carrie and lil man picked plums yesterday
<@MWolf> kelw man
<@MWolf> kewl
<@whitewolf> yeah makes good jelly
<AJ> lol I just checked the morel site to discover I have the half skirt
deadly type in my backyard. lol thought they were toadstools..you learn
something new each day lol
<@MWolf> down here if you have a plum tree in the front yard, come
august them plums be plastered against your house when the hurricanes come
<@whitewolf> i was lookin at those white tomatoes on that burpee site
<@whitewolf> thats kinda weird
<@MWolf> yeah they really do have quality stuff tho
<@whitewolf> oh yesh
<@whitewolf> local feed store carries a lot of burpee stuff
<nupa> bro i planted purple carrots this yr
<@whitewolf> nice
<nupa> someone gave me packet so i plante dthem lol
<@whitewolf> i never can get them to grow here cuz of the dirt
<@whitewolf> need a real sandy dirt
<@MWolf> :)
<@MWolf> well
<nupa> i dont have sandy dirt
<nupa> i just plant them they grow like crazy
<nupa> last yr i planted 2 rows we had carrots until last week ran out
<@MWolf> what you can do is buy a stock tank and make the soil like you
want and need it to be put some holes in the bottom and you can grow
<nupa> but deer been getting carrots lol
<nupa> yeah mwolf
<@MWolf> thats what im gonna do for my beans and corn next year
<@MWolf> and squash
<nupa> i bet corn grow good in miss.
<nupa> hot there
<nupa> i plant about 100 stalks im lucky if 50 make it
<@MWolf> buy a 70 gallon stock tank
<@MWolf> well, have lowes deliver my topsoil and miracle grow
<nupa> once them deer know corn up im in trouble lol
<nupa> good mwolf
<nupa> i planted barley for deer oats it up about 2 feet now
<@MWolf> i knwo they will appreciate that
<nupa> hoping it keep them busy enough stay away from garden
<nupa> lol
<AJ> lol
<@MWolf> i dunno id buy some deer away
<nupa> i have half jug left
<nupa> i waiting to use it until they start coming aorund more
<nupa> they out having babies now by end of may yard be fill of deer
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<nupa> full
<AJ> wild deer?
<nupa> yeah
<AJ> wow
<@MWolf> dont you guys feed the roo over there aj ?
<@MWolf> lol
<nupa> it funny during winter i keep buckets of apples on porch
<AJ> lol
<nupa> we hear hoof steps spike come on porch eat from the bucket
<@MWolf> they do love apples
<nupa> russ open door say get off my porch he look at russ
<nupa> go back to eating
<nupa> lol
<AJ> nope lol
<nupa> we named them all
<@MWolf> if you didnt want me on the porch you woulda put apples in the yard
<nupa> i knwo mwolf
<AJ> lol
<@MWolf> lol
<nupa> lol
09* whitewolf (whitewolf@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o whitewolf
<@MWolf> hey budwoof
<@whitewolf> howdy
<@whitewolf> internet took a crash
<AJ> wb
<@whitewolf> thanx
<nupa> 6 peeny she one that got caught fence every time she comes she
walk up to me im like i cant pet ya she walk beside me for like 30 mins
until mother snorts then she off
<nupa> wb bro
<AJ> that's cool
<@whitewolf> thanx
<nupa> u wnat see soemthing amazing
<nupa> u should russ
<nupa> he go out stand in yard when they here
<nupa> talk navajo them
<nupa> every deer lift head look at him
<nupa> lol
<AJ> lol that's awesome
09* Guest8727 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
<nupa> he been doing it for like 6 yrs
08* @MWolf hey Guest8727 welcome
<nupa> they know he not hurt them
<nupa> hey Guest8727
<@whitewolf> man im so tired of hearin bout this bin laden stuff
<Guest8727> osama bin laden was a good man do you agree''
<@MWolf> he's dead murdering bastard
<@whitewolf> i agree he is good dead
<Guest8727> 9/11 wasnt bin laden
04* Guest8727 (~Guest@ has left #native-american (A-kill)
<AJ> yep gently and slowly nupa
<nupa> me to bro this not funny but when the first morning i read news i
ran in tell russ i said omg they shoot obama twice in head
<nupa> russ is like omg then i realized i made mistake
<nupa> lol
<@whitewolf> yeah and 9/12 wasnt the marines
<nupa> i know
<@whitewolf> well they say they did shoot him twicce
<nupa> yeah but i mixed up said obama shoot freaked russ out lol
<nupa> u know me
<nupa> lol
<AJ> lol
<nupa> im glad they got him its over
<nupa> that all i say
<@whitewolf> lol
<nupa> lol
<AJ> amen to that.
<AJ> glad they got him
09* hilis_hatki
(~HilisHatki@h69-129-128-254.wybotn.dial.dynamic.tds.net) has joined
<nupa> hey hilis_hatki
<hilis_hatki> hey all
<@MWolf> hey hilis
<nupa> how are ya bro
<nupa> good see ya
<hilis_hatki> hey nupa
<nupa> i hear ur been busy
<hilis_hatki> tired lol
<nupa> lol
<nupa> hahah
<AJ> hello
<nupa> hiya keep u up all nite
<nupa> lol
<hilis_hatki> stayed up till 3 then got up at 6 to disk garden
<hilis_hatki> lol a little
<nupa> wow
<hilis_hatki> i wish
<nupa> lol
<@whitewolf> he hilis_hatki
<hilis_hatki> hey white wolf
<nupa> did u plant her peas
<nupa> lol
<hilis_hatki> not yet
<nupa> lol
<nupa> im done planting all but the tomtoes
<nupa> now
<hilis_hatki> should start getting stuff in ground by monday
<nupa> everything is up growing good
<nupa> good
<hilis_hatki> good to hear :)
<nupa> yeah and tom gave me 75 mor etaters so i planted about 300 now
<nupa> i give u some take hom when u come this winter lol
<hilis_hatki> we just had 2 nights in the 30
<nupa> wow
<nupa> but peas beets lettuce like cold nites
09* Guest8738 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
<nupa> hey Guest8738
<hilis_hatki> i am on planting time table the same as last year
<nupa> kewl maybe i should try that next yr
<Guest8738> hello people
<AJ> hi guest 8738
<nupa> i go by what they farmers do here lol
<nupa> cause im not use to planting here yet
<hilis_hatki> got to follow that weather
<nupa> tehy say put peas in i do put the carrots in u do ect.. so far it
worked lol
<Guest8738> any guys ?
<hilis_hatki> lots of farm land will be loss to floods this year
<hilis_hatki> hey guest
<nupa> yeah u get floods
<nupa> im a female sorry
<AJ> me too
<Guest8738> that's fine, lol. haha.
<hilis_hatki> i male lol
<AJ> lol
<nupa> but u taken hilis_hatki
<nupa> lol
<nupa> dont make me slap u
<nupa> lol
<nupa> jk
<nupa> lol
<AJ> lol
<hilis_hatki> mmm iam still free agent lol
<nupa> lol
<nupa> not for long lol
<hilis_hatki> lol
<Guest8738> . actually im on this chat for curiosity haha. u guys come
online often ? :)
<nupa> everyday we chat here
<nupa> wher eu from Guest8738
<Guest8738> really? that's nice
<nupa> yeah for 6 yrs nbow i been coming here
<nupa> some been coming for 15 yrs
<Guest8738> im from Romania, very soon to be from the US becaus eim
planning to transfer myself to US university :)
<hilis_hatki> translvania ?
<nupa> lol
<AJ> lol
<@whitewolf> well it is a real place
<nupa> yeah but i think of that movie when i see it bro lol
<@whitewolf> lol
<nupa> lol
<AJ> lol
<Guest8738> not transilvania , not from Dracula's Castel. haha..Im from
Bucharest, the capital :)
<nupa> what are u studying
<Guest8738> for the moment jewish studies. im in the first year. but
next year ill come to America. Right now im strugling with the SAT. haha
<nupa> good luck
<Guest8738> thx a lot :)
<@whitewolf> jewish studies?
<nupa> yw
<Guest8738> by the way, how old are u guys? im 20 :p
<nupa> im 50
<@whitewolf> 32
<hilis_hatki> 843
<nupa> wow hilis ur olde rthen dirt lol
<AJ> lol
<@whitewolf> dang hilis_hatki
<nupa> lol
<nupa> man
<@whitewolf> and you still a plow boy
<@whitewolf> wosers
<nupa> lol
<AJ> 32
<AJ> lol
<hilis_hatki> i was from drac's home town
<nupa> lol
<@MWolf> i been to transylvania
<Guest8738> ahahah hilis , ure 843 ? thats good :) ure immortal. tell me
the secret please :p
<nupa> wow
04* Guest8738 (~Guest@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
<AJ> cool!
<@MWolf> north carolina
<nupa> lol
<AJ> lol
<@MWolf> its a county in NC
<nupa> neat
<hilis_hatki> well its 2 secrets lol
<@whitewolf> dang internet keeps going out
09* Guest8738 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
<nupa> lol
<nupa> wb Guest8738
<AJ> lol yep must brush up on my geography!
<hilis_hatki> what part of us u going to guest?
<@whitewolf> well peoples i have to run
<@whitewolf> yall have a good day
<nupa> later bro
<nupa> u2
<AJ> you too
<@whitewolf> laters n stuff
04* @whitewolf (whitewolf@ has left #native-american
(Quit: Laters everyone tc)
<nupa> brb i need go check garden stuff
09* nupa is now known as nupa-brb
<Guest8738> sorry for late reply guys. what part of the US ? id like NY
but now depends on the universities ill pick. coz most of them are not
in NY. very few are there and hopefully ill get accepted there in NY
<hilis_hatki> never been there
<Guest8738> ohh. where are u from hilis ?
<Guest8738> what state ?
<@MWolf> wow
<hilis_hatki> tennessee
<Guest8738> ohhh thats nice. Vanderbilt univ is there. I wanted to apply
there but i changed my mind. Dunno why exactly, haha
<@MWolf> i thought i was in zone 8 but im not im in zone 9, nupa is in
zone 8 and hilis is in zone 7
<hilis_hatki> vandy is a nice place
04* Guest8738 (~Guest@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
<hilis_hatki> yea i also forget my planting zone
<hilis_hatki> always
<@MWolf> some maps show me in zone 8 but there is about 15 miles here on
the gulf thats in zone 9
<hilis_hatki> these hollers here can put u back 1
<@MWolf> lol arborday.org says my zipcode is in both 8 and 9 lol
<hilis_hatki> hedgeing the bets
09* Guest8748 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
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09* Guest8738 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
08* @MWolf hey Guest8738 welcome
<hilis_hatki> hey guest
<AJ> hello guest8738
<Guest8738> hiiiiii :)
<Guest8738> i got disconnected. uffff
<Guest8738> AJ where are u from ? what state ?
<AJ> Australia
<Guest8738> woauuu niceee :)
<Guest8738> very very hot
<AJ> yep
<hilis_hatki> well gonna go eat see yall later :)
04* hilis_hatki
(~HilisHatki@h69-129-128-254.wybotn.dial.dynamic.tds.net) has left
<Guest8738> hilis, what old are u ? im sure ure not 843, haha. and if u
are, then please tell me the secret of immortality, hahaha
<AJ> see you
<Guest8738> see you :)
<Guest8738> have a nice day AJ :)
<AJ> was saying goodby to hilis
<Guest8738> ooops sorry.
<AJ> no worries
<Guest8738> AJ how old u said u were?
<AJ> older than u lol
<Guest8738> :)
<Guest8738> hehe oki doki ;)
<AJ> brb. coffee
<Guest8738> enjoy it :)
09* WhistlingElk (~WhistlingElk@ has joined #native-american
<WhistlingElk> O:-)
<WhistlingElk> hey mwolf
08* @MWolf hey WhistlingElk welcome
<WhistlingElk> my laptop has no sound
<WhistlingElk> can u help?
<@MWolf> probly
<WhistlingElk> i got errors
<@MWolf> has it ever had sound?
<WhistlingElk> i listen to music all the time
<@MWolf> k
<@MWolf> what is the error?
<WhistlingElk> win vista
<WhistlingElk> sound error
<WhistlingElk> and sceen saver does work either
<@MWolf> do you have an antivirus elk?
<WhistlingElk> i think i closed my laptop withpout properly shutting it down
<WhistlingElk> avg
<@MWolf> k
<@MWolf> ok turn it off and then restart the pc let it turn completly off
<WhistlingElk> hmm restart?
<WhistlingElk> brb
04* WhistlingElk (~WhistlingElk@ has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
09* WhistlingElk (~WhistlingElk@ has joined #native-american
<WhistlingElk> slooow
<WhistlingElk> im good ty
<WhistlingElk> whew
<@MWolf> ok check your sound
<@MWolf> it all came back ?
<WhistlingElk> its all good now
<@MWolf> k
<@MWolf> good
<WhistlingElk> scared me this is all i got
<@MWolf> well elk
<WhistlingElk> O:-)
<@MWolf> i hate to tell you but a hard drive permanent crash is a certainty
<AJ> hi whistling elk
<WhistlingElk> slow connection speed
04* @spiritdog (~65.82.231.@ip68-228-49-31.tc.ph.cox.net) has left
<@MWolf> its not an if it will happen but when
<WhistlingElk> i smudge my laptop
<@MWolf> well you lol lol
<@MWolf> ok man
<WhistlingElk> all good man
<@MWolf> before i waste my time, do you want my advice?
<WhistlingElk> well heck ya
<WhistlingElk> i am defraging now
<@MWolf> one day your laptop will go down and not come back up
<@MWolf> its bound ot happen
<@MWolf> its "going to happen!!"
<WhistlingElk> i got no more warrenty either!
<WhistlingElk> aahhh!
<@MWolf> you need a backup drive
<WhistlingElk> expencive
<WhistlingElk> s
<@MWolf> well bud
<@MWolf> ok
<WhistlingElk> i got a friend that saiys he has got 6 of them
<@MWolf> k
<WhistlingElk> carries them around his neck
<WhistlingElk> lol
<@MWolf> sounds good
<WhistlingElk> i see if he can give up one
<@MWolf> k
<WhistlingElk> i got a good question
<WhistlingElk> what does ctrl and shift and esc buttons do when you push
them at the same time
<WhistlingElk> ?
<@MWolf> iv never doen it
<WhistlingElk> try it
<@MWolf> i dont have an answer
<Guest8738> guys, ill go :) my name is Rebecca by the way. Maybe ill
register on this site. Looks like fun :) Have a nice day everybody !
<@MWolf> no thangs
<@MWolf> thanks
<WhistlingElk> ok
<AJ> you too
<@MWolf> hey rebecka
<Guest8738> yep ?
<@MWolf> coem back when you can
<Guest8738> i will :) i like it :)
<@MWolf> :)
<Guest8738> anybody has facebook ?
<WhistlingElk> hmm performance is really slow
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games, not bad eh? much more... http://community.native-american-online.org
<Guest8738> ohh ;)
<WhistlingElk> man my memory is pretty full
<@MWolf> what do you remember?
<WhistlingElk> wow alot of processes going on hmm
<Guest8738> seee you guys soon. byyeee :)
<WhistlingElk> ok
<@MWolf> later
<Guest8738> ;)
<@MWolf> yall come back now
<@MWolf> ya hear
<AJ> later
04* Guest8738 (~Guest@ has left #native-american
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<WhistlingElk> hee haw
<WhistlingElk> lol
<WhistlingElk> know how hee haw got its name
<AJ> how?
<WhistlingElk> back in the day cattle hearders made sounds , hee was
right haw was left
<@MWolf> no man
<WhistlingElk> whoa was stop
<@MWolf> it was gee and haw
<AJ> Ah ok.
<WhistlingElk> i mean the hee haw sounds not the show lol
<WhistlingElk> ge?
<WhistlingElk> e
<WhistlingElk> ok
<@MWolf> i think they ment it to be a spoof man, insinuating a show of
and for jackasses
<WhistlingElk> i see
<WhistlingElk> lol
<AJ> lol
<WhistlingElk> Shawty get loose, good song
09* nupa-brb is now known as nupa
<nupa> hey WhistlingElk
<WhistlingElk> hello gm
<AJ> wb nupa
<nupa> ty aj
<WhistlingElk> yes i went yesterday
<nupa> omg u went ihs
<nupa> really
<WhistlingElk> yes
<WhistlingElk> 4 hours!
<nupa> it only took me 2 weeks shouting at u lol
<@MWolf> happy mothers day tomorrow nups
<nupa> ty mwolf
<nupa> what they say
<nupa> u get meds
<WhistlingElk> alot of paperwork cuz they are changing insurance
<WhistlingElk> contract health
<WhistlingElk> gawd
<nupa> ok
<nupa> did u see dr
<nupa> did u get meds insulin needles stuff
<WhistlingElk> yup gall bladder might have to come out
<nupa> good
<nupa> ok
<WhistlingElk> and came home with a ton of meds!
<nupa> i told u if u enrolled u can go ihs dude
<nupa> yeah update meds
<nupa> good
<nupa> about time
<WhistlingElk> jeepers
<WhistlingElk> ty nupa you were right
<@MWolf> you can get free diabetis meds and accessories with medicare
but its better to have IHS
<nupa> u can refill them there or at any ihs
<WhistlingElk> O:-)
<WhistlingElk> yup yup
<WhistlingElk> they even diliver
<nupa> did they give u blood machine check ur sugar
<nupa> yes they do
<WhistlingElk> 9.2
<WhistlingElk> ?
<WhistlingElk> what does that mean?
<nupa> 9.2 for blood level u mean
<WhistlingElk> they told me number and put me on lantus
<nupa> im not sure 9.2 maybe mwolf knows
09* Ringlet (~Ringlet@net-188-153-37-216.cust.dsl.teletu.it) has joined
<nupa> hey Ringlet
<WhistlingElk> too high they said i could go into a coma
<nupa> i been telling u that for month
<nupa> sheesh
<Ringlet> hallo to u all
<nupa> im just happy u went
<@MWolf> well thats over 400 then
<WhistlingElk> its just hetting hard to see
<nupa> now keep going back ect... ok
<nupa> oh man over 400 not good
<WhistlingElk> my clucometer says HI
<WhistlingElk> g
<@MWolf> lol
<nupa> u loss ur eye sight if u dont control ur sugar
<WhistlingElk> really reads HI
<WhistlingElk> lol
<@MWolf> thats a fact
<nupa> yeah
<nupa> ur kidneys shut down so u have do ur part dude
<nupa> eat right
<nupa> take ur meds
<WhistlingElk> its dark even on sunny days
<WhistlingElk> i will
<@MWolf> and if you think you got problems lose your vision and your in
a whole nuther world od "oh shit"
09* sweetlady (~sweetlady@69-92-199-180.cpe.cableone.net) has joined
<nupa> beleive me my mom lost her sight blind totally blind for 21 yrs
<nupa> hey sw
<@MWolf> hey lady
<nupa> hey sweetlady
<WhistlingElk> i got a inhaler too to quit smoking
<WhistlingElk> looks dum
<sweetlady> hi nupa
<WhistlingElk> lol
<sweetlady> hi mwolf
<nupa> good elk
<sweetlady> hi elk
<Ringlet> hallo sweetlady
<nupa> how court go sweetlady
<WhistlingElk> hey
<AJ> hi sweetlady
<sweetlady> hi ringlet
<sweetlady> hi aj
<nupa> u can u quit elk i did
<nupa> i was big time smoker lol
<sweetlady> fine nupa
<nupa> u win
<nupa> did u get settlement?
09* Guest8762 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
<nupa> he go to jail?
<sweetlady> one more court date and i am putting him away the judge
wants to
<nupa> hey guest
08* @MWolf hey Guest8762 welcome
<sweetlady> he is still in jail
<Ringlet> hallo guest8762
<WhistlingElk> i am going to have to chance my name to whistling lungs!
<sweetlady> nupa
04* Guest8762 (~Guest@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
<nupa> ok
<nupa> u can quit if u wnat to elk
<WhistlingElk> i will
<nupa> eat right take ur meds u be fine
<nupa> :)
<WhistlingElk> k
<nupa> and then u bug uss for yrs lol
<nupa> hahah
<WhistlingElk> lol
<nupa> lol
<nupa> i just happy u went ty
<WhistlingElk> mwolf rolled his eyes to that one
<nupa> lol
<WhistlingElk> lol
<nupa> now ur housing problem did u do what i asked u do??/
<WhistlingElk> ah
<WhistlingElk> ?
<nupa> sheesh helping u is like pulling teeth lol
<WhistlingElk> lol
<WhistlingElk> what
<nupa> omg u havent done anything yet let me guess
<nupa> p2p u
08* WhistlingElk .oO(ok)
04* sweetlady (~sweetlady@69-92-199-180.cpe.cableone.net) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<@MWolf> i saw that to nups when i see that i just stop
<nupa> lol
<WhistlingElk> i can try but they those way worse tham and i have good
heart and let them go first especialy vetransO:-)
<WhistlingElk> d
<nupa> are u vet
<WhistlingElk> ah wat happende to the name , oh a game
<WhistlingElk> lol
<nupa> getting free meds is a help
<WhistlingElk> O:-)
<nupa> my meds cost me about grand every month if i didnt have ihs
<nupa> government has a place u get 3 months at time if u low income
also for free
<nupa> some hospitals i worked at use fill meds free for people that
didnt have insurance
<nupa> alot of resorces out there
<WhistlingElk> brb phone
<nupa> that people dont know about
<nupa> ok
<WhistlingElk> k
<nupa> id u check sugar before taking insulin and eating this morning
<nupa> i miss being a nurse :)
<nupa> sheesh
<WhistlingElk> lol
<@MWolf> i missed being a paramedic for about 5 years , now i never look
<nupa> yeah mwolf
<WhistlingElk> fire dept was ok
<WhistlingElk> alot of work
<nupa> yeah
<WhistlingElk> i was in shepherd station #2, #41
<AJ> respect to you guys!
09* dayden (dayden@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o dayden
<nupa> nice elk
<@dayden> morning all
<nupa> what u do aj
<nupa> hey dayden hugs
<WhistlingElk> now being a spotter was fun
<AJ> Emergency Service. SES
<@MWolf> hey
<WhistlingElk> i luved it
<nupa> kewl aj
<@MWolf> how are you this mornign paula/
<WhistlingElk> ahh the memories
<AJ> morning dayden
<Ringlet> hallo dayden
<WhistlingElk> phenergen yuk
<@dayden> im fine josh how are you this morning?
<@MWolf> good
<@dayden> glad to hear
<@MWolf> my neighbor sent over some pizza so im having left over pizza
for rlunch
<nupa> happy mothers day tomorrow dayden
<nupa> pizza russ lovs it
<@MWolf> what are you gonna do today ?
<@dayden> well we were thinking of going to see the movie thor
<@dayden> its going to be in high 90's today
<@MWolf> :)
<nupa> aww 90 i wished
<@MWolf> thats like 75 here
<WhistlingElk> too hot 4 me
<@dayden> summer is coming slow here and for some reason i dont wish it
to come at all
<WhistlingElk> 90
<nupa> yeah dayden
<@MWolf> i know
<Ringlet> I went to see the movie Thor last Sunday
<@dayden> i guess because as it gets hotter and hotter pretty soon no
more desert hikes
<@MWolf> its going to put a hitch in your time in the desert
<nupa> yeah true
<@dayden> yup big time josh
<WhistlingElk> thor
<@dayden> unless we start hiking in the mountains
<WhistlingElk> 3d?
<Ringlet> I saw it in 3d
<@dayden> but 118 out in the desert stops being enjoyable...its
difficult to enjoy stuff when you just trying to stay alive
<WhistlingElk> last sunday i just started ?
<@MWolf> yes
<@dayden> was it worth 3D?
<WhistlingElk> its been out for a week?
<@MWolf> but it will cooling off again in 5 months
<@dayden> i thought it was released just yesterday
<nupa> i know dayden in nm i decide one day hike look for turq dumb idea
i almost fried myself lol
<@MWolf> you can spend your summer becoming really good with your camera
and softwear
<WhistlingElk> me too thats why ringlet said last sunday
<Ringlet> I don't like to much 3d
<WhistlingElk> ok
<Ringlet> I saw it in Italy last Sunday
<WhistlingElk> ok
<WhistlingElk> lol
<nupa> man russ has take me movies
<nupa> we havent been in dog age
<WhistlingElk> i thought i llost a week there scared me
<nupa> lol
<Ringlet> lol
<AJ> you into photography nupa?
<nupa> hope they have closed caption for us lol
<nupa> yeah i lov pics stuff
<nupa> i make jewelry now garden mostly
<AJ> me too! love it!
<@dayden> was it worth it for 3D Ringlet?
<@MWolf> my tomatoes are 3 feet tall :)
<@dayden> ooh im just getting into photography AJ
<@dayden> i just took my first class and ordered my new camera
<nupa> woohoo tall tomtoes u will alot from them
<Ringlet> The 3d glasses darken too much the images, I think
<AJ> love catching wildlife and landscapes!
<WhistlingElk> this day is getting better an better, for once
<@dayden> i've seen lots of movies in 3D but not all of them i feel were
worth the price for the 3D
<Ringlet> I agree with you, dayden
<AJ> cool. What type?
<WhistlingElk> buddy is finaly getiing out the hospitol, and on his way
here ty lord
<nupa> good
<WhistlingElk> O:-)
<@dayden> well i am so excited AJ! my camera will not be here for
another few days and already i downloaded the manual and began to read
and set up some private lessons
<@dayden> a canon EOS 7D
<nupa> kewl
<AJ> Nice
<WhistlingElk> man
<AJ> I have a sony a slr
<nupa> my niece doe sthat dayden she takes pic of bd wedding stuff makes
good money started her bunissess
<nupa> learned how online bought nice cameras stuff
<nupa> smart kid
<@dayden> well i told myself if im going to plop down big bucks for a
camera i have to be dedicated and learn how to use to its fullest
potential otherwise just buy a point and sh oot
<nupa> works out her house turned garage into studio
<@MWolf> :)
<nupa> yeah
<AJ> that's so cool!
09* Guest8780 (~Guest@cpe-075-183-062-063.triad.res.rr.com) has joined
<nupa> hey Guest8780
<Ringlet> hallo guest
<Guest8780> hello
08* @MWolf hey guest, welcome
<Guest8780> how old is every1 in here?
<Guest8780> im 20
<WhistlingElk> were going out to lunch, hmm what to eat, oh pizza! ty josh
<AJ> hey guest
<nupa> im 50
<@dayden> ooh my boss does competition ball room dancing as a hobby and
told me to come down to the studio when i feel confident and that i
could make money taking shots of the dancers...this camera shoots 8
frames per second so its good for action shots and i s hould be able to
take some decent pictures once i get educated with it so that sort of
helped justify the purchase LOL
<Ringlet> I'm 37
<@dayden> hi Guest8780
<WhistlingElk> jets pizza the best
<nupa> did dr give u list of foods what eat not eat elk
<@MWolf> wow paula
<@MWolf> thats great
04* Guest8780 (~Guest@cpe-075-183-062-063.triad.res.rr.com) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<nupa> yes dayden
<@dayden> i know huh
<WhistlingElk> ya the thing weighs a ton!
<nupa> good
<@dayden> she says the guy that takes them now is not all that good
<WhistlingElk> five books
<WhistlingElk> gawd
<AJ> dayden, nupa. I use this site for tips and tricks. it's helped a lot.
<nupa> good rea dthem elk
<AJ> http://www.digital-photography-school.com/
<nupa> ok aj
<@MWolf> thats a start for a business eh ?
<nupa> ty
<nupa> big money in taking pics
<WhistlingElk> bbl
04* WhistlingElk (~WhistlingElk@ has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<nupa> my niece makes about 40 grand a yr now she started about 4 yrs
ago doing it
<@dayden> plus they have little kids that dance there and this camera
takes HD video....12 minutes and that should be long enough to take a
video clip of their dances..maybe sell those too
<AJ> wow that's great!
<@MWolf> wow
<@MWolf> :)
<nupa> yeah dayden
<nupa> weddings birthdays gradtions u name it anniversary she does it all
<@dayden> she have her own studio nupa?
<nupa> yeah she trun agrage in studio
<@dayden> ooh i was thinking pets
<nupa> garage
<@dayden> nice
<nupa> yeah pets too

<@MWolf> :)
<AJ> that's it! I have to register now to share photos! lol!
<nupa> she has drop clothes ect...
<@MWolf> lol
<nupa> she learned it all online
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<@MWolf> put photos on the community albums
<@dayden> well i met a professional photographer out here he gave my
first class at REI
<nupa> she lives country works like 4 days aweek new babys people call
her bring them over she sits up takes pics
<nupa> i post some of her pics on my page
<@dayden> he offered some private lessons and i decided yes because he
owns this camera
<nupa> yes yes
<@dayden> ooh that would be great nupa
<nupa> brb
<AJ> thanks mwolf will do. bear with me though i may stuff it up! lol
<@MWolf> i would love it if you created a business out of photobraphy
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> no matter how you spell it
<@MWolf> lol
<@dayden> josh....lets put up a photography page
<AJ> lol
<@dayden> i'd have to make a lot josh
<@MWolf> well, we have the community forums
<@dayden> and i doubt that will ever happen
<@MWolf> 300 400 a day shoud do it
<@dayden> a place where ppl can post their photos
<@MWolf> no prob
04* AJ (~AJ@CPE-121-214-218-241.lns6.fli.bigpond.net.au) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<@MWolf> you can have it with photography
<@dayden> i'd probably quit my job for 300 a day
<@MWolf> on the community paula
<@dayden> but no less
09* AJ (~AJ@CPE-121-214-218-241.lns6.fli.bigpond.net.au) has joined
<@dayden> i would have to pay for my own insurance
<AJ> lol! whoops!
<@dayden> ok great
<@MWolf> well im sure thats possible
<@MWolf> i sent you an email
<@dayden> i'll create a group on the community josh
<@MWolf> about a christian insurance
<@dayden> call it the "shutter Bugs"
<@MWolf> its a great deal
<@MWolf> but there is a fly in tha tointment
09* hilis_hatki
(~HilisHatki@h69-129-128-13.wybotn.dial.dynamic.tds.net) has joined
<@dayden> i'd have to strip down my lifestyle some
<@MWolf> you actually have to go to church regularly
<@dayden> not sure that would go well with ais
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> lol
<Ringlet> hallo hilis_hatki
<@MWolf> i have never said anything about how ais gets by and wont start
<hilis_hatki> hey
<@dayden> hi hilis
<hilis_hatki> hey
<@dayden> oh dont worry....she gets by well
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> yeha i know
<@MWolf> mama, i want a 3d tv a big one
<@MWolf> lol
<@dayden> well
<@dayden> that was for christmas
<@MWolf> :)
<@dayden> for all of us
<@MWolf> i was joking
<@dayden> hey i sacrifice my mental and physical health by working in
that pool of flesh eating pihranha day by day and traveling all over the
stinkin place for weeks at a time and working long insane hrs for weeks
at a time and giving my blood so it makes me happy to be able to make
someone elses life better than mine
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> :)
<@MWolf> i know your a great mom
<@MWolf> and by the way, happy mothers day tomorrow
<AJ> Aww man. I can't register aj as my username. Any suggestions? lol
<@dayden> thanks and belated happy birthday which exact date i will not
<@MWolf> lol
<@dayden> why not AJ?
09* shadoe (~shadoe@pool-72-64-35-84.nrflva.east.verizon.net) has
joined #native-american
<@MWolf> thanks iv been 62 a couple weeks now
<@dayden> you not putting a space between and j are you?
<@dayden> hey ddoeeeee
<AJ> needs more than three letters
<@MWolf> hey there deb
<@dayden> dosie doe doe
<@MWolf> hows your bacon shakin ?
<@dayden> hows your skillet whompin?
<shadoe> hey there dayden, MWolf good morning
<shadoe> lol had to resolve nick conflict before i could chat
<@dayden> ooh those inner conflicts in our lives
<shadoe> hi AJ, hilis_hatki, nupa, Ringlet
<AJ> hey shadoe
<shadoe> lol yeah lady this one took me using memory too
<@MWolf> you can fix that by adding your /pass password to the perform
<@dayden> stop....you scaring me
<@MWolf> and never do that again
<@dayden> yeah he decides to share this little morsel of knowledge after
10 yrs
<Ringlet> hi shadoe
<shadoe> im not sure yet if im gonna go back to the old mirc or use
different one yet josh.. lol decisions decisions
<shadoe> share what after 10 yrs? what did i miss?
<@dayden> i have a nugget of knowledge i am going to share with him
also....but he still has 9 yrs and 11 months to wait to hear it
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> lol
<@dayden> ooh about adding it to the perform
<@dayden> hows bum?
<shadoe> ahh lol ok was wondering why he was in hot water
<@dayden> omg ...he's been out?
<@dayden> lol
<shadoe> lmao
<shadoe> bums good, he was laughing at me last night
<shadoe> seems i had all the luck the first night back in chat
<@dayden> why?>
<@dayden> ooh?
<@dayden> he's not blaming this craziness on you is he?
<shadoe> yeah got to watch yellow play wolfie with littlewolf
<@dayden> OMG
<@dayden> yikes!!!!
<@dayden> dang debs...have some mercy will you? i just woke up
<shadoe> lol sorry but i got none last night
<@MWolf> please give me your amazon email in private paula
<@dayden> hey
<@MWolf> the one you use for kindle
<@dayden> what you think this is? a pick up site?
<@MWolf> yes
<nupa> hey shadoe
<@dayden> nupa!
<@dayden> what you fix russ for breakfast?
<@MWolf> please
<@MWolf> paula
<nupa> eggs sauages muffin all fixed lol
<@dayden> gosh
<AJ> will be back
04* AJ (~AJ@CPE-121-214-218-241.lns6.fli.bigpond.net.au) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<nupa> ok
<@dayden> hey AJ please do and we can talk
<@dayden> nm
<@dayden> i guess we not talk photography
<nupa> lol
<nupa> wb hilis_hatki
<@dayden> hilis is so quiet without his hiya
<nupa> yeah
<@dayden> its almost sad
<nupa> i know
<nupa> he misses her
<@dayden> yeah
<@dayden> hey shadoe...here put on this hiya wig
09* Guest8789 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
<nupa> lol
<nupa> hey guest
<@dayden> hi Guest8789
<shadoe> lol
<Ringlet> hi guest
<shadoe> hi Guest8789
04* Guest8789 (~Guest@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
<@MWolf> :)
09* Guest8791 (~Guest@CPE-121-214-218-241.lns6.fli.bigpond.net.au) has
joined #native-american
09* Guest8791 is now known as curlew
<shadoe> hi Guest8791
<curlew> hey it's me aj. changed my nick
<curlew> working?
<nupa> hey aj
<nupa> lol
08* nupa slaps hilis_hatki around a bit with a large trout
<curlew> lol!
<nupa> lol
<nupa> trying wake him up
<nupa> i be he phone with hiya
<curlew> whew thought i'd stuffed it up lol
<nupa> bet
<Ringlet> I have to go, I wish you all a nice day and happy mothers day
for tomorrow! Bye
<@MWolf> later ring
<@MWolf> and happy mama's day to shadoe
04* Ringlet (~Ringlet@net-188-153-37-216.cust.dsl.teletu.it) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<curlew> bye have a good day
<shadoe> ty josh :)
<shadoe> i hope all moms have a wonderful day tomorrow
<nupa> shadoe yesterday russ shouted me tell u have happy mothers day
from me too have a magical one
<nupa> mwolf he got internet hooked up he downing mirc stuff to his
computer :)
<shadoe> lol tell him ty and umm ty minus magical
<nupa> we two fmaily computer now
<nupa> woohooo
09* Guest8793 (~Guest@c-68-63-202-80.hsd1.az.comcast.net) has joined
<Guest8793> hi
<nupa> hey Guest8793
<@MWolf> thats great nups
08* @MWolf hey guest, welcome
<nupa> he uses that magical so much shadoe lol
<Guest8793> I would like to order blue muffin mix do you carry this product?
<nupa> that u ask mwolf
<shadoe> hi Guest8793
<Guest8793> or where can i order ?
<shadoe> great no more fuss over the pc
<nupa> mwolf
<@MWolf> woof
<Guest8793> need blue corn muffins asap
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> scroll down guest
<nupa> ty mwolf
<@dayden> blue muffin mix/
<nupa> i wasnt sure wher ethey go
<@MWolf> i wouldnt you to go itno a seizure
<@MWolf> into
<nupa> lol
<Guest8793> oh got it thanks a bunch
<@dayden> oh good
<@dayden> where else can you chat and shop same time?
<@dayden> brb
<nupa> just not order muffin mix guest make them come visit us and bring
muffins please lol
<nupa> ok dayden
<Guest8793> bye bye
<nupa> later
<Guest8793> love to where r u?
<nupa> wa. state
<nupa> here everyday
<nupa> chatting come back visit us
<Guest8793> to far from AZ
<nupa> lol
<nupa> over nite delivery lol
<nupa> jk
<nupa> spiritdog in az also he chats here
<nupa> he is cherokee
<Guest8793> ok will do I have to go now and make those blue corn muffins
great chatting with you guys I will come back and visit soon have a
great day
<nupa> kewl
<nupa> nice ot meet ya
<@dayden> bring muffins!!@
<nupa> lol
<@dayden> nice meeting you :)
<Guest8793> nice meeting u guys
<Guest8793> i will be back
<nupa> good
<curlew> guys i've turned into a pumpkin! damn that insomnia! will
upload some photos soon. it's been nice talking to you all again. cheers
for now. curlew aka AJ.
<nupa> ok aj
<@dayden> josh you should carry chilis, posole, bluebird flour, beans
<@MWolf> its all in the trading post
04* curlew (~Guest@CPE-121-214-218-241.lns6.fli.bigpond.net.au) has
left #native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<@dayden> hatch chilis?
<@dayden> have to be hatch chilis
<@dayden> not senior jalapeno on a steek
<@dayden> lol
<nupa> russ making me navajo burgs for mother day i taking the day off
from cooking lol
<@dayden> ooh good for you nupa
<@MWolf> i'l show ya my peno
<@dayden> except those have like 2000 calories each
<nupa> next day i spend cleaning my kitchen lkol
<nupa> but they so good dayden
<@dayden> you mean pequito
<nupa> i only half one 1000 calories lol
<@dayden> everything that good is bad lol
<nupa> yeah i know
<nupa> he eats 3
<nupa> lol
<nupa> man
<@dayden> OMG
<nupa> wooden leg
<@dayden> brb
<nupa> i made enchillias last nite
<nupa> he ate 9
<nupa> lol
<@dayden> enchiladas?
<nupa> yeah
<@dayden> cheese? chicken? beef?
<nupa> beef
<@dayden> thats a lot
<nupa> cheese lots of cheese
<nupa> he likes 2 inches of cheese on the top lol
<@MWolf> lol
<nupa> lol
<nupa> he so spoiled now
<nupa> i made kneel down bread yesterday he ate 5 rolls
<@MWolf> wow
<nupa> yeah hot from oven
<nupa> he eat them before i get a chance cool them lol
04* Guest8793 (~Guest@c-68-63-202-80.hsd1.az.comcast.net) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<nupa> im hoping the people got enchilias from me like dthem they might
order more lol
09* Guest8793 (~Guest@c-68-63-202-80.hsd1.az.comcast.net) has joined
<nupa> i hoping
<nupa> hey guest
09* billybob (~billybob@josh) has joined #native-american
<nupa> hey billybob
04* billybob (~billybob@josh) has left #native-american (Connection
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09* billybob (~billybob@josh) has joined #native-american
<nupa> wb billybob
<nupa> mwolf are u billybob
<@MWolf> i r
<nupa> lol
04* billybob (~billybob@josh) has left #native-american (Connection
reset by peer)
<nupa> i better get dressed kids be here soon and andy i wnat make sure
russ ready for his interview with the kid lol
<nupa> bbl
04* nupa (~Blitzbear@ has left #native-american
<hilis_hatki> back had a red alert
<@MWolf> had ot run to the crapper eh ?
<hilis_hatki> lol dog gotr bit by cootnomouth
<hilis_hatki> lucky didnt put much venom
<@MWolf> i didnt knw othere were cotonmouth's in tn
<hilis_hatki> we at river earlier she creid out i killed the snake
<@MWolf> if he got bit and it really was a cottonmouth he will die
without treatment
<hilis_hatki> just back from vet
<@MWolf> k
<hilis_hatki> i didnt think she got bite at first so i was watching her
<@MWolf> a coton mouth is a serious snake
<hilis_hatki> and some swelling occured
<hilis_hatki> yea it has a bad venom
<@MWolf> i was raised in hunting and fishing the swamps and the glades
down in florida
<hilis_hatki> lucky it was just a tap or else the snake had already
eaten lately
<hilis_hatki> yea they all over down there
<@MWolf> well, good luck with that if it begins to necrose thats a bad
sign, necrose equals dieing skin and tissue it looks black
<hilis_hatki> vet seems to think she b ok
<@MWolf> the vet would know
<hilis_hatki> said to keep eye on her for next few days
<@MWolf> if the dog isnt sick after an house it probly wont get sick
<@MWolf> hour
<@MWolf> iv seen several snake bites
<@MWolf> i knew a guy, keth benson, he was a snake guy, did snake shows
<@MWolf> he had been bit bya rattler and copper heads
<@MWolf> he was bit in a snake show in charlotte by a cobra
<@MWolf> they flew the antivenim in from the miami serpentarium
<@MWolf> on a military jet
<@MWolf> and he lived
09* kgood (~HilisHatki@h69-129-128-105.wybotn.dial.dynamic.tds.net) has
joined #native-american
<@MWolf> he was in a snake show down in alabama and got bit by a rattler
<kgood> its me hilis i got dissed
<@MWolf> hey kg
<@MWolf> lol
<kgood> who got rattler?
<@MWolf> well i was telling you a story
<kgood> lol
<@MWolf> <MWolf> i knew a guy, keth benson, he was a snake guy, did
snake shows
<@MWolf> <MWolf> he had been bit bya rattler and copper heads
<@MWolf> <MWolf> he was bit in a snake show in charlotte by a cobra
<@MWolf> <MWolf> they flew the antivenim in from the miami serpentarium
<@MWolf> <MWolf> on a military jet
<@MWolf> <MWolf> and he lived
04* hilis_hatki
(~HilisHatki@h69-129-128-13.wybotn.dial.dynamic.tds.net) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<kgood> dang a cobra
<@MWolf> <MWolf> he was in a snake show down in alabama and got bit by a
<@MWolf> yeah man
<@MWolf> he went ahead and finished the show since he had been bit by a
couple rattlers before he thought he had time
<kgood> thats a lil too on the edge
<@MWolf> but the rattler hit him in a vein
<@MWolf> and he died that night
<kgood> ahh man
<@MWolf> dam snakes aint to be played with
<kgood> no no
<kgood> well iam gonna spend some time with the dog be back later
04* kgood (~HilisHatki@h69-129-128-105.wybotn.dial.dynamic.tds.net) has
left #native-american
09* spiritdog (~65.82.231.@ip68-228-49-31.tc.ph.cox.net) has joined
07* sets mode: +o spiritdog
09* Guest8829 (~Guest@athedsl-344871.home.otenet.gr) has joined
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#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<@spiritdog> welcome guest
<@spiritdog> going food shopping bbl
04* @spiritdog (~65.82.231.@ip68-228-49-31.tc.ph.cox.net) has left
09* Guest8833 (~Guest@eq63.ips.PaulBunyan.net) has joined #native-american
08* @MWolf hey Guest8833 welcome
08* @MWolf hey Guest8793 welcome
04* Guest8793 (~Guest@c-68-63-202-80.hsd1.az.comcast.net) has left
#native-american (Local kill by MWolf ((i wish i didnt have to do this)))
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09* Guest8835 (~Guest@184-98-142-127.phnx.qwest.net) has joined
08* @MWolf hey guest, welcome
<Guest8835> hello, is someone on line
<@MWolf> nope , you online ?
<Guest8835> OK, Where Are You Please
08* @MWolf Is male 62 years old, Biloxi Mississippi USA
<@MWolf> i know where you are
<Guest8835> I am trying to locate an indian artist by the name of STAR
JOHNSON , have you heard of her
<Guest8835> where am I
<@MWolf> no, sorry
<@MWolf> you are in arizona near phoenix
<@MWolf> if not in phoenix
04* @dayden (dayden@ has left #native-american (Connection
reset by peer)
<Guest8835> That's Correct
<Guest8835> How can I find here
<Guest8835> Her
<@MWolf> well there are many ppl finders on the net
<@MWolf> Star Johnson | FacebookStar Johnson is on Facebook. Join
Facebook to connect with Star Johnson and ...
<@MWolf> www.facebook.com/people/Star-Johnson/100000112404389
09* dayden (dayden@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o dayden
<@dayden> shoot
<@MWolf> hey there paula
<@dayden> hey
<@MWolf> whatcha doin ?
<@dayden> well i th ought i was guessing Guest8835's age, weight and
<@MWolf> lol
<@dayden> but i was disconnected and didnt know it
<@dayden> so all i got to guess was location
<Guest8835> I don't know but think Star may have passed but don't really
know her age.
<@MWolf> woops
<@dayden> phoenix
<@dayden> woops?
<@MWolf> well i dunno
<@MWolf> so it was really a little game, "help me find this dead person?"
<@MWolf> morbid
<Guest8835> I don't really know but think she is older
<@MWolf> im older
<@MWolf> but im not dead
<Guest8835> yes, me too
<Guest8835> Gotta go, Thanks
<@MWolf> later
<@dayden> laters nice meeting you
<@MWolf> :)
<@MWolf> were you able to get that book for your kindle ?
<@dayden> yes thank you
<@dayden> charging my kindle now
<@MWolf> you kno wiv bought a lot of books id have never bought if i
didnt have my kindle for pc
<@MWolf> i really like it
<@MWolf> :)
<@MWolf> woof
<@dayden> :)
<@dayden> whats shadoe doing?
<@MWolf> :)
<@MWolf> afk i think
<@MWolf> for a couple hours
<@MWolf> shadoe has been idle 1hr 38mins 47secs,
<@MWolf> you know i bet once you get use to your camera and software i
bet you will get a lot of photo gigs out of that dance studio and word
of mouth from it
09* two-feet (~two-feet@75-106-231-64.cust.wildblue.net) has joined
<@MWolf> hey two
<two-feet> hows every body doing today
<@MWolf> good
<@MWolf> you ?
<two-feet> good finally the sun has come to montana lol
<@MWolf> :)
<@MWolf> sunny and warm here
<@MWolf> airconditioning running
<two-feet> same here got the door on my tee-pee wide open ll
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#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
09* Guest8844 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
08* @MWolf hey Guest8844 welcome
09* Guest8835 is now known as Elmer-Fudd
09* Guest8844 is now known as Rocky-Racoon
08* @MWolf to change your nickname click your nick, then right click
your nick and choose change nickname, or type /nick nicknamehere then if
you choose you can register by typing /register passwordhere
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(Connection reset by peer)
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<@dayden> shoot
<@MWolf> bang
<@MWolf> whatcha doin ?
<@dayden> i printed the camera manual
<@MWolf> :)
<@MWolf> im excited for ya
<@dayden> i downloaded the manual before i get the camera because you
know how it is...once the camera comes no one reads the manual
<@dayden> so i figured read it before it comes
<@MWolf> yup
<@dayden> but its over 200 pages
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> :)
<@dayden> ran out of paper
<@MWolf> you can read that in an afternoon
<@MWolf> what kind acamera is that ?
<@dayden> canon EOS 7D
<@dayden> digital SLR
09* Guest8852 (~Guest@adsl-50-253-192-81.adsl.iam.net.ma) has joined
<@dayden> hi
08* @MWolf hey Guest8852 welcome
<Guest8852> thks
<Guest8852> :)
04* Guest8852 (~Guest@adsl-50-253-192-81.adsl.iam.net.ma) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> guess what
<@MWolf> there are several books writen for that exact camera
<@MWolf> David Busch's Canon EOS 7D Guide to Digital SLR Photography,
1st Edition - Kindle Edition - Kindle eBook (July 14, 2010) by David D.
<@MWolf> Canon EOS 7D For Dummies - Kindle Edition - Kindle eBook (Jan.
14, 2010) by Doug Sahlin
<@MWolf> Buy: $16.49
<@MWolf> Auto-delivered wirelessly
<@dayden> wow
<@MWolf> David Busch's Compact Field Guide for the Canon EOS 7D, 1st
Edition - Kindle Edition - Kindle eBook (May 10, 2011) by David D. Busch
<@MWolf> Buy: $9.99
<@dayden> the photographer i'm taking classes from said its a kick ass
<@dayden> he uses it as a backup
<@dayden> and when he needs to take sports or action shots
<@MWolf> well paula it mus tbe they dont write books for a snapshot
<@MWolf> lol
09* Guest8862 (~Guest@ has joined
08* @MWolf hey Guest8862 welcome
<Guest8862> thanks
<@dayden> i almost saved up another 1500 for the 5D but he talked me out
of it
<@dayden> hi Guest8862
<Guest8862> hi dayden
<@dayden> he has both
<@dayden> and said the 7D would do all that i need it to do plus you get
the 8 frames per second which the 5D ddoesnt have
<Guest8862> i would like learn english
<Guest8862> help me, please
<@MWolf> Welcome to the Canon EOS 7D, Canon's new digital SLR that is
loaded with professional features at an affordable price. DAVID BUSCH'S
the most of their camera's robust feature set, including 18 megapixel
resolution, blazing fast automatic focus,
<@MWolf> we dont teach english here guest
<@MWolf> the real-time preview system Live View, and full HD
movie-making capabilities, to take outstanding photos and videos.
They'll learn how, when, and, most importantly
<@MWolf> why to use all the cool features and functions of their camera
to take eye-popping photographs. Introductory chapters will help them
get comfortable with the basics of their camera before you dive right
into exploring creative ways to apply the Canon EOS 7D's exposure modes,
<Guest8862> i know, but every english teacher stuped
<@MWolf> focus controls, and electronic flash options. This book is
chock full of hands-on tips for choosing lenses, flash units, and
software products to use with their new camera. Beautiful, full-color
images illustrate where the essential buttons and dials are, so they'll
quickly learn how to their Canon EOS 7D, and use it well.
<@MWolf> im sending you the book
<@dayden> hey wait
<@dayden> josh
<@dayden> kindle is not in color
<@dayden> so
<@dayden> maybe its not a good choice for kindle
<@MWolf> hummmmm
<@dayden> besides you shouldnt spend money like that
<@MWolf> i can send you the book
<@dayden> nooo
<@MWolf> i'l do that
<@MWolf> yes
<@dayden> stop
<@dayden> the book is way more expensive
<@MWolf> its a mothers day presend
<@MWolf> t
<@dayden> if yuou going to be stubborn just send the kindle version
<@dayden> thank you
08* @dayden mumbles something about stubborn man, doesnt listen, does
what he wants
<Guest8862> i jast would like a american chat partner
<Guest8862> n
<Guest8862> :Dan
<@dayden> you are welcome to chat here dan
<Guest8862> you say me?
<Guest8862> den?
<@dayden> but we chat for fun
04* Guest8862 (~Guest@ has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
09* Guest8864 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
08* @MWolf hey guest, welcome
<Guest8864> HEE HEE
<Guest8864> ops
<Guest8864> sorry
<@dayden> hi Guest8864
<@dayden> hee hee to you too
<@dayden> thats quite an entrance
09* Guest8864 is now known as keesog
<@dayden> oh hey soggy
<keesog> lol
<@MWolf> soggy bottom girl
<keesog> hello mwolf
<keesog> sorry about the caps entrance
<@dayden> you must be in a good mood
<keesog> lol
<@dayden> oh he'll live
<@MWolf> :)
<@dayden> ok going to movies
<keesog> oh can I come
<@MWolf> have a nice day
<@MWolf> enjoy
<@dayden> please say bye to shadoe for me tell her i'll be back after movie
<@dayden> thanks
<@MWolf> k
<@dayden> and thank you again for the camera book
<@dayden> laters!
<keesog> bye
04* @dayden (dayden@ has left #native-american
09* Guest8866 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
<keesog> then there were 3
08* @MWolf hey guest, welcome
<@MWolf> and a half
<keesog> lol
<@MWolf> where ya from guest?
<Guest8866> 1 s
<@MWolf> oh yeah i knwo where tha tis
<Guest8866> from turkey
<@MWolf> k
<@MWolf> USA
<Guest8866> male or female?
<@MWolf> yup
<keesog> hello 8866
<Guest8866> hi
08* @MWolf Is male 62 years old, Biloxi Mississippi USA
<Guest8866> too
<Guest8866> unterstood
<Guest8866> but
<Guest8866> 1
<keesog> hmm
<Guest8866> 1
<keesog> cat got ya tounge?
<keesog> I dont think I would make a mod mwolf lol
<@MWolf> no ?
<Guest8866> shadoe? are you under 21 age?
<@MWolf> she is a grandmother
<@MWolf> and she is afk
<Guest8866> :)
<Guest8866> sorry
<Guest8866> mojo?
<@MWolf> mojo is no thuman
<@MWolf> not human
<Guest8866> real bot you mean
<Guest8866> :)
<@MWolf> sorta
<@MWolf> danger will robinson danger danger
<Guest8866> :)
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<keesog> yawn
08* mojo-bot puts a flyswatter over soggies mouth
<keesog> guest you asleep?
<@MWolf> gues tis gone
<keesog> drat
<@MWolf> gone gone ... gone they say... to the far side of the hill....
<keesog> I give up on ya
<@MWolf> man im so looking forward ot my tomatoes
<keesog> Im off bbl
<@MWolf> later soggy
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08* @MWolf hey Guest8870 welcome
04* Guest8870
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09* Guest8892
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08* @MWolf hey Guest8892 welcome
<Guest8892> thanks :)
<Guest8892> i said
<Guest8892> i'm not native, i'm italian woman.. can i stay here? :D
<@MWolf> yes
<@MWolf> we have fiends from aroudn the world
<Guest8892> great! :-P
<@MWolf> friends
<Guest8892> sure..
<Guest8892> well..
<Guest8892> i don't speak english
<Guest8892> only scoolastic english:D
<@MWolf> your english is just fine
<Guest8892> humm.. not good :)
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<Guest8892> i'm alone :-(
<@MWolf> sorry
<@MWolf> i was looking for a portable airconditioner
<Guest8892> where are you all? :D
<Guest8892> ok
08* @MWolf Is male 62 years old, Biloxi Mississippi USA
<Guest8892> you?
09* Hiya (~Hiya@ip98-170-195-65.pn.at.cox.net) has joined #native-american
<Guest8892> no.. airconditioner?
<Guest8892> noh?:~/
<@MWolf> hey ya hiya
<Hiya> hiya M....how's it going?
<@MWolf> hwo you doin?
<@MWolf> its good
<Hiya> doin well..finishing up laundry from trip and enjoying the day..
<@MWolf> im looking to buy a portable airconditioner for a back up
<@MWolf> i think i will buy one next payday
<Hiya> ahhh..I bought one at Lowe's last year for about $100
<@MWolf> a window or portable ?
<Hiya> big enough to cool a couple rooms - small enough to leave
generator juice for TV and refrigerator. :)
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> :)
<Hiya> window...
<@MWolf> oh yeah i want one i can roll on casters
<Hiya> ahhh..you want a protable...
<@MWolf> portable yup
<Hiya> portable...
<Hiya> gotcha
<@MWolf> i have a little 5000 btu window unit
<@MWolf> but i want one for thsi room since my servers are in here
<Hiya> I think that's what mine is as well...never been out of the box.
<@MWolf> if my air winet out i would have ot shut down the servers or
blow out my hard drives
<Hiya> gotcha...oh yes..gotta keep servers comfy
<@MWolf> so im a survivalist i like backups of everything
<@MWolf> i wish id have kept a backup woman, man somethigns just slip
right by ya
<Hiya> well I was always a "by the seat of my pants" girl until
hurricane ivan...
<Hiya> lol
<@MWolf> yeah ivan beat yall up pretty bad
<Hiya> especially for this little adirondack mountain girl
<Hiya> lol
<Hiya> snow? Oh yeah...can handle that.
<@MWolf> hilis said his dog got bit by a snake
<Hiya> Hurricanes? hmmm...I got up to speed real quick!
<@MWolf> he siad a cottonmouth
<Hiya> oh jesus...when today?
<Hiya> Lucy got bit or Rooster?
<@MWolf> i dont think he reallized how bad a cottonmouth is
<@MWolf> he just said a dog
<Hiya> omg...wow
<@MWolf> he said he took it to the vet and the vet said not to worry
<Hiya> what??
<Hiya> that makes no sense at all
<Hiya> cottonmouth are very dangerous...
<@MWolf> if it was me id have told the vet to kiss my ass and foudn
anothe rvet
<@MWolf> my dog is like my child
<Hiya> jeez...I guess I should call him...
<@MWolf> yeah probly
<Hiya> oh yes...my little chicken Sh*t Chopper is my baby too
<Hiya> I'm kinda cheesed off at him atm
<@MWolf> chopper ?
<@MWolf> lol
<Hiya> no Hilis
<Hiya> lol
<@MWolf> lol
<@MWolf> well
<@MWolf> k
<Hiya> well..we have very, very different view points regarding politics
08* @MWolf minds his own business
<@MWolf> lol
<Hiya> hahahaha
<@MWolf> well
<@MWolf> same with me and paula
<@MWolf> so
<Hiya> I share this because I know you and Paula share a similiar
<@MWolf> iv learned to just say no to politics around paula
<Hiya> Well I finally told him, "Look if you are so full of great
ideas...run for office...write a book...but do something."
<Hiya> otherwise...all of your sounding off is just noise
<@MWolf> im a common sense conservative which is a bit foriegn to liberals
<Hiya> yes...I know...Paula and I have "talked" lol
<Hiya> ;)
<@MWolf> my neighbor said he was going to vote for trump, not wanting to
piss the guy off i just said well , i think trump is just to much of a hawk
<Hiya> omg...Trump is a bloody idiot!
<@MWolf> so yesterday he came over and said he wasnt going to vote for trump
<@MWolf> lol
<Hiya> honestly, I would have voted for McCain if he hadn't chosen that
twit as a running mate
<@MWolf> well he made an ass of himself in vegas
<@MWolf> oh i like her i like smart capable women
<Hiya> ...
<Hiya> smart??
<Hiya> capable of what exactly?
<Hiya> balancing a checkbook? Leading a PTA meeting? perhaps
<@MWolf> iv worked with right many women and find most of them very
capable and intelegent and meticulas which is important in the job i did
<@MWolf> a rare few are just downright incompetant "B" word those i stay
away from
<Hiya> well I consider myself a smart capable woman...and Miss Paula as
well...either of us could run intellectual circles around that bimbo.
<@MWolf> lol
<Hiya> :)
<@MWolf> everyone has an opinion
<Hiya> hmmm...
<@MWolf> soem ppl have mroe than one
<Hiya> perhaps Dayden and I should run for office...you and Hilis could
be our first dudes.
<Hiya> lol
<@MWolf> lol well i doubt i'l ever be more than daydens distant friend ,
"not my choice"
<Hiya> I know :(
<Hiya> need to work on that...
<Hiya> we have talked about it a little bit...but I think she is scared....
<@MWolf> no tme, iv spent 10 years at it if you cant getanything done in
10 years ......
<Hiya> that is a very long time
09* Guest8904 (~Guest@cpe-76-95-91-176.socal.res.rr.com) has joined
<@MWolf> i cant imagine being a relationship with anyone else
<Hiya> well if nothing else - I think you should at least meet...
<@MWolf> but what it is is what it is
<@MWolf> never going to happen
<Hiya> :(
<@MWolf> and im not going to mention it
<Hiya> that makes me so sad...truly.
<Hiya> well I want to get her down here to P'cola...
<@MWolf> it just upsets her and im not going to upset her
<Hiya> and maybe we can work on a day trip
<@MWolf> well i doubt that will happen
<Hiya> I understand.
<Hiya> actually I don't understand really. It is SO obvious that she
cares very deeply for you...
<Hiya> I'm sorry...sometimes my heart overwhelms my head and I speak out
of turn.
09* Guest8906 (~Guest@d67-193-140-49.home3.cgocable.net) has joined
<Hiya> It does bother me though...you two are some of my very favorite
people. Smart, clever, funny with huge hearts...
<Guest8906> hello everyone
<@MWolf> well, im not going to pressure her and im not going to
encoruage you to pressure her on my behalf
08* @MWolf hey guest, welcome
09* Guest8892 is now known as Bullwinkle
09* Guest8904 is now known as Rocky-Racoon
<Guest8906> how are u MWolf
09* Guest8906 is now known as Elmer-Fudd
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you choose you can register by typing /register passwordhere
<@MWolf> good
<Hiya> went into his room...only to find Gideon's bible..
<@MWolf> you ?
<Bullwinkle> hi guest
<Elmer-Fudd> I am well thank you
09* taffy (taffy@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o taffy
<@MWolf> moo
<@taffy> hi all
<Hiya> OK..gonna call Hilis...hope poor little Lucy is ok. :(
<@taffy> moo
<Elmer-Fudd> how did i become elmer-fudd without doing anything
<@MWolf> ok hiya
<@MWolf> i hop eso to
<Hiya> bbl - hugs M :)
<@taffy> tc Hiya
<@MWolf> later hiya
<Elmer-Fudd> if someone is hacking this pc i need to get off this site
this isnt my pc
<Hiya> oh hey taff..be back in a bit...
<@MWolf> lol
<@taffy> okies Hiya
<@MWolf> relax elmer
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<@MWolf> i can change yoru nick im the administrator
<@MWolf> it has nothing to do with your pc
<@MWolf> its all on the server
09* Elmer-Fudd is now known as Gilligan
<Bullwinkle> :O
09* Gilligan is now known as Olive-Oyl
<Bullwinkle> bullwinkle? :D
<Olive-Oyl> ok sorry this is my landlords pc and just didnt want
something to happen lol im sure he would laugh at ur choice of names though
09* Olive-Oyl is now known as bambi
<bambi> lol bambi's cool
<@taffy> so where u from bambi
<bambi> im from kingston ontario my sister used to come on this site
when she was living here
<@MWolf> who was your sister?
<@taffy> ha ic do u remember what nic she used
<bambi> wanbli chante
<@MWolf> oh eyah i remembe
<@taffy> hmm dont remember that
<@MWolf> i do
<bambi> it was rez outlaw who gave her her name
<@taffy> o i know rez
<@MWolf> chantillie lace and a pretty face and a pony tail hangin down....
<@taffy> lol
<bambi> she has been trying to get ahold of him
<@MWolf> he dont coem in often
<@taffy> i have not seen the outlaws in some time
<@MWolf> him and tay are busy making babies all the time
<@taffy> lol aye
<bambi> i have been trying to find a nick name with wolf in it is my (Im
not sure of the term) totem/spirit animal
<@MWolf> :)
<@taffy> what tribe are u if i may ask bambi
<@MWolf> must be one of the sioux bands
<bambi> mohawk and lakota
<@taffy> ha ic
<@taffy> i,m celtic so not native american
<Bullwinkle> i haven't a tribe:-(
<@taffy> thats ok bambi
<@taffy> opss Bullwinkle
<Bullwinkle> and i don't like thin nickname.. i'm a
womaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn... :'(
<bambi> lol how did u know MWolf? I am by blood mohawk and ojibwe but my
step father was lakota
<@taffy> whhere abouts are u Bullwinkle
<Bullwinkle> i'm italian :)
<@taffy> thats ok Bullwinkle
<bambi> cool i only know a couple italian words
<Bullwinkle> anyone speak italian?
<@taffy> hey Bullwinkle what nickname would u like
<Bullwinkle> uhmm.. NajlaNur :D
<@taffy> nah sorry Bullwinkle i dont
<bambi> I know nona, nono, zia, zio, ciao, bella, i used to know more
but i foegot it
09* Bullwinkle is now known as NajlaNur
<NajlaNur> ahahahahah.. great! :D
09* paledoe
(~jean.lucy@host86-169-200-137.range86-169.btcentralplus.com) has joined
<@taffy> hi paledoe
<paledoe> hi taffy
<NajlaNur> thank you :-x
<@taffy> yvw
<paledoe> hi mwolf bambi najlarnur rocky
<bambi> i lived with an italian couple as a live in baby sitter so i
learned some
<bambi> hello paledoe
<paledoe> helo bambi how are u
<NajlaNur> hi paledoe
<bambi> I am well ty and u?
<paledoe> same thanks :)
<bambi> :) ur welcome
<@MWolf> hey pdoe
<paledoe> hi mwolf
<@MWolf> hey naj
<bambi> I have written so many ideas down for a nick name and Im still
lost lol
<@taffy> how about one from your tribe bambi
<@taffy> i use taffy because its where i,m from
<bambi> cool I was trying to think of a wolf name i like wakiya shunmani
tatanka (Spelling maybe off)
<bambi> it means little thunder wolf
<@taffy> ha ic
<bambi> i think it totanka
<@taffy> well if u would like that i could change for u
<bambi> i cant remember but i reall like it as well as white wolf woman
and wolf white feather
<@taffy> talking of thunder i hear they made a thor movie
<bambi> when i pick one that would be awesome taffy ty
<@taffy> yvw
<bambi> yes a friend was telling me that. I finally got to watch little
big man last night
<paledoe> bambi hate to say it but tatanka means buffalo
<NajlaNur> who gives me a Native American name? so make me happy
<@MWolf> walking eagle naj
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<@taffy> i cant give u one sorry i,m not native american
<NajlaNur> walking eagle.. i like it! like me :D
<bambi> yes i know i am talking about the word for wolf. As I said "I
can't remember the exact word" I have respect for my culture that is why
I said that I couldnt remember the exact word
<@taffy> bambi u could ask nupa when she comes in shes lakota and irish
<@taffy> she may be able to help
09* Guest9018 (~Guest@cpe-76-95-91-176.socal.res.rr.com) has joined
<bambi> my dad was dakota but lived on a lakota rez his name was running
wolf. ty taffy
<@taffy> hi Guest9018
<Guest9018> Helllooooo :D
<NajlaNur> hello guest :)
<@taffy> hows things Guest9018
<bambi> i only heard him say it in the language a couple times he always
just went by wolf
<Guest9018> Well, could i get a little help?
<@taffy> what help do u need Guest9018
09* Guest9018 is now known as Sarina
<Sarina> Well
<@taffy> hi Sarina
<Sarina> It involves ancestry
<Sarina> Basically, I want to know if there are any simple ways to learn
about it.
<@taffy> ask family
<Sarina> Because I'm 17, and all I know is my grandfather's name, that
he was full-blooded, and from Mexico, I can't do much
<bambi> brb
<@taffy> ok bambi
<Sarina> He died of leukemia and my grandmother is still heartbroken
about it, so I can't
<@taffy> ask your mother and father
<Sarina> They wouldn't really know, it was my mother's side and he died
before she was old enough to ask.
<@taffy> at 17 there must be some kind of records
<Sarina> Yeah, but I live in the USA, not Mexico, and I can't do much
<@taffy> do u keep in touch with family
<Sarina> I do not know any from mexico, but the only family I know in
the USA from my mother's side are...not good people and wouldn't know
more than she does.
<Sarina> I just want to know if there's even a thing I could do with how
little I know
<@taffy> i have a g/son coming up 14 so i,m guessing your parents are
fairly young i,m 54
09* RisingFawn (~RisingFawn@ has joined #native-american
<bambi> ok I found the actual spelling it is wakiya sungmanitu tanka
<Sarina> My parents are 52 and 47
<@taffy> hi RisingFawn
<RisingFawn> hello taffy!
<RisingFawn> hi everyone
<bambi> hello fawn
<RisingFawn> hello bambi
<NajlaNur> hi rising
<@taffy> brb
<RisingFawn> hi there najla
<paledoe> hi rising fawn
<RisingFawn> hi paledoe
<RisingFawn> it's raining again!
<paledoe> yes where are you
<RisingFawn> in Kentucky
<bambi> where are u from fawn?
<NajlaNur> maybe you can read to learn English :D
<bambi> wow im in ontario canada and we are getting rain too
<paledoe> ok rainin here too in north west england
<RisingFawn> it's raining everywhere...lol
<paledoe> must be rainin all over the world lol
<paledoe> yes
<bambi> we are all getting rain paledoe
<RisingFawn> lol
<paledoe> ah well
<NajlaNur> not here :-P
<paledoe> where are u Najla
<bambi> i like days like today its raining but not really hard and the
temp is nice
<paledoe> yesterday it was hailstonin here
<paledoe> even though it was warm
<NajlaNur> here it is hot is a nice evening
<RisingFawn> as long as it's not storming and no tornado forecast, I
dont mind too bad
<paledoe> true
<bambi> Oh my goodness paledoe do you get them alot\
<paledoe> no we dont not in summer anyway lol
<bambi> lol thats good
<paledoe> friends just rang to say they got home ok and they said it was
torrential rain and strong winds
<NajlaNur> italy, paledoe.. sardinya.. you know?
<bambi> I have always wanted to go to glastonbury (Hope I spelled that
right) england
<paledoe> ah ok Najla nice
<NajlaNur> :)
<paledoe> yes u did bambi i used to go there every year parents lived
near its a lovely place
<paledoe> I need to go there this year
<bambi> You are soooooo lucky! :) My friend went and she said it was amazing
<paledoe> yes lol I camped on the edge of the Tor
<paledoe> its got very commercialised but the energy is tremendous
<bambi> wow I am native but I am also pagan it has been a dream to go
there for so long
<paledoe> did she go to the music festival bambi
<bambi> my friend was going to send me a little jar of sand from there
but she forgot lol
<paledoe> you must if you get chance
<bambi> yes she did
<paledoe> lol well u can get spring water from Chalice Wells its
supposed to heave healing properties
<bambi> that would be awesome lol no I want to go more than ever
<paledoe> I havent been to the festivals recently but we went to the 2nd
one they ever had in the late 60's i think
<@taffy> ok back
<paledoe> wb
<RisingFawn> wb taffy
<@taffy> ty
<bambi> wb
<paledoe> its very crowded at festival time best to go when its quieter
I think
<@taffy> o i lov glasto my late hubies ashes are placed there
<bambi> yes i bet
<bambi> wow taffy that is so cool
<@taffy> have not been for a few years now but i used to go every year
<paledoe> if yur pagan you'd love it even more
<bambi> yes thats what i was thinking
<@taffy> they have a druid festival there every year
04* Sarina (~Guest@cpe-76-95-91-176.socal.res.rr.com) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<paledoe> yes thats brilliant
<bambi> thats it my hubbys going to have to get a couple extra jobs so
we can go lol
<@taffy> its a long walk to the top of the tor so be prepared
<paledoe> and also stonehenge at summer solstice
<@taffy> o i love stonehenge
<paledoe> I do too taffy
<@taffy> so peace full
<@taffy> but sadly people come take some of the stones
<paledoe> air fares really gone up bambi now
<bambi> ok I have narrowed it down to White Wolf Woman, Rainbow Star
Wolf, Wolf Sky Dancer or Star Wolf
<@taffy> i like sky dancer but its not for me to say
<paledoe> I like them all lol
<bambi> yea i know and my husband and I attend as many pow wows as we
can so that takes alot of $ too
<@taffy> i bet it does
<bambi> thank you both lol dicessions dicessions
<bambi> I just make a new regalia its purple with green and blue ribbon
I was so excited
<paledoe> u goin to have it in english
<paledoe> sounds nice
<bambi> yes i dont know to much of my language
<bambi> thatnk you paledoe
<paledoe> yw
<paledoe> I like the colours
<bambi> the only name i know that i like in lakota is wakiya sungmanitu
tanka it is really my favorite because its what dad used to call me
<@taffy> bambi in my language sky dancer would be awyr dawnsiwr
<bambi> I love the colors too they go well together
<NajlaNur> I come to your land sooner or later .. and touch your
beautiful culture
<bambi> thats pretty taffy
<RisingFawn> bbl.... take care all
<@taffy> tc RisingFawn
04* RisingFawn (~RisingFawn@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
<paledoe> tc fawn
<paledoe> ty Najlal
<NajlaNur> what "ty"? :)
<paledoe> thank you
<bambi> I think I would like to use that on taffy Wakiya Sungmanitu Tanka
<@taffy> thanks your
<NajlaNur> aaaah.. :D
<bambi> one typo
09* canteolon (~canteolon@adsl-99-139-226-150.dsl.applwi.sbcglobal.net)
has joined #native-american
<paledoe> hi canteolon
<canteolon> afternoon room folks
<canteolon> paledoe hi nice to see
<bambi> hello canteolon
<paledoe> nice to see you :)
<canteolon> bambi... hi
<canteolon> ty paledoe
<bambi> :)
<canteolon> MWolfie!!
<canteolon> taffy
09* bambi is now known as wakiya-sungmanitu-tanka
<@MWolf> hey can
<@taffy> hi canteolon
<canteolon> NajlaNur
<canteolon> hello
<wakiya-sungmanitu-tanka> yay ty taffy
<@taffy> yvw
<canteolon> wakiya-sungm
<NajlaNur> not have to thank me is what I really think. I love
everything that is Native American culture
<NajlaNur> hi cantelon :)
<wakiya-sungmanitu-tanka> I am so greatful to be a part of the community
here in kingston we are like a family
<paledoe> oh yes Najla sory thought you meant UK lol
<canteolon> that is how people should be everywhere
<wakiya-sungmanitu-tanka> but saddly I must go for now. I hope to have
my pc back up soon so I can come on more
<NajlaNur> :D
<paledoe> ok see you soon be well
<canteolon> be safe wakiya
<@taffy> tc wakiya-sungmanitu-tanka
<NajlaNur> ciao paledoe :)
<wakiya-sungmanitu-tanka> be well paledoe see u soon, be well canteolon,
tc taffy and MWolf
04* wakiya-sungmanitu-tanka (~Guest@d67-193-140-49.home3.cgocable.net)
has left #native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<paledoe> ciao Najlal be well
09* Bellringer (~Bellringer@h202.0.189.173.dynamic.ip.windstream.net)
has joined #native-american
<@taffy> hi wb Bellringer
<canteolon> hope it is a good weekend for everyone
<Bellringer> hey all
<canteolon> hello Bellringer
<paledoe> yes been good so far thanks canteolon
<Bellringer> hello canteolon
<paledoe> hi bellringer
<canteolon> ring-a-ling ring-a ling
<Bellringer> hi paledoe
<Bellringer> lol ty
<@taffy> had a small flare up yesterday of fibro but i,m okies today
<canteolon> ;your name makes me smile.. tis good
<Bellringer> i'm glad
<canteolon> oh taffy.. dang.. but glad you ok
<@taffy> ty
<canteolon> ya
<canteolon> where is spiffy today... so i can call him mister????
<NajlaNur> ok, I go out and port my dog for a walk, see you later ..
ciaooooooooo all
<canteolon> feed his ego
<@taffy> lol not seen him today
<canteolon> tc NajlaNur.. have good woak
<Bellringer> tc najlanur
<@taffy> tc NajlaNur
<canteolon> walk too
<paledoe> bye nanla
<paledoe> Najla
<canteolon> ok I gots to get.. have a couple e-mails to write and gotta
get back to w o r k... ick
<@taffy> tc canteolon
<canteolon> lol be well all.. happy mothers day to all the moms
<canteolon> be well and safe.
<paledoe> tc canteolon see u soon
<canteolon> ake
04* canteolon (~canteolon@adsl-99-139-226-150.dsl.applwi.sbcglobal.net)
has left #native-american
<NajlaNur> :-)
<@taffy> so NajlaNur what do u do in italy
<NajlaNur> you are in full discussion :D
<@taffy> well i dont work any more
<NajlaNur> work! and grow a child of 19 years :D
<@taffy> the nickname u have is it italian
<NajlaNur> no, are 2 arab name.. najla (secret dialogue) Nur (light)
<@taffy> ha ic
<@taffy> so u are a arab lady
<NajlaNur> I liked the meaning
<@taffy> ha ic
<NajlaNur> noooooooo.. i'm italian! 100% :D
<@taffy> lol ok
<NajlaNur> but i like esotic names
<@taffy> sorry i was just curious to the nickname
<NajlaNur> ok :)
<Bellringer> sounds like a very good reason to me :)
<NajlaNur> you are woman or man?
<@taffy> i,m female
<NajlaNur> :)
<NajlaNur> hi bell
<Bellringer> i'm female also
<Bellringer> hi nur (light)
<Bellringer> i live in western north carolina usa
<NajlaNur> it's a Woman's World :D
<@taffy> and i,m in wales uk
<Bellringer> well maybe for just a bit :) but don't tell the men
<@taffy> gawd its so humid hhere tonight
<@taffy> raining but warm
<NajlaNur> ahahah.. ok ;-)
<Bellringer> it's going to get that way here in the next few days going
up into the lower 80's next week for me to soon
<@taffy> sitting here in a pair of shorts and a vest and i,m boiling
<Bellringer> looks great taffy :)
<@taffy> its so warm
<Bellringer> i'll be doing that soon lol
<@taffy> paledoe is it like that your way too
<paledoe> its mild here but not too warm and its rainin too
<paledoe> high winds also
<paledoe> yesterday was hailstonin lol
<@taffy> lol one thing i,m saving on heating bills
<NajlaNur> what time is up to you?
<paledoe> yes me too its great not to worry about heatin costs
<@taffy> now its 10.49pm
<Bellringer> high winds not nice - the kitchen at school gets so hot
when it gets to 80
<NajlaNur> here too
<@taffy> paledoe i hear they are going up 20%
<Bellringer> here it's 5:49 pm
<paledoe> i know I'm seriously thinkin of movin to where its warmer lol
<paledoe> if I could I would
<Bellringer> gas prices just came down a few cents
<@taffy> lol dont blame u
<paledoe> lol
<paledoe> well thats a nice change goin down bellringer
<@taffy> next winter i will deff open up my fire place
<Bellringer> your heating bill's will go down but your a/c bill will go up
<paledoe> yes its worth it taffy
<@taffy> aye
<paledoe> dont know how I would have gone on without my fire last winter
as these gas radiators are hopeless
<paledoe> and expensive too
<Bellringer> we heat three months and cool three month so we still have
6 mo's of bills eeekkk
<paledoe> same here bell
<@taffy> brb
<paledoe> k
<Bellringer> k
<paledoe> have u got an open fire bell
<Bellringer> i think it's the same the world over paledoe
<paledoe> yes true petrol prices soured too
<paledoe> somethings got to give
<Bellringer> yes we do i work all day so... it sits idle until the weekend
<paledoe> ok
<paledoe> what do you do
<Bellringer> i work 1/2 day in a school kitchen and then 1/2 day as a
<paledoe> Ic sounds like hard work then
<Bellringer> yep
<paledoe> I'm retired now but used to work in school welfare
<paledoe> before that 6 years lookin after invalid
<Bellringer> i'm getting closer to the word retired maybe if they don't
keep cutting benifits and moving the age up
<NajlaNur> you're a cook? bell
<Bellringer> yep a school lunch lady
<paledoe> exactly the same here bell they keep on doin that dont think
its very fair
<Bellringer> at the rate it's going i'll be three years from retirement
the rest of my life
<paledoe> aww yes
<Bellringer> well it will keep me out of the bars lol
<paledoe> I think women have to work to 65 now like the men not sure on
that one but I retired wen I was 60 I was lucky I guess
<paledoe> lol bell one way of lookin at it
<Bellringer> you can take an early 60 is your spouse had passed away
(look out hubby) lol
<Bellringer> if
<paledoe> ic well he did but I would have retired at 60 anyway :)
<Bellringer> sorry
<paledoe> could have worked on but it wasnt worth it financially
<paledoe> oh its ok
<paledoe> was 6 years ago now
<Bellringer> here you really have to watch sometimes longer is better
sometimes not
<paledoe> yes we do whats called a forecast to see how we would be
better off
09* Guest9227 (~Guest@cpe-24-93-118-224.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined
<Bellringer> yep that's it
<paledoe> and the forecast said stop workin lol so I did
<Bellringer> hello guest
<paledoe> hi guest
<Bellringer> like that forecast
<paledoe> lol yes
04* Guest9227 (~Guest@cpe-24-93-118-224.columbus.res.rr.com) has left
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<Bellringer> mine said keep working
<paledoe> awww never mind bell
<paledoe> yur bound to retire soon
<Bellringer> the kids are nice most of the time - there are a few i
would gladly put in the trash if asked
<paledoe> phew its like taffys place now really close
<paledoe> lol I know the feelin
<Bellringer> maybe time to get out a fan
<Bellringer> it's a pk - 5th grade school and a small one
<paledoe> I think so but will be away to bed soon I think lol
<paledoe> the one I was at was a grammar school and they were very
crafty lol
<paledoe> too clever for their own good I think
<Bellringer> yes they can be :) that also
<paledoe> yup
<Bellringer> well a call for dinner bbl nice to meet you all tc
<paledoe> ok bell nice to meet u too come back again soon be well
<Bellringer> will do
<paledoe> and tc
<paledoe> :)
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04* paledoe
(~jean.lucy@host86-169-200-137.range86-169.btcentralplus.com) has left
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09* Guest9229 (~Guest@cpe-24-93-118-224.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined
<Guest9229> hi everyone
08* @MWolf hey Guest9229 welcome
<Guest9229> thanks
<@MWolf> how ya doin ?
<Guest9229> im doing ok what about u
09* twinpeaks
(~PimpY@cpc1-clyd2-0-0-cust527.14-1.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined
<@MWolf> cant complain
<@MWolf> i reckon
<@MWolf> hey twin
<twinpeaks> hi MWolf,taffy
<Guest9229> were r u from
<twinpeaks> im in scotland Guest9229
<Guest9229> cool
09* spiritdog (~65.82.231.@ip68-228-49-31.tc.ph.cox.net) has joined
07* sets mode: +o spiritdog
<twinpeaks> hi spiritdog
<@spiritdog> hi twin
<@spiritdog> where's scsi
<twinpeaks> he'll be in in a mo
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09* Guest9234 (~Guest@cpe-24-93-118-224.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined
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09* scsibear (~PimpX@cpc1-clyd2-0-0-cust527.14-1.cable.virginmedia.com)
has joined #native-american
<scsibear> hi guys
<scsibear> hi josh
<twinpeaks> hi honey
<scsibear> hi taffy
<scsibear> hi bro
<@MWolf> hey ray
<scsibear> hey
08* twinpeaks watches scsi throw up in a bucket at my last comment lol
<scsibear> lol
<scsibear> yeah and i was thinking..who's honey lol
<twinpeaks> lmao
<scsibear> what's new
<scsibear> quiet this evening
<twinpeaks> wheres taffimus
09* Guest9234 (~Guest@cpe-24-93-118-224.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined
08* @MWolf hey Guest9234 welcome
<twinpeaks> wb Guest9234
<Guest9234> wow thanks so much i have no idea how to work this
<Guest9234> thanks
<scsibear> quite a few new rooms now i see josah
<scsibear> jsoh
<Guest9234> how r u guys doing
<scsibear> josh
<scsibear> hi Guest9234
<@MWolf> ray
<Guest9234> hi
<scsibear> sorry man i was just saying there are quite a few new rooms now
<scsibear> big list
<@MWolf> yeah
<@MWolf> woof
<scsibear> heeh nice one
<scsibear> dog chat how cool
<twinpeaks> woof
<twinpeaks> or in bears case beowf
<scsibear> lol yeah
<twinpeaks> complete wi slabbers on the window lol
09* nupa (~Blitzbear@ has joined #native-american
<scsibear> hi noop
<nupa> hey mwolf
<nupa> hey sbear
<nupa> hey twin
<twinpeaks> hi nupa
<nupa> hey dog
<nupa> hey taffy hugs
<@MWolf> hey there nups
<nupa> hey Guest9234
<Guest9234> hi
<scsibear> where are you from Guest9234
<Guest9234> ohio
<Guest9234> u?
<scsibear> ahh my fave team's homeland
<scsibear> i'm in Scotland
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> lol noop
<Guest9234> were is everyone from?
<scsibear> so what you been doing today noop anything exciting
08* scsibear is from Scotland
<nupa> born on rosebud rez sd lived maine for while moved its home
washington state
<nupa> we had company most of the morning
<scsibear> ahh i see
<nupa> so now im chillin
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> sounds good
<scsibear> lol yeah
<nupa> yeah lil boy wnated to interview russ navajo
<nupa> was cute
<scsibear> sometimes it's good to have company but sometimes even better
when they go
<scsibear> lol
<nupa> yeah
<scsibear> ahh i see nice one
<nupa> we had house full for while
<scsibear> cool
<scsibear> did he get the stories he needed
<nupa> but they bought us cusatrd rubhub pie yummy
<scsibear> ohh nice i have a huge rhubarb patch out back
<twinpeaks> yeah bear waters itevery day lol
<scsibear> lol yup
<scsibear> that's why they so big
<scsibear> fertilized
<twinpeaks> yeah lol
<scsibear> lol
<nupa> lol
<nupa> rhubarb i have 3 big plants
<nupa> but russ dont water it lol
<nupa> i scalp him
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> lol
<scsibear> i find rhubarb just grows anyway noop
<scsibear> course could be all the rain we get i s'pose
<nupa> oh she meant bear the dog i thinking she meant u sbear lkol
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> haha no the dog well i only do it when it's dark :P
<scsibear> ya know
<nupa> hahah
<nupa> nite pee-er i see
<nupa> lol
<nupa> sheesh
<scsibear> yeha
<Guest9234> nice to meet everyone i think im gonna look around for a guy
<nupa> for a guy
<scsibear> lol ok Guest9234
<nupa> u looking hook up
<scsibear> lol
<scsibear> looks that way
<nupa> im local chatroom matchmaker
<Guest9234> yeah im a girl so i like guys
<nupa> good
<scsibear> yup noop will sort ya out there
<nupa> stick around guys be in
08* scsibear checks himself..yup
<nupa> i sell u to highest bidder
<nupa> i sold hiya to hilis
<Guest9234> i have a boy friend but i like indian guys to lol
<nupa> they happy now
<nupa> are u ndn guest
<nupa> im lakota
<Guest9234> nope im irish
<nupa> nice
<scsibear> ahh i didn't know that noop i did see they were both kinda
makin eyes at each other tho
<nupa> my da was irish
<scsibear> well in type if ye know what i mean lol
<nupa> they met sbear
<nupa> they in lov
<twinpeaks> my great grandparents were irish
<scsibear> lol I'm half Irish half scots
<Guest9234> oh ok
<Guest9234> my dads german
<scsibear> well full scots with irish anscesty bascially
<scsibear> on my dad's side
<twinpeaks> good mix Guest9234
<nupa> tghem irish got around
<scsibear> came from a lil place called ballyboffet
<nupa> :)
<twinpeaks> yep slappers lol
<nupa> lol
<Guest9234> u guys have any idea about the facebook blog on american indians
<scsibear> not me no sorry
09* WhistlingElk (~WhistlingElk@ has joined #native-american
<nupa> i dotn fb anymore
<scsibear> hi elk
<nupa> i have faceplace here
<WhistlingElk> hey
08* @MWolf Join our great new internet community, free homepage,
classifieds, photo albums, private forums, blogs, private clubs, ecards,
games, not bad eh? much more... http://community.native-american-online.org
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<nupa> hey WhistlingElk
<twinpeaks> mine were from ballymena n bred racehorses apparantly i
still haverellies there
<Guest9234> dont know it
<nupa> hey guest
<scsibear> lol perfect ad timing lol
<twinpeaks> hi WhistlingElk
<nupa> u should join our site guest
<nupa> post there
<Guest9241> cris brasil hay
<WhistlingElk> boozhu , ani's
<Guest9234> lol i dont need a boyfriend i just like native american
culture a lil bit
<scsibear> i'm lost
<nupa> kewl we have story time coming up 2 half hours
<@MWolf> so your just slummin
<Guest9234> yeah ok
<nupa> in nac -story room
<nupa> come join us
<scsibear> i thought so too josh
<@MWolf> running aroudn on yoru guy
<@MWolf> pretty shameless
<Guest9234> no i wanna make friends
<WhistlingElk> story time
<nupa> yeah elk
<nupa> u better come
<@taffy> k back
<@MWolf> get a dog
<nupa> wb taffy
<scsibear> wb taffy
<@taffy> hi to all i missed
<WhistlingElk> wat time?
<@taffy> ty
<nupa> in 2 half hours elk
<@MWolf> time to eat brb
<@taffy> k
<scsibear> k josh
<WhistlingElk> 9 ok
<scsibear> noop is that later now ?
<WhistlingElk> ty
<Guest9234> u dont even know me u bastard the whites should have killed
u all we would have been better go to hell fucker
04* Guest9241 (~Guest@ has left #native-american
<@MWolf> i dont like your game take it back to facebook
04* Guest9234 (~Guest@cpe-24-93-118-224.columbus.res.rr.com) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<twinpeaks> wb taffy
<nupa> no same time sbear
<scsibear> i thougyt it was always about midnight our time
<nupa> 9 eastern time
<scsibear> ohh ok
<WhistlingElk> whoa
<@taffy> ty
<nupa> it same time
<scsibear> what an arsehole
<WhistlingElk> wow
<@MWolf> lol
<WhistlingElk> i thought i was bad
<scsibear> that's the worst one i've seen in a long time
<nupa> 6 my time 9 eastern time 2 hlaf hours be 9 eatsern time
<twinpeaks> what a plonker
<@MWolf> see what a messed up little ho
<twinpeaks> yeah
<WhistlingElk> lol
<@taffy> a big time arshole scsibear
<scsibear> so about 1 am hen i think noop
<nupa> u have bf but i like native guys'
<nupa> i shocked
<scsibear> yup taff
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> I mean even if they tried to explain a lil and hey that was a
woman too
<nupa> oh wow sbear late for u
<nupa> i leaving i wnat a guy
<nupa> lol
<nupa> im like wow
<nupa> she hussy taffy
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> well that's why i thought it was around midnight noop ya know
anyhoo..no worries
<@taffy> aye\
<scsibear> sounds just like a skank to me
<WhistlingElk> lucky we werent face to face, i be going to jail
<nupa> wants take our native men us ethem abus ethem give them back sheesh
09* sweetlady (~sweetlady@69-92-199-180.cpe.cableone.net) has joined
<nupa> sad sad
<nupa> hey sweetlady
<@taffy> hi sweetlady
<sweetlady> hi nupa
<scsibear> hi sweet
<@spiritdog> hi sweet
<@taffy> i dont think they irish either\
04* sweetlady (~sweetlady@69-92-199-180.cpe.cableone.net) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<scsibear> well hey it is Saturday night after all ye know we really
shouldn't be shocked by now
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> true taffy
<nupa> who who let the hos out lol jk
<nupa> lol
<WhistlingElk> snap
<@taffy> must be ingerlish
<scsibear> they may live there but they not actually Irish i don't think
<twinpeaks> yeah i agree scsi
<scsibear> Irish love a good gossip
<nupa> yup
<scsibear> and are usually always polite
<nupa> yeah
<scsibear> yeha
<scsibear> brb guys
<@taffy> k
<nupa> ok
<nupa> he gone to water twins ruhbub
<nupa> sheesh
09* Guest9243 (~Guest@81-233-145-191-no122.tbcn.telia.com) has joined
<nupa> hey guest
<@taffy> hi Guest9243
<scsibear> back
<scsibear> lol
<nupa> wb
<scsibear> hi Guest9243
<@taffy> wb scsibear
<Guest9243> hihi
<scsibear> tnx noop
<scsibear> tnx taffy
08* twinpeaks shouts haw scsi its a bit cold fur that
<Guest9243> Only me happy about Single-payer health-care coming to the US?
<twinpeaks> hi Guest9243
09* Guest9241 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
<@taffy> where u from Guest9241
<@taffy> hi guest
<nupa> hey guest
<@taffy> opss that was for guest9243
08* nupa story telling starts at 9 eastern time in nac- story room ...
<WhistlingElk> wow my laptop is really hot
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> you back again guest i see
<nupa> mine gets like taht too
<WhistlingElk> bbl
<nupa> ok
<@taffy> tc WhistlingElk
<WhistlingElk> 9 pm ok?
<nupa> ok
<nupa> yes
<twinpeaks> see u later elk
<scsibear> josh
<@taffy> nope scq
<WhistlingElk> bamapi, ani's
<twinpeaks> bam alert
<@taffy> scsibear
04* WhistlingElk (~WhistlingElk@ has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<Guest9243> No one happy about single-payer?
<scsibear> yup
<nupa> no respect in wnating native men when u have boy friend sheesh
<@taffy> the guest that was banned was from columbus
<@taffy> two guests here now are from sweden and brazil
<nupa> ops wrong guest sorry
<nupa> lol
<nupa> my bad
<nupa> welcome guests
08* nupa story telling starts at 9 eastern time in nac- story room ...
<nupa> shuts up now lol
<scsibear> hey Guest9241
04* Guest9243 (~Guest@81-233-145-191-no122.tbcn.telia.com) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<@MWolf> nusp i dont mind you promoting stories in here
<@MWolf> nups
<@spiritdog> brb smoke
<scsibear> k bro
<nupa> ty mwolf
<@taffy> ok spiritdog
<@MWolf> goulash and texas toast
<@MWolf> woof
<nupa> brb daughter whining man sheesh
<nupa> woof woof
<@taffy> ok nupa
<nupa> porkchops mashed tater gravey corn lol
<@taffy> yummy
<scsibear> hey actually i have to ask will someone tell both myself &
twin what a shmorgasboard is...dunno the correct spelling sorry !
<@MWolf> borg
<scsibear> what is it tho
<@MWolf> its a spread of food its a norse kinda thang iv had it its like
a buffet of food
<scsibear> ohh norse really i see
<scsibear> viking food
<@MWolf> i ate that in the norway pavillion at disney world
<scsibear> i see
<twinpeaks> think its like pickled fish etc
<@MWolf> they food could be cooked a little more tho
<scsibear> i've seen it meantion in many US tv series home improvement
and even again tonight on ER
<scsibear> it was like i had to as before what milk duds were ya know lol
08* twinpeaks thinks just give me george clooney in his scrubsona plate
<scsibear> then i found a pack in a choc shop here
<scsibear> heeh
<@MWolf> Smörgåsbord (Swedish pronunciation: [?smœrg?s'bu??], spoken
(help•info) ) is a type of Scandinavian meal served buffet-style with
multiple dishes of various foods on a table, originating in Sweden.[1]
In Norway it is called koldtbord, in Denmark it is called kolde bord, in
Finland seisova pöytä and in Estonia rootsi laud. Smörgåsbord
<@MWolf> became internationally known as Smorgasbord at the 1939 New
York World's Fair when it was offered at the Swedish Pavilion's "Three
Crowns Restaurant."[2] It is typically a celebratory meal and guests can
help themselves from a range of dishes laid out for their
<@spiritdog> hey bro send me a couple e steel strings for my other acoustic
<scsibear> ahh ok so it's actually swedish ok cool tnx josh
<@MWolf> choice. In a restaurant, the term refers to a buffet-style
table laid out with many small dishes from which, for a fixed amount of
money, one is allowed to choose as many as one wishes.
<scsibear> hi bro low e or high e man
<@spiritdog> hi e
09* Guest9252 (~Guest@koln-4db43f8b.pool.mediaWays.net) has joined
<scsibear> thinnones
<scsibear> k
<@taffy> hi guest
<@taffy> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Swedish_buffet-Smorgasbord-04.jpg
<scsibear> hi Guest9252
<Guest9252> Hi @ all
<@taffy> thats what it looks like
<scsibear> k chekkin now taff
<@spiritdog> j/k bro
<scsibear> hehe np man
<nupa> sbear send me old guiter picks i saw necklace made of them paint
them designs looked it kewl
<@MWolf> woof
04* Guest9252 (~Guest@koln-4db43f8b.pool.mediaWays.net) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<scsibear> taff i so do not know what to make of that PC lol
<scsibear> oic
<scsibear> pic
<@MWolf> i found me a portable airconditioner :)
<@taffy> goos
<twinpeaks> fekk taffy looks like somethin the dug haS thrown up lol
<@taffy> good
<scsibear> noop i wish i could doll my biggest problem is i keep losing
all me picks
<@MWolf> gonna buy it next payday
<scsibear> i'm renound for it
<@taffy> lol aye scsibear
<nupa> lol
<@MWolf> i always thought it was a smorgisborg ... oh well, my redneck
<scsibear> lol
<@taffy> lol
<@taffy> looks a mess to me
<nupa> i always thought it chinesse thing mwolf
<scsibear> i was never sure off how it was spelledd i always just heard
it as schmorgas board
<@taffy> not much presentation
<@MWolf> i thought the food was good, just it could have been cooked a
litlte more
<nupa> yeah
<scsibear> I agree taffy hence my unsure comment about the pic basically
it looks like a lotta burnt foodd and big sausages in the middle..Oooerrr
<scsibear> ya know
<twinpeaks> well that pic taffy posted looks gross
<@taffy> i hate meat under cooked
09* Guest9256 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
<nupa> hey guest
<@MWolf> well, i wanna heat up my sausage
<scsibear> hi Guest9256
<@taffy> hi guest
<nupa> lol mwolf
<scsibear> lol
<nupa> lol
<@taffy> lol MWolf
09* Guest9256 is now known as keesog
<twinpeaks> yeah taffy i don't mind my steak rare but hate pink lamb n
roast beef
<keesog> hello
<scsibear> weird i was thinking the same thing
<@taffy> hi keesog
<@MWolf> soggy bottom girl
<keesog> hi taff
<@spiritdog> hey keesog
<scsibear> hi kee
<keesog> hey mwolfo
<keesog> hi all
<twinpeaks> hi keesog
<@MWolf> yall always thinkin so nasty
08* scsibear caught..i did
<scsibear> till i thought about it
<scsibear> then laughed
08* twinpeaks laughs as MWolf sounds like tbag from prison break
<@taffy> me nassy i,m sweet
<scsibear> hahahaha
<scsibear> yup
<@MWolf> no no not tossing any salad
<@taffy> lol
<scsibear> tbag was deffi the best in that whole show
<twinpeaks> taffy lol uve got it right its not nasty its nassy
<nupa> omg i thought tbag meanty soemthing else
<scsibear> nazzy
<nupa> sheesh
<nupa> slap me
<scsibear> ohh yeah it does too noop but not in this case
<@taffy> i may be sassy some times but not nassy
<keesog> did I hear the word toss? thats as bad as me saying bush when
saying I go bush runnin lol
<nupa> hey keesog
<keesog> hi nupa
<@taffy> lmao keesog
<@MWolf> yeah when i first heard it i thot it was tfag , i thought dam i
cant believe they said that ot me
<scsibear> man kee wins hands down 3 take em any way you like words..and
we do
<@taffy> lol
<scsibear> lol
<keesog> lol
<scsibear> hehehe lol
<scsibear> damn looks like i hit a conversation stopper there..sorry guys
08* twinpeaks is gettin in prison break mood now lol
<keesog> lol
<@taffy> nah
<scsibear> me too i wanna watch it again just for all the cool tbag comments
<twinpeaks> he's such a good baddy
<scsibear> yeah deffi
<scsibear> and in real life so different and such a nice down to earth
kinda guy
<twinpeaks> "Hello my little chocolate friend"
<keesog> dunno what you guys talkin about coz I dont have a tv
<scsibear> remember seeing him on that US tv interview
<scsibear> hahahaha yup twin
<twinpeaks> yeah n hes like im just a guy from ohio
<scsibear> what was his name now i forget
<@taffy> if u are in wales u will hear people who are giving up smoking
say how many fags have u had today
<twinpeaks> robert kneppler
<keesog> lol taff
<scsibear> see prolly a good cleverland indians fan too :)
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> oops cleveland
<scsibear> yup i enjoy smokin'me fags too
08* scsibear draws out another one :)
<@taffy> or they say the fags are killing me i cant give them up
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> haha yeah
<keesog> well scsi watch out ya dont toss ya fag into a bush lol
<scsibear> see another 3
<scsibear> now yer just teasin' kee lol
<keesog> lol
<@taffy> or enjoyed my cupa had a nice fag after it too
<keesog> well we did have alot of bush fires
<scsibear> actually we had a few here in scotland over the last week or
two as well
<twinpeaks> ooooooh errr
<scsibear> which is so bizarre
<scsibear> we are more famed for drownng in the rain ya know
<keesog> the words of the day seem to be bush toss and fag all inocently
meant of course
08* twinpeaks grins at scsi he prefers kate bush lol
<scsibear> ohh of course
<scsibear> ahh now
<twinpeaks> stop droolin
<scsibear> that's true twin
<scsibear> it's ok i brought the mop in
<@taffy> now inusa they say fanny bags to us it means some thing totaly
<twinpeaks> mop..... nah u need a dehumidifier
<nupa> brb phonbe
<@taffy> k
<scsibear> lol yep
<scsibear> k noop
<twinpeaks> lmao taffy fanny bags
<@taffy> i think its just a mix of words
09* Hiya (~Hiya@ip98-170-195-65.pn.at.cox.net) has joined #native-american
<scsibear> or in that zztop song "she got legs..up to her fanny"
<scsibear> i mean ya know
<@taffy> twinpeaks we call them bum bags
<@taffy> hi Hiya
<scsibear> yes taffy
<@spiritdog> hiya hiya
<Hiya> hiya all! :)
<scsibear> hey hiya
<keesog> we had thunder and heavy hail storm here today taff
<scsibear> nice kee
<@taffy> had it last night keesog
<keesog> here too
<scsibear> we thought we might get some of that too actually not
happened yet tho
09* Guest9264 (~Guest@64-250-202-202.dyn.hsi.pldi.net) has joined
<Hiya> Hiya hugs her homies...lol...say that 10 times fast! lol
<@taffy> fork lightning too it looked good
<keesog> and this morning and this afternoon lol
<@taffy> hi guest
<Hiya> hiya guest
<Guest9264> hi there
<scsibear> ahh forkies i love that taffy
<@taffy> me too scsibear
<scsibear> hi Guest9264
<nupa> hey hiya hugs brb phone
<keesog> well no more bush fires then
<Hiya> okey doke
<@taffy> would guests like to get nicknames
08* @taffy to change your nick name, click your nickname, right click
your nickname, then click change nickname or type /nick nicknamehere
<scsibear> yup hang out the open window with a cup of tea watching it
04* Guest9264 (~Guest@64-250-202-202.dyn.hsi.pldi.net) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<twinpeaks> well scsi its thunder n lightning in irvine/saltcoats at mo
<scsibear> yeah it's a good bit away from here tho twwin
<scsibear> might blow out well before it get's up here
<scsibear> and depends on the wind direction
<scsibear> brb
<@taffy> i lov how it shoots across the sky
<@taffy> k
<Hiya> I love a rainy night...hums to herself...lol
09* Guest9241 is now known as bullwinkle
<@taffy> we normaly get sheet lightning here so fork lightning ia a treat
<@taffy> is
<Hiya> Florida is the lightning capital of the US...and perhaps of the
world...more people die from lightning strikes here than anywhere in the
<@taffy> o talking of thunder trina was telling me this am that the new
thor movie is good
<Hiya> I will watch it just to watch him....dang...he's a cutie
<@taffy> lol
<@taffy> austrailian
<Hiya> naturally...what is about those aussie men?
<@spiritdog> i saw lightning kill a dog on chain hooked to chain fence
and bolt hit chainlink fence
<Hiya> makes me wanna say G'Day
<@taffy> lol
<Hiya> wow S Dog...poor little feller
<@spiritdog> yes it was sad
<Hiya> Hilis's dog Lucy got tapped by a cottonmouth today
<Hiya> but she is ok...
<@taffy> yikes
09* lasvegasndn (~lasvegasndn@ has joined #native-american
<@taffy> hi lasvegasndn
<Hiya> Vet said it was either just a warning bite or it had just eaten
and didn't have venom replenished yet
<lasvegasndn> Hello Taffy, great to see you again
<Hiya> hiya vegas
<lasvegasndn> hiya hiya
<Hiya> :)
<lasvegasndn> what is the chat about today?
<Hiya> how's things in NV these days?
<keesog> its about toss bush and fags
<Hiya> I was just sharing that Hilis's dog got tapped by a cottonmouth
<@taffy> here u go Hiya for u
<@taffy> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOddp-nlNvQ
<Hiya> ohhh..nice...thank you mama
<lasvegasndn> I am actually in Denver now
<lasvegasndn> toss bush?
<keesog> lol
<lasvegasndn> wow, the dog okay?
<keesog> would have to scroll aways
<nupa> back
<scsibear> back
<nupa> hiya is lucy ok
<Hiya> She is ok nupa...thank God
<nupa> dont look good sbear wehn we back the same time jk lol
<nupa> ahahha
<scsibear> shhhh noop maybe they didn't see it
<scsibear> lol
<lasvegasndn> hello troutbeating woman
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> and hey tuck yer shirt in sheesh
<nupa> hey lasvegasndn
08* nupa slaps lasvegasndn around a bit with a large trout
<lasvegasndn> hahaha
<nupa> ahahha
<lasvegasndn> have not forgotten
<Hiya> Taffy...oh dear...I mean honestly...there ought to be a law...
<scsibear> hi vagas
<@taffy> wb scsibear
<scsibear> tnx taffy
<@taffy> wb nupa
<lasvegasndn> made me feel traditional with my smell
<nupa> ty
<nupa> yeah
<twinpeaks> hi bullwinkle,Hiya,lasvegasndn
<scsibear> ohh yeah emmm wb noop (lol)
<nupa> everything tatse like chicken to lasvegasndn
<nupa> lol
<nupa> ty sbear
<Hiya> hiya twin....how's every little thing?
<nupa> wb sbear
<lasvegasndn> hey twinpeaks
<scsibear> even chicken ?
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> lol tnx noop
<lasvegasndn> wow, lots of things taste like fish though
<scsibear> especially fish lol
<@taffy> scsibear u going to see that movie thor
<nupa> lol
<@spiritdog> gonna find something to eat
<scsibear> not heard anyhting about it taff...fill me in doll !
<@spiritdog> bb in a few
<lasvegasndn> is thor out this weekend?
<nupa> dog hungry now
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> lol k bro
<Hiya> fish tacos...yummy!
<lasvegasndn> omg
08* nupa story telling starts at 9 eastern time in nac- story room ...
<scsibear> who's in it
<@taffy> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOddp-nlNvQ
<@spiritdog> bb in a few going to eat
<nupa> hilis coming chat hiya
<scsibear> k chekkin taffy
<nupa> ok dog
<@taffy> ok spiritdog
<Hiya> I hope so nupa...will call and remind him
<nupa> yeah poor man
<nupa> u going visit next week
<scsibear> btw what is it with all these damn ads these days
<scsibear> k here it comes
<Hiya> not sure...gotta see how week goes...gonna be a crazy one...
<lasvegasndn> NAC as in aol room?
<scsibear> ohh who she, she cutie
<nupa> no it room here lasvegasndn
<nupa> u on java lasvegasndn
<lasvegasndn> oh okay, I used to be at aohell, was so stoopid it was fun
to watch people
<nupa> if so question mark at the room next to it is book hit it there
are many rooms here
<lasvegasndn> no, do not use drugs
<nupa> lol
09* Guest9268 (~Guest@204santiagord09.codetel.net.do) has joined
<@taffy> hi Guest9268
<nupa> i didnt mean drugs dude lol
<Hiya> hiya guest
<Guest9268> hi
<nupa> i meant java browers lol
<lasvegasndn> come on dude
<Hiya> Taffy...you know fiona apple?
<nupa> hey guest
<lasvegasndn> code words?
<@taffy> lasvegasndn just type this type /join #nac-stories
<nupa> ahha
<nupa> yeah
<nupa> ty taffy
<nupa> but we dont start yet lasvegasndn
<Hiya> listening to her now...dang...she is amazing
<scsibear> i don't recall from my old (kid) comic book days thor from
Marvel like the hulk spidey or xmen is that a new thing
<nupa> hour half we do lol
<lasvegasndn> and tap my feet together and say i wanna go home?
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> looks ok tho
<nupa> auntie em auntie em
<lasvegasndn> Thor was favorite read
<scsibear> red high heels in vagas who would have thunked it lol
<@taffy> well scsibear the vikings came to scotland i believe
<Hiya> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFOzayDpWoI
<scsibear> i do not recall thor at all
<Hiya> enjoy.... ;)
<lasvegasndn> there is a movie coming out with apaches helping the
cowboys fight aliens
<Hiya> oh good lord...
<scsibear> yes they did my friends wife across the street is a of viking
blood from shetland actually
<lasvegasndn> seriously
<nupa> i mised out in childhood i not even know who thor is never read a
comic book
<nupa> sheesh
<lasvegasndn> Thor was cool for us ndn kids since they also had braids
08* scsibear bows head i read the Famous 5 lol
<nupa> well did u hear about nasa and navajo
<@taffy> in mythical stories thor was the brother to loki
<lasvegasndn> just like the minn vikings
04* Guest9268 (~Guest@204santiagord09.codetel.net.do) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<scsibear> I always thought from what i recall Thor was the bringer of
War aka Holst the plants
<scsibear> haha oops planets sorry
<nupa> Back in the 1960s a NASA team doing work for the Apollo moon
mission took the astronauts near Tuba City where the terrain of the
Navajo Reservation looks very much like the Lunar surface.
<@taffy> he was supposed to been the thunder god
<scsibear> sounds very do-abl;e there noop yeah
<nupa> Along with all the trucks and large vehicles, there were two
large figures dressed in full Lunar spacesuits.
<scsibear> training ground basically
<nupa> Nearby a Navajo sheep herder and his son were watching the
strange creatures walk about, occasionally being tended by personnel.
The two Navajo people were noticed and approached by the NASA personnel.
<nupa> Since the man did not understand or speak English, his son asked
for him what the strange creatures were and the NASA people told them
that they are just men that are getting ready to go to the moon. The man
became very excited and asked if he could send a message to the moon
with the astronauts.
08* scsibear sees a lil ufo stuff comin' on lol
<nupa> The NASA personnel thought this was a great idea so they rustled
up a tape recorder. After the man gave them his message, they asked his
son to translate. His son would not.
<twinpeaks> thor is the god of thunder
<nupa> Later, they tried a few more people on the reservation to
translate and every person they asked would chuckle and then refuse to
translate. Finally, with cash in hand, someone translated the message,
"Watch out for these guys, they come to take your land."
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> ahh ok then it's MArs that's the bringer of war
<twinpeaks> yeah
<scsibear> that's really very interesting there noop and a great one for
story night btw imho doll !
<scsibear> deffi
<@taffy> aye
<nupa> it not story sbear it true fact lol
<scsibear> yeah i know but story night stories all all based on fact too
ya know..:)
<scsibear> you get my point
<lasvegasndn> You hear about the Native chief that went to Wash DC with
his BIA Agent?
<nupa> no tell me
<scsibear> BIA ?
<scsibear> wazzat
<nupa> lol
<lasvegasndn> They got into the subway, only two chairs next to a
beautiful blonde, so the agant sat next to the blonde
<nupa> haha
<nupa> burea of indian affairs
<scsibear> ahh k tnx noop
<nupa> yw
<scsibear> i would never have known that not being native, ya know
<lasvegasndn> They come to a tunnel, and you hear kissing sounds then a
whack/slap sound
<nupa> lol
<scsibear> sounds like me & twin in the dark
<@taffy> lol
<scsibear> oops wrong meeting
<scsibear> hehehe
<scsibear> lol
<Hiya> lol
<lasvegasndn> When they come out the Bia agent is holding hos cheek, and
the blonde is thinking that the Indian must have kissed the blonde and
he got slapped
<lasvegasndn> his*
<nupa> lol
<lasvegasndn> The blonde is thinking the BIA agent tried to kiss her and
kissed the Indian instead and the indian slapped him
<nupa> lol
<@taffy> lol
<lasvegasndn> The Indian Chief sitting there, is smiling deep inside and
can not wait til the next tunnel, so he can slap him again
<scsibear> lol
<@taffy> lol
<Hiya> heh...
<nupa> hahah
<nupa> haha
<nupa> lol
<lasvegasndn> poor blonde
<nupa> lol
<@taffy> lol
<Hiya> brb
<scsibear> makes me think of that other blonde joke where a farmer tells
her you can have any sheep you want she says ok i'd like that black
one..farmer says no emm that's my dog
<@taffy> ok Hiya
<nupa> good leave a nite lite so u know what u kissing i think
<nupa> lol
<nupa> hahah
<scsibear> or do not sleep upside down
04* keesog (~Guest@ has left #native-american (Connection
reset by peer)
<nupa> true
<lasvegasndn> Or the Native guy who walked into the Indian bar with a
drunk blonde, she was wearing only one heel, the other lost in their
fun, and the crowd right away say NOT EVEN....LOL
<nupa> lol
<nupa> lol
<lasvegasndn> nupa must have been there
<nupa> yeah few times
<nupa> lol
<nupa> seen tthat at ndn bars lol
<nupa> man
<nupa> they walk in it like whole shuts down for 10 seconds lol
<scsibear> k guys gonna head got some tv to catch up on
<scsibear> tc everyone ok
<scsibear> byeee
<nupa> u2 sbear
<@taffy> ok tc scsibear
<nupa> later
04* scsibear (~PimpX@cpc1-clyd2-0-0-cust527.14-1.cable.virginmedia.com)
has left #native-american (Quit: I'm a Linux PC and Windows 7 was NOT my
<@taffy> talk soon
<twinpeaks> byeeeeeeeeeeee
04* twinpeaks
(~PimpY@cpc1-clyd2-0-0-cust527.14-1.cable.virginmedia.com) has left
#native-american (Quit: Looks like it's time to feed the Bear again !)
<nupa> later tiwn
<@taffy> tc twin
<@taffy> wow they left fast
<nupa> yeah
<nupa> they must use grease lol
<@taffy> lol
<lasvegasndn> yeah, was just getting ready for some real naughty ones too
<nupa> no lol
<nupa> sheesh
08* nupa slaps lasvegasndn around a bit with a large trout
<nupa> lol
<lasvegasndn> knew ya gonna get sexy
<nupa> never
<@taffy> ok bullwinkle from brazil u need to talk here
<Hiya> ok I'm back...had to see that man about the horse again..lol
<nupa> i think i go check on russ see what he doing brb in few
<@taffy> wb Hiya
<nupa> ok hiya that horse
<nupa> lol
<Hiya> lol
<@taffy> ok nupa
<nupa> brb
<Hiya> yeah...dang horse...
<lasvegasndn> okay peeps, talk to you all soon
04* lasvegasndn (~lasvegasndn@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
<Hiya> not staying for stories vegas?
<@taffy> ok tc
<Hiya> awe...too bad
<@spiritdog> BRB MAKING COFFEE
<@spiritdog> oops
<Hiya> OK...lol
<@taffy> ok spiritdog
09* Windle (~me@adsl-98-85-71-70.mco.bellsouth.net) has joined
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<@taffy> hi Windle
<@MWolf> hey winkle
<Windle> hey taffy
<Windle> hey M
04* bullwinkle (~Guest@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
<@taffy> how u feeling npow Windle
<Windle> how's it going?
<@taffy> now
<Windle> kinda stiff and battered, but otherwise ok
<@taffy> good
09* spiffy (spiffy@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o spiffy
<@MWolf> hey spif
<@taffy> hi spiffy
<Windle> the bruises started showing up last night
<Windle> hey spiff
<@spiffy> Hallo
<Windle> how are your toes, taff?
<@taffy> last time my knees gave out i had a great shinner black eye
<@taffy> they not to bad thanks Windle
<Windle> yeah, you said...and broken toes
<@taffy> aye
<Windle> yeah, I'm glad I was carrying a basket instead of pushing a
cart - might've bounced off the cart
<@taffy> aye
<@taffy> brb
<Windle> k
<Windle> brb
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Colloquy for iPhone - http://colloquy.mobi)
<Windle> sorry- phone - bbl
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#native-american (Quit: Do they have reserved parking for
non-handicapped people at the Special Olympics?)
04* @spiritdog (~65.82.231.@ip68-228-49-31.tc.ph.cox.net) has left
<nupa> back
<@MWolf> woof
<nupa> woof woof
09* WhistlingElk (~WhistlingElk@ has joined #native-american
<@MWolf> how yall doin?
<@MWolf> hey elk
<nupa> good here and u mwolf
<nupa> hey WhistlingElk
<WhistlingElk> a little early
<nupa> 30 mins lol
<WhistlingElk> yupyup
<WhistlingElk> 33
<nupa> lol
<WhistlingElk> actuly
<WhistlingElk> arr
<nupa> yup yup
<WhistlingElk> atomic time sync
<WhistlingElk> lol
<nupa> lol
09* Firedancer
(~Firedancer@adsl-99-111-158-41.dsl.ipltin.sbcglobal.net) has joined
<nupa> hey Firedancer
<Firedancer> hey Miss Nupa :)
<nupa> how are ya
<Firedancer> Whistling Elk, MWolf
<Firedancer> taffy
<Firedancer> i'm ok...you?
<nupa> good here
<Firedancer> right on
<WhistlingElk> hey taff i didnt see ya sorry
<WhistlingElk> fire sup?
<WhistlingElk> oops whats up?
<Firedancer> well i just popped in for a sec....
<WhistlingElk> ok
<Firedancer> doing some beadwork and thought i would see who was in here
<WhistlingElk> cool
<Firedancer> anyone here do any ndn crafts and whatnots?
<nupa> i do
09* spiritdog (~65.82.231.@ip68-228-49-31.tc.ph.cox.net) has joined
07* sets mode: +o spiritdog
<nupa> i do bead work jewelry dream catchers moiccs u name it baskets
<nupa> hey spiritdog
<@spiritdog> hi nupa
<Firedancer> cool...i make regalia, beadloom, leatherwork, and just
learned to brick stitch yday
<nupa> nice :)
<Firedancer> hello spiritdog
<@spiritdog> hi dancer
<WhistlingElk> i use a woodburner cuz i cant bead, i burn tribal designs
onto the leather itself
<nupa> wow kewl
<WhistlingElk> did a yolk earlier
<nupa> neve r tried that elk does it work good
<WhistlingElk> oh yeah but stinks bad
<nupa> i bet u could teach u bead
<nupa> i bet it does
<nupa> i could lol
<WhistlingElk> someone gave me a loom one but i never took it out of the bag
<WhistlingElk> ok
<nupa> u should loam is easier i think
<Firedancer> i want to learn to gourd stitch next
<Firedancer> looming is super easy
<nupa> yes fire
<nupa> yeah it is
<Firedancer> oops...phone...
<nupa> i draw my paterns and use loom quick easy
<nupa> u can do it elk i know it
<@spiritdog> dancer do u do silverwork jewelry
<WhistlingElk> i make drum sticks too with a fiber glass rod, carpet
tape, sinew, leather of any sort and baseball stick it 15 min to make
<nupa> i do dog braclets rings
<WhistlingElk> stich
<Firedancer> thats cool spirit dog :)
<Firedancer> takes 15 mins to make and cost $65? hehehe
<nupa> wow elk
<WhistlingElk> i make southern style too, its juat longer
<WhistlingElk> arr
<WhistlingElk> typos
<nupa> lol
<Firedancer> its ok we now wut uoy menann lol
<nupa> yeah
<Firedancer> its ok we know what you mean
<Firedancer> LOL
<nupa> lol
<WhistlingElk> caps ahhh
<WhistlingElk> too loud
<WhistlingElk> lol
<Firedancer> sorry
<WhistlingElk> jk
<nupa> brat
<WhistlingElk> me?
<WhistlingElk> no
<nupa> yeah lol
<Firedancer> i have to go take a movie back before the top of the hour.
Wonder if i'll make it
<Firedancer> lol
<WhistlingElk> 19 min left
<nupa> drive slow
<Firedancer> yeah
<nupa> yeah elk
<Firedancer> its raining here
<WhistlingElk> no texting
<nupa> wow
<WhistlingElk> hey anyone hear fron rezzviper?
<Firedancer> I am currently beading the end of a horse tail from my
favorite horse
<Firedancer> gonna wear it when i dance
<nupa> she in yesterday i think elk
<WhistlingElk> ok
<nupa> kewl
<Firedancer> beading it in the 4 colors
<Firedancer> ;)
<nupa> u dye it
<Firedancer> movie just ended....gtg take it back bbl
<nupa> i never dyed my horse hair
<nupa> ok
<WhistlingElk> red,white. black. and yellow right?
09* Firedancer is now known as Firedancerbrb
<WhistlingElk> ok
<nupa> yeah elk
<nupa> medince wheel colors
<WhistlingElk> some tribes use green for the earth and purple for the
<nupa> i sa wthat once
<WhistlingElk> plus different band add colors too
<nupa> yeah
<WhistlingElk> i watch too much t v
<nupa> lol
<WhistlingElk> lol
<WhistlingElk> man i went out today for the first time in a while and
ejoyed the sunshine and hung with my good buddy. Only thing that went
wrong was the messed up my order and i have to back! I gto no chicken!
<nupa> wow
<nupa> glad u had fun
<WhistlingElk> i was
09* Guest9341 (~Guest@c-98-252-188-120.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined
<nupa> hey Guest9341
<WhistlingElk> ive been down so much of late
<nupa> i know dude
04* Guest9341 (~Guest@c-98-252-188-120.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has left
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<@spiritdog> these chips i'm eating are so hot i'm sweating
<nupa> lol dog
<nupa> what kind
<WhistlingElk> plus its story nite and the end of a good day
<nupa> true elk
<@spiritdog> some double hot doritos
<nupa> wow dog u have heart burn
<nupa> lol
<WhistlingElk> ew i got gurd
<@spiritdog> no my mouth is just hot
<WhistlingElk> so i be tasting doritoes all nite long
08* nupa spray dog mouth down with ice water
<WhistlingElk> burp
<WhistlingElk> lol
<nupa> lol
<WhistlingElk> yuck, i gat a bucket right to me
<nupa> u take ur nitely meds elk this ur nurse speaking lol
<WhistlingElk> i teah i some anibiotics too take
<WhistlingElk> arr
<nupa> did u have ketucky frie dchicken today
<WhistlingElk> now we ended up at fazolies
<WhistlingElk> buddy cant walk too far and my power chair batt was dying
<nupa> antibodics u have eat them? or take then eat what the l;abel say
<nupa> ok
<nupa> with them not eat them lol
<WhistlingElk> i know i got a little salad
<nupa> sheesh
<nupa> ok
<WhistlingElk> but i gotta remember every 8 hours
<nupa> we having chops mashed taters gravey salad tonite
<nupa> yeah
<WhistlingElk> untill gone
<@spiritdog> sounds good
<nupa> yes is it for lungs
<nupa> how u do smoking today
<WhistlingElk> i told ya?
<WhistlingElk> hmm
<nupa> yeah it hink
09* Firedancerbrb is now known as Firedancer
<nupa> wb Firedancer
<Firedancer> ty
<nupa> yw
<WhistlingElk> yeah i got an inhaler
<Firedancer> made it with time to spare :D
<nupa> good i use 3 inhalers
<nupa> yeah u did
<WhistlingElk> looks like a dam tampon in my mouth every says
<nupa> lol
<WhistlingElk> lol
<nupa> gawd lol
<nupa> ahahah'
<WhistlingElk> i does really
<Firedancer> wow...weird when ya catch the middle of a convo lol
<WhistlingElk> lolol
<nupa> yeah fire
<nupa> lol
<nupa> only elk can shock me like that lol im laughing so hard
<nupa> lol
<Firedancer> i leave you for 5 mins and ya got tampons hangin outta ya
mouths....cant take you nowhere! LOL jk
<WhistlingElk> 5 min left
<WhistlingElk> gawd
<nupa> yeah elk
<nupa> lol
<nupa> dress him up cant take him anywhere
<nupa> lol
<WhistlingElk> do some really funny ones to nite
<nupa> ok
<nupa> sheesh
<Firedancer> like a monkey in a monkey suit....its still a monkey
<nupa> lol
<WhistlingElk> definitly bannanas
<WhistlingElk> arr
<Firedancer> lmao
<WhistlingElk> med time brb also can ya put me in the room
<Firedancer> nupa what kind of beading do you do?
<Firedancer> k\
<nupa> i hoping taffy comes back
<WhistlingElk> ?
<nupa> seed beading gemstones
<nupa> i make jewelry sell it
<Firedancer> oh cool
<nupa> i seed bead purses
<Firedancer> all kinds?
<nupa> stuff
<nupa> yeah
<Firedancer> stuff lol
<nupa> been doing it since i was 4
<Firedancer> barrettes and the whole bit
<nupa> yeah
<Firedancer> i bet your work is amazing!
<nupa> key chains u name it
<WhistlingElk> i am back
<nupa> it ok i think casinos buy off me when i traveled
<WhistlingElk> and ready now
<nupa> wb elk
<Firedancer> i like this brick stitch, but I'm not used to one bead at a
<nupa> taffy
<nupa> dog u there
<Firedancer> right on (casinos)\
<nupa> yeah they pay pretty good
<nupa> dog
<Firedancer> i bet
<@spiritdog> hi
<@spiritdog> whats up
<nupa> can u move elk
<nupa> to story room like taffy does
<WhistlingElk> i personly know Dennis Christy
<WhistlingElk> good sculpture
<nupa> do u know how dog
<@taffy> ok back
<nupa> if not elk i think u type/#nac-stories try that
<WhistlingElk> k
<nupa> wb taffy
<@taffy> ty
<nupa> taffy can move elk
<WhistlingElk> cool
<@taffy> ok
<Firedancer> hey taffy
<nupa> ty taffy
<WhistlingElk> please and ty
<@spiritdog> wb taffy
04* WhistlingElk (~WhistlingElk@ has left
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<@taffy> ty
09* WolfDreamer
(~WolfDreamer@pool-71-162-65-179.bstnma.east.verizon.net) has joined
<@spiritdog> hey dreamer
<WolfDreamer> hey mwolf,taffy,Sdog,Fdancer,nupa
<Firedancer> hey hey
<WolfDreamer> how r ya's!
<@taffy> hi WolfDreamer
08* Firedancer needs a shoulder rub
<WolfDreamer> ok lol
<Firedancer> lol
<WolfDreamer> i need a feet rub lol
<Firedancer> wash em first! LOL
<WolfDreamer> i had them freshly liked by the cats lol
<WolfDreamer> licked lol
<Firedancer> licked? eww ww ww
<WolfDreamer> yaaa lol
<Firedancer> lol
<WolfDreamer> hehehe
<Firedancer> what ya up to, dreamer?
08* @taffy native stories is now in progress in nac stories every one
welcome type /join #nac-stories
<WolfDreamer> so, what happened , it says here 2feathers lost a loved one?
<WolfDreamer> ty taff
<Firedancer> cool...i have never been in here during this
<@MWolf> her cousin was raped and murdered
<Firedancer> oh no!
<WolfDreamer> no!
<Firedancer> prayers for the fam!
<WolfDreamer> awful awful! who would do that
09* hilis_hatki
(~HilisHatki@h69-129-128-77.wybotn.dial.dynamic.tds.net) has joined
04* hilis_hatki
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<Firedancer> hey hilis
<WolfDreamer> hey hil
<Firedancer> dont everyone bust out a story all at once
<WolfDreamer> i will say prayer for her and her loved one
<Firedancer> oops sorry
09* Guest9346 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
<Firedancer> hello guest
<WolfDreamer> hi guest
<Guest9346> hiiiii
<@taffy> hi Guest9346
<WolfDreamer> i think the stories are in the nac room dancer
<Firedancer> oh ok ty\
08* @taffy native stories is now in progress in nac stories every one
welcome type /join #nac-stories
<Guest9346> r u from?
<Firedancer> mwolf...can you kick me over there plz?
<@taffy> i,m in wales uk Guest9346
<WolfDreamer> ill write this down lol
<WolfDreamer> new england here guest
<Firedancer> ok
04* Firedancer
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<Guest9346> im brazilian
<WolfDreamer> welcome
<WolfDreamer> how r u
<Guest9346> thanks, so kind of ur part
<Guest9346> fine and u?
<WolfDreamer> well ty you say in brasil apligato? means thank you, ahy
<WolfDreamer> or abligato?
<WolfDreamer> not sure how its spelled
<Guest9346> obrigado is the correct word
<Guest9346> obrigado=thanks
<WolfDreamer> ahh ok ty obrigado ty
<Guest9346> so what is ur age?
<WolfDreamer> lol
<WolfDreamer> whats yours? lol
<Guest9346> why LOL?
<Guest9346> what is funny?
<@taffy> well Guest9346 why did u ask
<WolfDreamer> i dunno lol
<Guest9346> mine is 24 and urs?
<WolfDreamer> im 93 lol
<Guest9346> so old...almost a corpse...LOL
<WolfDreamer> lol
<WolfDreamer> almost? lol
<Guest9346> LOL
<WolfDreamer> are you in school?
<Guest9346> Why do u ask?
<WolfDreamer> lots of peolpe in their twenties are in school up here college
<Guest9346> me not
<Guest9346> i alrealdy have finished the college
<WolfDreamer> oh cool
<Guest9346> i only job now
<WolfDreamer> i didnt like school when i was a kid, but i liked it when
i was older
<Guest9346> and u? with ur 93 years must be hard to go to school istn't it?
<Guest9346> LOL
<WolfDreamer> hehehe naaah its easy......always learning forever
<Guest9346> LOL
<WolfDreamer> ya never stop learning new things
<WolfDreamer> there's so much to learn in this world, you could live
1000 years and still find more to learn about
<Guest9346> in here LOL means kkkkkkk its a laugh
<Guest9346> so kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
<Guest9346> yeah i agree
04* Guest9346 was kicked by MWolf
07* MWolf sets mode: +b *!*@
<WolfDreamer> oh oh what happened lol
<WolfDreamer> ill try to get to the nac stories
04* WolfDreamer
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09* scsibear (~PimpX@cpc1-clyd2-0-0-cust527.14-1.cable.virginmedia.com)
has joined #native-american
<scsibear> hi guys
<@MWolf> hey ray
<scsibear> hi josh, hi tafffy, hi bro
09* Princess (~Princess@74-141-202-73.dhcp.insightbb.com) has joined
<scsibear> hi noop
<scsibear> hi Princess
<Princess> hi
09* Hiya (~Hiya@ip98-170-195-65.pn.at.cox.net) has joined #native-american
<scsibear> hey hiya
<Princess> tired
<Princess> hiya hiya
<Hiya> hiya all
<scsibear> yeah twin went to bed too
<Hiya> grrrr...couldn't get back in...
<scsibear> hence hee i am lol
<Princess> not sleepy. just tired lol
<scsibear> are the guys all in nac right now ??
<Hiya> hmmm...not sleepy just tired? how is this accomplished?
<Hiya> what is nac?
<scsibear> nac-stories
<Hiya> oh jeez...dammit! I am missing story time
<Princess> tired like, my feet are tired, but not sleepy
<scsibear> see lol
<scsibear> well just do this then
<scsibear> just type /join #nac-stories then press enter :)
<@spiritdog> princess siyo
<scsibear> you'll be there :)
<scsibear> hi bro
<Princess> siyo spirit
<@spiritdog> hey bro
<scsibear> hi man
<scsibear> how are tya bro ok i hope
<scsibear> ya
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<@spiritdog> i realized i have an earache no wonder i couldn't tune guitar
<scsibear> lol man
<scsibear> you'll be ok in a few days man
<@spiritdog> i need to call the dr on monday and get a antibiotic
<@taffy> hi to all i missed
<scsibear> i would agree there ro get yer lugs fixed deffi
<scsibear> hi taffy
<scsibear> ro = to
<scsibear> ffs fat finger syndrome lol
<@taffy> lol
<scsibear> hehe
<Princess> a horse named, animal kingdom, won the derby
<@taffy> Princess would u like me to move u too nac storiess
09* Guest9374 (~Guest@bas8-ottawa23-1128534938.dsl.bell.ca) has joined
<@taffy> hi Guest9374
<Guest9374> hi
<Princess> hi guest
09* Guest9374 is now known as chocolate
<Princess> hold on brb
<@taffy> k
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<@taffy> hi chocolate
<chocolate> hi
08* @taffy native stories is now in progress in nac stories every one
welcome type /join #nac-stories
<chocolate> hey bubbles wassup
<scsibear> hhaha hey doll so damn ltns yeah
<scsibear> so good to see ya
<scsibear> how ya doing these days
<chocolate> good ty ande you
<scsibear> man feels like years
<chocolate> haha
<scsibear> actuallt it is years
<scsibear> actually
<chocolate> :)
<scsibear> been way too long
<scsibear> don't ya thinnk
<scsibear> wanna intoduce you to my friend taffy
<@taffy> hi chocolate
<chocolate> yuppers
<chocolate> hi taffy
<scsibear> taffy chox yeah that's what i always csalled her btw lol
<@taffy> lol
<scsibear> she always wound me up
<chocolate> and bubbles of course lol
<scsibear> was mutual ya know
<chocolate> ;)
<@taffy> bath bubbles lol
<scsibear> ohh god after that bath opic haha yeah i know hey even taffy
saw that pic too lol
<chocolate> and the haircut lol
<scsibear> yeah hahha
<chocolate> lol
<chocolate> nice eh
<@taffy> lol
<chocolate> lol
<chocolate> too cute
<scsibear> still not sure what the hell my hair is doing even now
<scsibear> hahaha
<chocolate> lol
<scsibear> great to see yo7y back here btw you have so made my day/night
<chocolate> thought there would be lots more chatting
<scsibear> no i dunno what that 7 was either btw hahah lol
<chocolate> ty
<scsibear> same old me i guess wiff em bloody typos right hahaha
<chocolate> lol
<chocolate> always
<@taffy> o i,m a crap speller
<chocolate> lol
<scsibear> that is a deffi
<chocolate> any of the oldies come back
<scsibear> hah o that was not a yeah you are crappy speller taffy i was
actually saying yes to chox last is all lol
<scsibear> not that i have seen chox
<@taffy> arch its okies i am a crap speller
<chocolate> aww
<scsibear> I'm still hoping tho, ya know
<chocolate> yup made a few friends here
<chocolate> :)
<scsibear> chox and i go way back taffy before you giot here so we are
talking older friends back in the day, ya know doll
<@taffy> trying to think of some of the oldies but i only been here just
6 years
<scsibear> yeah doll deffi
<chocolate> lol us oldies eh
<scsibear> lol aye
<scsibear> i guess
<scsibear> or perhaps just friends we had doll ya know and still wonder
about em, right !
<chocolate> my boy has a portable recording studio set up
<chocolate> yuppers
<scsibear> ahhh awesome
<scsibear> what he using so ye know ??
09* Princess (~Princess@74-141-202-73.dhcp.insightbb.com) has joined
<scsibear> oops I'll try that again haha what is he using do you know
<chocolate> im not up on all that
<chocolate> but he could yak your ear off about it lol
<scsibear> k get him in then !
<chocolate> aww not here just now
<scsibear> my point there exactl
<scsibear> y
<chocolate> lol
<scsibear> aww bummer
<scsibear> love to have a lil natter with him
<@taffy> wb Princess
<chocolate> yuppers sure he would enjoy
<scsibear> sure I'll talk music with him no probs
<chocolate> im sure
<chocolate> lol
<scsibear> i been doing computer recording for over 13 years
<scsibear> so.. ya know
<chocolate> hmm he does drums on comp prog
<scsibear> so hey what ye been up too this last hmm let's say last 5
years lol
<chocolate> but plays guitar if you remember
<scsibear> yeah ye need the drums always
<chocolate> lol
<chocolate> ssdd
<scsibear> gotta have a beat doll, ya know lol
<chocolate> yu[ppers
<chocolate> lol
<scsibear> yup i do hence why i am asking what s he doing these days, ya
<chocolate> having empty nest syndrome lol
<scsibear> ahh good space to write many love songs ballads :) hehe
<scsibear> here is one example
<scsibear> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UUYjd2rjsE
<scsibear> ahhhh
<scsibear> hey you know i'm good for all this stuff :)
<chocolate> you know im not lmao
<chocolate> ill try
<scsibear> harmony & meloday comes 1st we can all play fast..feeling is
the be all & end all imho
<scsibear> lol aye doll
<scsibear> hmm haha i see already ou are intrigued hahah
<scsibear> man i'm still good lol
<scsibear> but gotta say doll a lot of stuff has came to pass for me
since we last talked
<scsibear> i lost my wife
<scsibear> I am separated now
<chocolate> aww
<scsibear> yeah. she stole over 85k from her work over 11 years and i
had no idea at all
<chocolate> yeah seems i remember a bit going on the personal
<chocolate> wow
<scsibear> then she took to drink, went to prison
<scsibear> destroyed me totally
<chocolate> wow
<scsibear> yup
<chocolate> aawwwwww
<chocolate> dang
<scsibear> I used to be a big bulkky scotsman at 13 stone now i am 10
basically womans size
<scsibear> yeah i know
<Princess> bbl
<chocolate> k
04* Princess (~Princess@74-141-202-73.dhcp.insightbb.com) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<scsibear> amazing what things do to ya, ya know
04* nupa (~Blitzbear@ has left #native-american (Excess
<chocolate> yuppers
<chocolate> excess flood?
04* @spiritdog (~65.82.231.@ip68-228-49-31.tc.ph.cox.net) has left
<chocolate> we interupting stories?
<scsibear> i got real bad depression.. but i cannot accept that]I never
told josh either which pisses me off he has been such a great friend to
me for all these years but just couldn't explain it to him
<scsibear> i let him down too which i am so angry at myself about too
<chocolate> awww sorry to hear that
<scsibear> yeah sometimes it just comes over me like wave ya know
09* shadoe (~shadoe@pool-72-64-35-84.nrflva.east.verizon.net) has
joined #native-american
<scsibear> hi shadz
<chocolate> hey shadoe
<@MWolf> hey there debster
<chocolate> omg bee\
<shadoe> hey josh
<chocolate> lol
<shadoe> hey scsibear
<shadoe> hey choc
<shadoe> hey taffy
<shadoe> hows everyone tonight?
09* nupa (~Blitzbear@ has joined #native-american
<scsibear> brb
<chocolate> good here ty and good to see ya been forevere
<shadoe> k bear
<chocolate> hb bubbles
<shadoe> lol good to see u too, thought u got lost in cyberspace
<shadoe> hi nupa
<chocolate> got lost in my own space dont need cyber for that lmao
<scsibear> back
<chocolate> wb
<scsibear> actually chox i have to ask doll where qhave ye been and
what's going on in yer life these days
<scsibear> tnx doll
<shadoe> wb bear
<scsibear> wb noop
<scsibear> tnx shadz
<shadoe> i been hibernating lol
<chocolate> yw:)
<scsibear> lol red squirrel syndrome shadz ?
<scsibear> lol
<shadoe> and only thing happening is i got fat andolder while i wasnt
looking lol
<chocolate> i am still the same lol the comp left with daughter when she
moved out
<chocolate> lol
<shadoe> oh no u got ur own now?
<scsibear> yeah
<chocolate> lol i here ya shadoe
<scsibear> brb hoose de la pishio
<scsibear> aka brb need a pee
<chocolate> nope she got laptop im on now lol
<scsibear> lol
<chocolate> gotta go to the looo
<chocolate> lol
<shadoe> good tell her she has to leave ya one
<chocolate> :)
<shadoe> i tried to get in a bit ago and couldnt. looked at bum and said
dang got banned fast didnt i
<chocolate> lolooll
<chocolate> lol
<shadoe> so how u been
<chocolate> dang been too long
<chocolate> good good ty
<chocolate> moon still comes up on the beach eh lmao
<shadoe> lol u didnt change that huh
<chocolate> nopers
<chocolate> lol
<chocolate> guess ill always be me
<chocolate> lol
<shadoe> thats good
<chocolate> if i wasnt id be someone else lol
<shadoe> trouble shouldnt ever change
<chocolate> lmao
<chocolate> got that right
<chocolate> and who was #1
<chocolate> lol
<shadoe> lol u have to ask?
<chocolate> :)
<shadoe> btw happy mothers day
<chocolate> ty
<chocolate> u2
<shadoe> ty
<shadoe> im gonna have a empty nest here tho and it will be strange
<scsibear> fatter and older..does that mean you got a bubble butt now
shadz ??
<scsibear> lol emm back btw lol
<shadoe> lol maybe 2 ray
<chocolate> lol i was just telling bubbles i was having empty nest syndrome
<scsibear> ahhh lol k
<shadoe> weird isnt it choc
<chocolate> yuppers
<shadoe> and wb ray
<scsibear> and here was me thinkin' now where can i park me bike
<scsibear> sheesh
<scsibear> tnx shadz
<chocolate> all they left me was their pets lmao
<shadoe> lol
<scsibear> lol
<scsibear> hahaha
<shadoe> same here
<chocolate> lmao
<shadoe> have a lizard from son, fish from gson and cat from everyone
<chocolate> lol
<chocolate> 2 dogs 1 cat and a snake
<shadoe> sent hamster with them and it died
<scsibear> yeah yet i am still bubbles ya know and you'll thought you
had problems
<chocolate> aawww
<scsibear> hey taffy has no idea what we on about either hahah
<scsibear> how weird does that sound
<chocolate> hhmmmmm
<chocolate> lol
<scsibear> maybe chox has to explain it
<scsibear> orshadz too in fact seeing she had all those blackmail pix
after all
<chocolate> just a whole lotta chatting going on lol
<chocolate> lmao
<scsibear> ahh sounds like a song doll haha
<chocolate> :))
<chocolate> lol
08* scsibear wipes forehed phewww
<shadoe> lol u soo lucky that my desktop crashed too
<scsibear> hahahaha
04* nupa (~Blitzbear@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
<scsibear> puters doll eh
<scsibear> hahahahaha
<shadoe> not sure what i have on the flash drive
<scsibear> mabn i still love em
<scsibear> man
<shadoe> cant blame the pc this time
<shadoe> blame facebook virus
<scsibear> you taken up flashin now !
<chocolate> didnt put up any new pics bubbles? ;)
<scsibear> i got a spare coat you might like
<scsibear> hahaha
<chocolate> lol
<shadoe> lol geesh no
<scsibear> hahaha
<scsibear> gits
<scsibear> :)
<scsibear> chox.. no doll i lost so much weight since you been away
<chocolate> da woof aint howling tonite
<scsibear> I am literally ladies sizes these days
<scsibear> i kid ya not
<chocolate> aawwww
<scsibear> yep
<chocolate> need some good cooking
<scsibear> i so ned to put more on but seems no matter what io eat i
just cannot
<scsibear> yeah could be doll
<scsibear> but twin does take really good care of me
<chocolate> nice
<scsibear> you not met twin yet but i'm sure you will
<chocolate> k
<scsibear> you guys are quite similar actually in a lotta ways
<chocolate> hhmmm
<shadoe> wheres twin at
<scsibear> esp in that wind up zone, ya know lol
<chocolate> lol
<scsibear> she has crwashed for the evening shadz
<scsibear> crashed sorry
<chocolate> lmao i thought you meant washing car jk lmao
<shadoe> ah ok
<scsibear> haha in the dark yeah that would be fun to see chox lol
<chocolate> giggles to self
<chocolate> lol
<scsibear> lol
09* nupa (~Blitzbear@ has joined #native-american
<scsibear> wb noop
<chocolate> hey nupa
<chocolate> well peeps sun comes early in these here parts
<chocolate> but ill be around
<chocolate> good to see yall till next time tc and be well
<scsibear> ahh ok doll you tc get a good sleep k was bloody gret to see
ya again after all tis time
04* nupa (~Blitzbear@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
04* chocolate (~Guest@bas8-ottawa23-1128534938.dsl.bell.ca) has left
#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<scsibear> been way too long imho
<scsibear> i missed ya
<shadoe> lol ray shes gone already
<scsibear> yup i saw that shadz
<shadoe> lol
<scsibear> jutst tried to say what i thought anyway, ya know doll
<shadoe> it is good to see her back
<scsibear> hey remember i a 2 finger typer lol
<shadoe> lol
<scsibear> i try as best i can doll
<scsibear> lol
<shadoe> as long as it can be read its good typing
<scsibear> so how you guys been..everything sorting itself out
family/kids wise these days
<scsibear> yeah exactly
<shadoe> kids are with their mom
<scsibear> ahh that sounds like a positive move
<scsibear> how is she
<shadoe> lol with her ya never know
<scsibear> lol yeah
<scsibear> but she always tries her best
<shadoe> but they are her kids so i wont fight to keep them either
<scsibear> and the...dobber if i may say has he stood up and decided to
be a man yet ??
<shadoe> lol him never
<scsibear> yeah that much i expected
<scsibear> arse
<scsibear> i was so hoping he would get it, ya know
<shadoe> he has another baby girl, so cute but he doesnt even help with her
09* Blitzbear (~Blitzbear@ has joined #native-american
<scsibear> total arse then obviously
<shadoe> hey blitz
<scsibear> hi russ
<@MWolf> mr johnson, hope your having a magical day
<shadoe> lol
<Blitzbear> hello
09* Guest9489 (~Guest@d75-158-125-105.abhsia.telus.net) has joined
<Blitzbear> hello mr. wolf
<scsibear> i thought he was magic anyway
<shadoe> hi guest
<Guest9489> its me...olive-oyl
<Guest9489> good evening everyone
<@MWolf> oh id recognize thta guest nick anywhere
<scsibear> Ops emm ok lol hi Guest9489
<Blitzbear> havin a bit of technical difficulties here.. nupa was doin
stories and the machine got blue-screened and shut down
<Guest9489> thanks MWolf
<Blitzbear> twice
<scsibear> see if ya too oily you can fall out the room
<@MWolf> wow
<@MWolf> dang that never happens anymore
<@MWolf> you must have been viried man
<scsibear> that nopthing to do with the typing russ sounds like a ram or
cpu issue to me
<Guest9489> how is scsibear tonight?
<scsibear> any beeps at all
<scsibear> ok here Guest9489 tnx
<Guest9489> hey blitzbear, how you doing
<scsibear> reboot that problem machine if it is constant steadt beebs
yer ram is shot
<Guest9489> you guys are always freezing...whats going on?
<Guest9489> scsibear..its me...olive-oyl
<Guest9489> lol
08* scsibear puts on a big jumper I'm warm now
<scsibear> i know lol
<Guest9489> someone give me a scarf...or some uggs
<Guest9489> lol
<Blitzbear> my machine use to do this too.. shut down due to the cpu
over heating.. that may possibly be it
<scsibear> just trying to find out this computer issue here is all
<Blitzbear> hi shadoe
<Blitzbear> how you be deb?
<Guest9489> hey shadoe
<shadoe> good russ and u? besides the pc
<scsibear> russ can you tell me the specs of the machine at all
<Blitzbear> :)
09* yonega-wahlela
(~yonega-wahlela@hou-69-171-164-80.evdo.leapwireless.net) has joined
<scsibear> it's a silly thin k i know that much so far
<Blitzbear> i was watchin the simpsons.. and then boom! heh
<@MWolf> yo yo
<yonega-wahlela> whad up MWolf?
<shadoe> hi yonega-wahlela
<yonega-wahlela> hi shadoe
<scsibear> is this mobo the one that josh sent ya noyt too long ago ?
<scsibear> a computer rebooting is usually either an over heating isssue
or a ram problem
<Guest9489> How come it won't let me get a nick name?
<yonega-wahlela> hey there taffy
<scsibear> damn i need the specs
09* Guest9489 is now known as Olive-Oyl
<scsibear> ohh luive oil
<Olive-Oyl> i wanna be known as North wind woman
<scsibear> lol
<@taffy> okies back sorry running back and foorth
<scsibear> wb taffy
<@taffy> hi to all i missed
<@taffy> ty
<yonega-wahlela> welcome back taffy
<scsibear> scroll a lil back to see what ya missed doll
<shadoe> wb taffy
<@taffy> ty
<Olive-Oyl> hey taffy
<@taffy> ty
<Olive-Oyl> wolf can u change my name/
<Olive-Oyl> ?
09* Olive-Oyl is now known as North-wind-woman
<@MWolf> no
<scsibear> lol
<North-wind-woman> Miigwetch man..
<yonega-wahlela> geeze it is hot out here
<North-wind-woman> n here its raining...n...slushie
<@taffy> lol scsibear
<North-wind-woman> think mehbe i'll head to 7/11
<yonega-wahlela> oh man wish we would get rain here
<North-wind-woman> where you be at?
<shadoe> wish i could send some of mine to ya
<yonega-wahlela> don't remember the one camp song we use to sing that
every time we sang it the next day it would rain
<yonega-wahlela> Texas near Galveston
<North-wind-woman> cool
<yonega-wahlela> we are under a complete burn ban
<yonega-wahlela> not it is hot
<yonega-wahlela> lol
<shadoe> mom just bout lost her home a couple of weeks ago cause of
fires there
<yonega-wahlela> i am being a smarty pants
<North-wind-woman> still a bit of snow around here
<yonega-wahlela> wow sorry to hear that yea they are bad down here glad
she didn't though
<yonega-wahlela> omg where you at North
<North-wind-woman> yeppers
<North-wind-woman> edmonton alberta canada
<shadoe> shes up close to wichita falls and it was close ty
<yonega-wahlela> can i come up there and live please
<yonega-wahlela> oh wow
<North-wind-woman> lol, i have a futon thats empty
<shadoe> send some of the cold down North-wind-woman
<North-wind-woman> taffy and wolf, mind my asking a stupid question?
<scsibear> a japanese couch for lovers
<North-wind-woman> lmao
<North-wind-woman> is that was a futon is?
<yonega-wahlela> cool on my way wait a minute i have to work
<North-wind-woman> i hate it anyways
<scsibear> hey ye laugh coz ye know it's troo haha right lol
<@MWolf> we are pretty much use ot stupid questions
<@taffy> ok North-wind-woman
<scsibear> yeah damn hard on yer back from my experience
<yonega-wahlela> stupid job\
<North-wind-woman> why do your names have stars and everyone else has
like little bubbles near their names?
<yonega-wahlela> yea they are but hey a place to sleep is a place to
sleep you know?
<@taffy> well i,m a ircop and MWolf is the owner of the chat
<scsibear> could be sim-ly a matter of interpretation is all
<North-wind-woman> its true, they'\re pretty uncomfortable too when u
sit in one spot for a time
<yonega-wahlela> they are the sherrif and deputy
<@MWolf> well the ones with stars are like greek gods , super powers
<North-wind-woman> cool, thanx
<scsibear> yeah i broke the 1st one i was supposed to sleep on
<yonega-wahlela> omg MWolf lol
<@taffy> lol it looks strange to see scsibear and shadoe with no badges
<scsibear> lol taffy
<North-wind-woman> lmao...so you are familiar with thor?...gonna go see
his moves on tuesday night
<yonega-wahlela> i wear a real life badge
<shadoe> naw for me its what it should be
<@taffy> pokes tounge out to shadoe because i can
<@taffy> lol
<shadoe> lol
<North-wind-woman> lol
<yonega-wahlela> that was mean taffy shame on you
<shadoe> puts pepper on it
<@taffy> yikes
<yonega-wahlela> lol now that is funny way to go shadoe
<scsibear> ohh lil nippy sweeties
<yonega-wahlela> oh no it got quite again
<North-wind-woman> who's for spaghetti and bannock?
09* nupa (~Blitzbear@ has joined #native-american
<North-wind-woman> sending some all yer way
<@taffy> well i knew shadoe wpould get me
<North-wind-woman> just havin some supper
<scsibear> hmmm food
<yonega-wahlela> i have spaghetti for dinner tonight
<shadoe> lol tv is on and its not dance with wolves it is walks with lions
<North-wind-woman> lol...my daughter made me some
<yonega-wahlela> cool
<North-wind-woman> so i made her bannock
<@taffy> lol shadoe
<North-wind-woman> did u see the dances with wolves extended version?
<North-wind-woman> it was pretty awesome
<scsibear> well i think i goona head off twin slwwpin on her back and i
need to park me bike
<scsibear> lol
<shadoe> no lol no no
<yonega-wahlela> my husband made mine though i do a much better sauce
than he does. he does not put in enough garlic
<@taffy> ok tc ray talk soon
<scsibear> yeah doll
<North-wind-woman> laterz scsibear
<shadoe> tc ray hb be good
<yonega-wahlela> dream sweet scsibear
<scsibear> k tc everyone have a grrat night ok
<North-wind-woman> miigwetch...keen sugga
<scsibear> always
<@taffy> nite nite scsibear
<North-wind-woman> thanks and you too
<scsibear> k guys byeeee
<@taffy> laterz ray
<yonega-wahlela> bye
<scsibear> see ya'll on da hop
08* scsibear GONE !!!!!!!
04* scsibear (~PimpX@cpc1-clyd2-0-0-cust527.14-1.cable.virginmedia.com)
has left #native-american (Quit: I'm a Linux PC and Windows 7 was NOT my
<shadoe> hi and wb nupa
<North-wind-woman> hey nupa, how are u?
<yonega-wahlela> hi nupa
<@taffy> nupa is in nac stories
<shadoe> thats ok she saw the belated hi im sure
<@taffy> gawd its so humid here tonight
<shadoe> btw i had such a bad headache last night taffy from rolling my
<@taffy> lmao shadoe
<shadoe> u want my humidity plz say yes
<@taffy> i wondered how u was
<@taffy> o nah shadoe i got enough
<@MWolf> i have to restart the server folks, it will be back up in 3 minutes
04* @MWolf (MWolf@ has left #native-american (Quit: The
Zombie's are here, the zombie's are here!! I mean the liberal's are
here!! the liberal's are here!!)
<shadoe> k
<@taffy> ok mwolf
<shadoe> see yall in a bit
04* shadoe (~shadoe@pool-72-64-35-84.nrflva.east.verizon.net) has left
<@taffy> seeu all in a few
<yonega-wahlela> omg i am trying to find this one thing i was on last
night and can't find it now
<yonega-wahlela> should have bookmarked it to
11* Disconnected
11* Attempting to rejoin channel #native-american
09* Rejoined channel #native-american
09* Topic is 'Twofeathers has had a death in the family, if you pray;
you mite remember her family in prayer, thanks'
09* Set by Remote1573 on Fri May 06 16:31:10
<@taffy> nah u are good WhistlingElk
<yonega-wahlela> oh wow cool nupa
<WhistlingElk> okty
<yonega-wahlela> nupa the only word i know in Lakota is Waste
<WhistlingElk> hokahey aho
<nupa> means good bu8t mostly it used like this lila waste
<WhistlingElk> i think thats lakota
<yonega-wahlela> was only taught waste
<yonega-wahlela> did not know about the lila thank you though will try
and remember that
<nupa> ur lakota
<@taffy> yonega-wahlela u are the one that was here this am looking for
<yonega-wahlela> was not raised to speak either language
<yonega-wahlela> yes
<yonega-wahlela> and all i can freaking find are the french
<yonega-wahlela> lol
<nupa> what rez are ur people from
<yonega-wahlela> remember
<@taffy> ok u had a french family and wanted to find more
<WhistlingElk> we
<yonega-wahlela> not sure nupa that is what i am trying to find out
<yonega-wahlela> yea taffy
09* Guest1140 (~Guest@c-98-214-5-74.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined
<yonega-wahlela> see my mother's mother's mother was full blood Cherokee
<@taffy> hi Guest1140
<Guest1140> howdy ya'll
<yonega-wahlela> so my great great grandmother was
<nupa> <yonega-wahlela> i am Cherokee and LaKotaha Souix
<yonega-wahlela> but i do not know her name
<Guest1140> how do I change my nick?
<yonega-wahlela> nor her maiden name
<WhistlingElk> natives up in the u p and canada they speak french and
their native language mixed together
08* @taffy to change your nick name, click your nickname, right click
your nickname, then click change nickname or type /nick nicknamehere
<yonega-wahlela> yes i have on my father's side LaKota
<nupa> first off u spelled lakota wrong we never put lakota souix
<nupa> ur fathers side lakota
<WhistlingElk> i still learning sorry
<yonega-wahlela> i never said i spell it right i have dyslixia and that
throws my spelling off alot
<nupa> do u iknow what rez or names
<WhistlingElk> sorry
<yonega-wahlela> yes
<yonega-wahlela> somewhere
<nupa> kewl
09* Guest1140 is now known as lostbirdie
<lostbirdie> now I have my right name
<yonega-wahlela> nope
<nupa> i can help u if u have info
<yonega-wahlela> wish i did
<@taffy> hey lostbirdie how u doing
<nupa> hey lostb ird
<WhistlingElk> hey lostbirdie
<lostbirdie> howdy howdy howdy
<WhistlingElk> toy story
<nupa> if they enrolled their names be on enrollemnt
<yonega-wahlela> on my mothers side the Cherokee comes from well all i
have is my great grandmother's name
09* Guest1142
has joined #native-american
<@taffy> hi Guest1142
<Guest1142> hi taffy
<WhistlingElk> 1142 hello
<yonega-wahlela> yea but i have to find out her last name before she married
09* Guest1142 is now known as Eaglelady469
<@taffy> hi Eaglelady469
<yonega-wahlela> she married a Poteet
<WhistlingElk> plus blood quantum
<Eaglelady469> :))
<lostbirdie> I have not been here in a long time, don't recognize names
except taffy I think
<yonega-wahlela> first want to find her name
<yonega-wahlela> lol
<nupa> nice meet u lostbirdie
<@taffy> o irs good to have u back lostbirdie
<lostbirdie> do you remember me taffy?
<yonega-wahlela> nict to meet you lostbirdie
<@taffy> lostbirdie u remember Eaglelady469
<lostbirdie> nice to meet you all too
<@taffy> aye i remember lostbirdie
<lostbirdie> i am not sure taffy
<lostbirdie> :) taffy
09* WhistlingElk is now known as N8V4EVR
<N8V4EVR> my handle on 01
<@taffy> Eaglelady469 a long time chatter here much longer then me
<lostbirdie> sorry I'm not sure
<@taffy> its ok
<lostbirdie> but nice to be back and chat with ya'll again :)
<yonega-wahlela> my father's dad's side i am suppose to have blackfoot
and apatchie but don't see how
<@taffy> aye
<lostbirdie> is mwolf still around?
<N8V4EVR> brb need two more pops
<yonega-wahlela> so the sides i am looking for are my dad's mom's side
and my mom's mom's side
<yonega-wahlela> he was here earilier i think lost
<lostbirdie> good to know
09* dayden (dayden@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o dayden
<@taffy> hes just left lostbirdie
<@taffy> hi dayden
<@dayden> hey all
<yonega-wahlela> hi dayden
<lostbirdie> aha and dayden! I remember dayden
<@dayden> hi lost
<@dayden> how you been?
<lostbirdie> howdy dayden!
<lostbirdie> hangin in there - and you?
<yonega-wahlela> nupa i know my great grandmother's name full name well
first maiden and married
<yonega-wahlela> not middle
<@dayden> just fine thanks
<yonega-wahlela> ]
<@dayden> good to see you back
<yonega-wahlela> stupid bugs
<lostbirdie> well ty :)
<lostbirdie> it'
<yonega-wahlela> fixing to spray myself down with bug spray
<lostbirdie> is always good to be seen :)
<@dayden> soemtimes
<N8V4EVR> ok
<lostbirdie> lol good point
<Eaglelady469> hi lostbirdie
<Eaglelady469> hi day
09* Guest1151 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
<lostbirdie> hi eagle lady
<@dayden> hey Eaglelady469
<@taffy> hi Guest1151
<@dayden> hi Guest1151
<yonega-wahlela> i am at work N8V4EVR
<lostbirdie> howdy guest
<yonega-wahlela> and outside at that
<N8V4EVR> i see
<N8V4EVR> wheres work?
<lostbirdie> yonega is not in the midwest i assume
<@dayden> looks like texas
<@dayden> houston?
<yonega-wahlela> night Security Officer in Texas at a construction site
<yonega-wahlela> close enough to Houston
04* Guest1151 (~Guest@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
<yonega-wahlela> but closer to Galveston
<@dayden> you sit outside?
<yonega-wahlela> yep in my car
<@dayden> it must get hot in the summer
<yonega-wahlela> it is a construction site
<yonega-wahlela> yep
04* Eaglelady469
has left #native-american (Connection reset by peer)
<N8V4EVR> ahh i done security at soaring eagle casino for 7 years
<yonega-wahlela> it is not even summer her yet and it is already getting
into the 89's here
<yonega-wahlela> cool
<N8V4EVR> surviellence
<lostbirdie> cool nvervr
<lostbirdie> that's hard to type :)
<yonega-wahlela> my brother in law is doing that in Wisconson
<yonega-wahlela> i think
<yonega-wahlela> yea it is
<N8V4EVR> b n w cams, PTZ's
<lostbirdie> what is a ptz?
<N8V4EVR> zoom in so close you can count the freckles
<N8V4EVR> pan tilt zoom
<lostbirdie> aha
<yonega-wahlela> yep
<yonega-wahlela> i hate the cctv's
08* @dayden gets all excited....camera talk.....yea!!!!
<yonega-wahlela> they make your head hurt
<@taffy> lol
<yonega-wahlela> omg dayden
<N8V4EVR> i love tech
<lostbirdie> you dig cameras then dayden? :)
08* @dayden is waiting for her new camera to arrive and like a kid on
christmas eve
<lostbirdie> i guess so
<yonega-wahlela> if you have to watch those cctv's for 12 to 16 hours a
night omg
<@dayden> yup i just ordered a new one
<N8V4EVR> digital wonderland
<@taffy> thats great dayden
<lostbirdie> hobby or job?
<yonega-wahlela> job for me
<@dayden> mwolf bought me a book written about this specific camera and
i have taken 1 class already and as soon as the camera arrives will be
taking private lessons
<@taffy> thats great
<@dayden> hobby for me...expensive hobby...but an exciting one
<N8V4EVR> cool
<@dayden> yup actually he has sent 2 books to my kindle
<lostbirdie> well if it makes you happy its a good one
<@dayden> yup i agree lostbirdie
<lostbirdie> :)
<@dayden> we are going to set up a site on the community for ppl to post
their photos
<@taffy> thats great
<@dayden> yup
<N8V4EVR> dont forget to say Happy Mthers DAy yall!
<N8V4EVR> jeez
<@dayden> yes happy mothers day to all you mothers
<N8V4EVR> sp
<@taffy> ty and the same back
<lostbirdie> lol all you mothers???? lol lol
<N8V4EVR> awe man
<lostbirdie> sorry hee hee hee
<@dayden> i said "mothers" not "muthers"
<N8V4EVR> gotta respect the moms
<@taffy> i best check to get my cameras working
<N8V4EVR> i know
<lostbirdie> arrrghhh i am adopted, don't get me going on mothers
09* Guest1169 (~Guest@64-110-240-237.sktn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca) has
joined #native-american
<@taffy> hi Guest1169
<N8V4EVR> i was too
<lostbirdie> howdy guest
<N8V4EVR> meanies adpoted me
09* Guest1169 is now known as ndn_trader
<lostbirdie> meanies adopted me too
<N8V4EVR> huggs
<lostbirdie> what's your story?
<@taffy> hi ndn_trader
<yonega-wahlela> i wished i was adopted
<ndn_trader> hi taffy , hows ur royal lovin butt doing today
<ndn_trader> how ya been taff
<@taffy> grrr
<lostbirdie> lol yonega be careful what you wish for
<yonega-wahlela> my mome is a royal butt pain
<ndn_trader> lol ok ok taff , sorry bud lol
<@taffy> i,m female nnd
<ndn_trader> but i did say butt , so thats the only thing that loves
them lol
<@taffy> ndn_trader
<yonega-wahlela> no i am not joking my mom told me every day of my life
she wished i had died right after i was born
<ndn_trader> oh sorry taff
<ndn_trader> lol
<yonega-wahlela> she never wanted me
<N8V4EVR> dam
<ndn_trader> sorry , thought u was a dude lol but ur a dudette
<N8V4EVR> me
<lostbirdie> omg yonega
<@taffy> aye
<N8V4EVR> ?
<yonega-wahlela> yep
<N8V4EVR> me?
<yonega-wahlela> so that is why i wish i were adopted
<ndn_trader> should be taffette lol jk
<@taffy> good grief yonega-wahlela
<N8V4EVR> i think i am dude
<yonega-wahlela> was never a day that went by i was not beaten
<N8V4EVR> checking...yup a dude
<yonega-wahlela> nvevr better check your plumping
<lostbirdie> so sorry yonega
<ndn_trader> n8vvevr , or are u a dude who looks like a lady lol jk
<N8V4EVR> look at my pic
<yonega-wahlela> omg
<@taffy> i thought u was female ndn_trader
<ndn_trader> lol no thanks lol im just kidding around with u bud
<N8V4EVR> scary
<lostbirdie> where
<yonega-wahlela> it is ok lost
<ndn_trader> i am taffy
<yonega-wahlela> it only made me stronger
<N8V4EVR> jk too lol
<lostbirdie> it's not really ok yonega but we all have our burdens don't
we :(
<yonega-wahlela> so you are lucky your adopted
<yonega-wahlela> yea we do
<lostbirdie> maybe, maybe not, who knows
<ndn_trader> whos adopted
<ndn_trader> now i want to be adopted to
<yonega-wahlela> not me
<ndn_trader> who wants to adopte me
<yonega-wahlela> ndn
<N8V4EVR> burdons gawd
<lostbirdie> do you clean windows ndn? :)
<lostbirdie> I'll adopt you!
<yonega-wahlela> well i guess in a way i am
<yonega-wahlela> adopted that is
<ndn_trader> id clean what ever u need cleanin
<lostbirdie> shweet you're in
<ndn_trader> i can be a plumber to
<N8V4EVR> i need cleanin bigtime
<ndn_trader> drink draino , that will clean u out n8v
<ndn_trader> jk lol
<yonega-wahlela> this old man he was cherokee and i was living in
arkansas at the time and he named me white butterfly
<yonega-wahlela> yonega wahlela
<lostbirdie> I wish I was named
<N8V4EVR> leave me hollow
<nupa> why a name from 2 tribes
<nupa> if he cherokee
<yonega-wahlela> no idea
<ndn_trader> lostbirdie , i know name u foundbirdie
<lostbirdie> that's one thing I always wish for
<ndn_trader> hows that
<lostbirdie> aww ty ndn
<nupa> hey dayden
<nupa> hey ndn_trader
<N8V4EVR> or flippen
<ndn_trader> hi nups
<N8V4EVR> lol
<yonega-wahlela> well i looked up the white and butterfly was not sure
if i was getting it right or not
<ndn_trader> or if u want hows badmintonbirdie
<yonega-wahlela> but name is white butterfly though
<lostbirdie> har har har you rock ndn :D
<ndn_trader> lol
<yonega-wahlela> what would it be in full cherokee?
<nupa> if he cherokee why he use other tribe words for half ur name he
gave u
<nupa> why half cherokee and half anothe rtibe
<yonega-wahlela> no no nupa
<yonega-wahlela> i looked the words up
<yonega-wahlela> that was me
<ndn_trader> white butterfly , are sure he didnt mean the backgrounds
not white , sort of like a trippin thing
<ndn_trader> jk
<ndn_trader> lol
<yonega-wahlela> he only called me by white butterfly in english
<nupa> so u used half name from one tribe and half from another
<lostbirdie> ndn how would you say badmintonbirdie in your lingo? :)
<yonega-wahlela> not sure
<N8V4EVR> trippen
<ndn_trader> bird swatted with a fly swatter
04* @taffy (taffy@ has left #native-american (Connection
reset by peer)
<ndn_trader> hows that
<ndn_trader> lol
<N8V4EVR> bye taff
<yonega-wahlela> i think he meant white as in i was a bit more pale
skined than him
<ndn_trader> awww taff got sent to bed
<lostbirdie> what's your nation ndn? You know your original lingo? :)
<ndn_trader> or maybe he ment white as in innocent
<ndn_trader> nah
<N8V4EVR> peace
<yonega-wahlela> it does not matter what he really meant he named me so
that is what it it to me
<lostbirdie> ah bummer I wanna be badmintonbirdie
<ndn_trader> u going n8v
<yonega-wahlela> not sure ndn
<ndn_trader> lol i told u how they said it ,,, bird slapped with fly
<ndn_trader> lol
<lostbirdie> ah don't go n8v just getting goin' here
<yonega-wahlela> that was a long time ago and he has passed since then
<ndn_trader> are u innocent yongega
<lostbirdie> i likes it ndn :)
<nupa> it matters maybe taht u say u ndn use 2 two tribes words
<yonega-wahlela> i say yes but everyone who knows me well would say no
<nupa> u see i am ndn lakota
<ndn_trader> one point for me
<lostbirdie> some days I feel like bird slapped with fly swatter
<yonega-wahlela> ok nupa
08* nupa slaps ndn_trader around a bit with a large trout
<ndn_trader> lol
<lostbirdie> some days you're the bird, some days you're the the fly swatter
<nupa> lol ndn
<lostbirdie> lol nupa
<yonega-wahlela> that was me that looked up the words yonega and wahlela
<ndn_trader> nups , put that bit of large trout back where u got it ,,,
ur nm lol
<yonega-wahlela> trying to find the cherokee words for my name
<N8V4EVR> i went , to a spring ceremony, went into the long house after
a 4 day fast, came in bare foot and my feet were bleeding , and got
named wabba gnanu :white eagle
<nupa> do u feel it good use 2 tribes words when u unsure u ndn from one
tribe or the other
<nupa> aww elk
<ndn_trader> damn , wabba gnanu ,
<nupa> man
<yonega-wahlela> cool
<N8V4EVR> good memory
<nupa> dude
<nupa> yeah
09* two_feathers (~two_feathers@24-182-79-140.dhcp.hckr.nc.charter.com)
has joined #native-american
<nupa> hey two_feathers
<nupa> hugss
<lostbirdie> howdy two
<ndn_trader> hey who wants a wabba gnanu
<ndn_trader> jk lol
<ndn_trader> lol
<two_feathers> hello
<yonega-wahlela> nupa good grief i did not know i was doing that geeze
get over it
<ndn_trader> hi 2
<N8V4EVR> awe man
<N8V4EVR> :-(
<lostbirdie> sounds hot :)
09* taffy (taffy@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o taffy
<yonega-wahlela> i asked you to help me find my name in full cherokee if
it bothers you so much
<@taffy> opss ssorry back
<ndn_trader> wb taffs
<lostbirdie> wb taffy
<nupa> i not have get over it really i just explaining it ot u
<nupa> im not cherokee
<@taffy> ty
<ndn_trader> hey dayden
<nupa> wb taffy
<@taffy> ty
<N8V4EVR> i not either
<ndn_trader> do that name song on taffs name
<@dayden> hey whats going on?
<nupa> yw
<yonega-wahlela> ok then he did not put the two words together i did
<nupa> i was just explainiung
<nupa> u using 2 tribes for ur name
<nupa> cherokee and lakota
<nupa> i never seen that
09* two_feathers is now known as se-gi
<nupa> lol 2
<lostbirdie> howdy dayden!
<nupa> sheesh
<yonega-wahlela> yes i have cherokee on my mom's side\
<@dayden> lol
<nupa> u said that
<yonega-wahlela> and i have lakota on my dad's
<@dayden> oh brother
<N8V4EVR> any one sundance?
<ndn_trader> please
<yonega-wahlela> just never mind
<yonega-wahlela> i will go
<nupa> then said dad lakota i asked what rez and his name u didnt tell me
<nupa> no stay
<nupa> please
<ndn_trader> aww yongega , dont go
<ndn_trader> stay
04* yonega-wahlela
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#native-american (Connection reset by peer)
09* se-gi is now known as two_feathers
<nupa> im just asking why 2 tribes names
<N8V4EVR> awe
<nupa> man
<ndn_trader> oh , well guess peer made the decsion for her
<N8V4EVR> oh well
<nupa> sorry
<nupa> lol
<N8V4EVR> lol
<@dayden> maybe they hadnt picked which one they want to be from
<lostbirdie> lol ndn
<@taffy> lol dayden
<two_feathers> thankyou for all your prayers my sisters and brothers,
<ndn_trader> so anyways dayden, u have good singin skills
<N8V4EVR> its kinda clever
<N8V4EVR> ndn
<nupa> i never seen anyone say cherokee elder gave them name use 2
tribes for it puzzled me lol
<@dayden> nope
<@dayden> lol
<nupa> lol
<two_feathers> after i got through the sad to anger thang im now ok
<ndn_trader> awwwww , ok
<nupa> good hear two_feathers
<lostbirdie> sorry for your loss two feathers
<N8V4EVR> but i am not indian i am fron america, hence Native Americam
<@dayden> hey my favorite is when they cant even spell the name of the
tribe right
<@taffy> thats good to hear two_feathers huggs
<two_feathers> thankyouo taff
<@dayden> kewl N8V4EVR
<nupa> i knwo she spelled lakota wrong
<nupa> im like what
<nupa> lol
<@dayden> well you know what we say......cant be it if you cant spell it
<two_feathers> lakuta
<@dayden> lol
<two_feathers> lukota
<nupa> true dayden
<@taffy> aye dayden
<@dayden> hey maybe its a cross between lakota and cute
<nupa> ok im going fix dinner
<two_feathers> lekota
<N8V4EVR> lacoda
<nupa> nite all
<@dayden> whatcha makin?
<@taffy> tc nupa
<lostbirdie> awww don't be too harsh - I don't know where I'm from
either - people want an identity
<N8V4EVR> bye nupa
<ndn_trader> whos right whos wrong , who decides whos right whos wrong
<nupa> chops mashed tatters salad
<nupa> garvey
<nupa> gravey
<nupa> he kill me if i didnt make gravey
<nupa> lol
<two_feathers> i cant spell worth a hoot either
<ndn_trader> i cant spell to save my life
<N8V4EVR> mee neether
<lostbirdie> and that's another good point two feathers
<nupa> if u ndn ndn_trader u know how spell ur tribes name
<@dayden> well see lostbirdie its a little insulting to try to take the
culture and identity of another ppl
<nupa> yes it is
<@dayden> its not like joining a religious group
<N8V4EVR> lo
<N8V4EVR> l
<lostbirdie> I know dayden
<@taffy> i,m a crap speller too but u know how to spell where u come from
<@dayden> you cant join a tribe
<lostbirdie> but it can be hard
<nupa> if i ask u ndn_trader i have u spelled ur tribe right
<@dayden> you cant go get a blood infusion and become someone you arent
<lostbirdie> I have ndn heritage but I am adopted
<nupa> ahahah
<N8V4EVR> i am missing finger so i do the funky chicken
<two_feathers> lol
<lostbirdie> and I don't know where I am from
<nupa> omg i still cnat belive someone asked me that
09* Windle (~me@adsl-98-85-71-35.mco.bellsouth.net) has joined
<nupa> blood transfusion
<nupa> lol
<@taffy> hi wb Windle
<nupa> hey windle hugss
<Windle> hey y'all, ty ty
<nupa> i go fix dinner russ hungry
<ndn_trader> but hows version of name do u use , most ndn tribes had no
written language , the words used to make the names now come from
english version of how things are spelled
04* nupa (~Blitzbear@ has left #native-american
<ndn_trader> hi windle
<Windle> hey trader
<@dayden> its bad enough to have your land stolen, your rights taken but
they have to take our spirituality and culture too?
<Windle> hey dayden
<N8V4EVR> naw some could write, had ploitics like today by voting
<lostbirdie> well for me they took my culture too when they didn't give
me my tribe
<@dayden> i just dont get it....why ppl think everything is theirs to take?
<@taffy> well i guess u have things passed down to u that are not written
<@taffy> and i agree with dayden
<@dayden> what you mean they didnt give you your tribe
<N8V4EVR> cherokee i think is one
<lostbirdie> I am adopted
<@dayden> what year were you adopted?
<lostbirdie> I don't have any family history
<lostbirdie> 1965
<N8V4EVR> brain freez
<ndn_trader> lol
<N8V4EVR> no poopcycles
<@dayden> thats too bad
<two_feathers> its all about owning more and controling everyone, you
gotta pay to poop pee wash hands do dishes
<two_feathers> etc
<N8V4EVR> arr popcycles
09* Blitzbear (~Blitzbear@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o Blitzbear
<@dayden> but now you can petition for your original birth certificate
<@taffy> wb Blitzbear
<@Blitzbear> hello

<ndn_trader> hi blitz
<Windle> hey blitz
<@dayden> i believe all 50 states will release now
<@Blitzbear> hi taffie
<N8V4EVR> blitz
<@dayden> hey russ
<@Blitzbear> thanx
<N8V4EVR> hey taff
<lostbirdie> I dunno dayden - is that true? I was born in wisconsin and
they are tough
<@taffy> hey N8V4EVR
09* N8V4EVR is now known as WhistlingElk
<@dayden> you will be able to get your original
<@Blitzbear> hey ndn, windie dayden lost everyone.. hello
<WhistlingElk> how do i change color?
<lostbirdie> howdy bear
<@Blitzbear> howdy birdie
<@dayden> drink alot of carrot juice WhistlingElk
<WhistlingElk> ew
<ndn_trader> where u from lostbirdie
<Windle> lol
<@Blitzbear> hehe
<WhistlingElk> tomatoe better
<lostbirdie> rofl dayden!
<lostbirdie> I was born in Wisconsin.... the good old catholic charity
<@taffy> WhistlingElk look to the bottom there should be a option there
to change i think its on the left
<@Blitzbear> perhaps purple beets? :)
<WhistlingElk> Can u chance my name to a different color plz?
<lostbirdie> darn catholics are so giving....
<two_feathers> today i planted sqwash,and more beans tomorow i plant
<ndn_trader> so ur still in wisconsin i take it
<WhistlingElk> not pink!
<lostbirdie> nope, made it to illinois :)
<@taffy> thats great two_feathers
<lostbirdie> escaped wisconsin
<lostbirdie> where are you ndn?
<WhistlingElk> brb
<@taffy> k
<two_feathers> whistlingelk you see on bottom of chat were there are a
smile fase and letters?
<@dayden> there lostbirdie
<ndn_trader> im from everywhere , travel lots
<ndn_trader> currently residing in canada
<lostbirdie> oh gosh dayden
<lostbirdie> thanks but I've been there already
<two_feathers> clik on the paint brushes
<@dayden> thats the adoption search website for state of wisconsin thats
how you get your pre adoption birth certificate
<@dayden> and what happened?
<lostbirdie> you can't find anything through them
<lostbirdie> they are like a fortress
<@dayden> all you have to do is petition the courts
<@dayden> have you tried that?
<lostbirdie> ain't got no money......
<@taffy> but is it not law u have the right to them
<@dayden> yes you have the rights
<lostbirdie> and I don't have any proof that I'm native american anyhow
<@Blitzbear> yup
<@dayden> it cost like 35 bucks to file petition
<@dayden> well you must look it
<lostbirdie> well, i'll take another look
<@dayden> if your mother is cherokee
<@dayden> and father lakota
<lostbirdie> lol dayden
<@dayden> you sure wouldnt look white
<lostbirdie> I've been mistaken for spanish...... how does that work? :)
<@dayden> well
<@dayden> if you really want it you can get it
<@dayden> plus a DNA test would show also
<lostbirdie> i had a DNA test done
<@dayden> and?
<lostbirdie> and it did show!
<@dayden> well
<lostbirdie> but the courts don't accept that
<@dayden> whats the issue then?
<@dayden> did you petition?
<lostbirdie> and neither do tribal councils
<@dayden> i know a lot of ppl that have gotten their original birth
<two_feathers> its good just to no who you are
<lostbirdie> is there some way I can upload a pdf file to this chat?
<@dayden> no
<lostbirdie> I will show you my DNA chart]
<two_feathers> priks her fingure and shows dna
<@dayden> if you really want to find your ppl save up fifty bucks and
file a petition in court
<lostbirdie> dayden, I promise I will look into that but I don't think
it is that simple
<@dayden> well i hope it is for yo
<@dayden> you
<lostbirdie> I copied the website you sent
<@dayden> they release those records every day
<@dayden> alot of times ppl need to find out due to medical reasons
<WhistlingElk> ok
<lostbirdie> ah! I tried that route already
<@dayden> i thought you never petitioned
<lostbirdie> asked through the adoption agency
<lostbirdie> they would not release any information
<lostbirdie> they contacted my birthmother even
<@dayden> ask the courts
<lostbirdie> she would not talk to me
<WhistlingElk> ok i see
<lostbirdie> but I am a blood donor and I am signed up to be a marrow donor
<lostbirdie> for other in my same boat
<lostbirdie> mixed blood people who might need help
<lostbirdie> so that'
<lostbirdie> is all I can do right now
<WhistlingElk> i official! happy moomoos day!
<WhistlingElk> its
<@dayden> thanks WhistlingElk
<two_feathers> oh happy mothers day mothers
<two_feathers> and fathers whoo are mothers
<@Blitzbear> yup.. happy mom's day all ye mom's
<WhistlingElk> i got issues with my mom , but today is hard on me my
wife, and ill aways be there
<@dayden> thanks russ
<@dayden> i heard you making nupa navajo burgers for moms day
<@Blitzbear> i am? lol
<@dayden> you know those are like 2000 calories each right?
<two_feathers> navajo bergers?
<@taffy> ty russ
<two_feathers> buffaloe bergerrs
<@Blitzbear> i didnt know that :)
<@dayden> ooh shoot maybe you didnt know yet......LOL
<Windle> that's your mother's day surprise, blitz
<@Blitzbear> lol
<@dayden> better get to roastin peppers
<@dayden> lol
<@dayden> makin the fry bread
<@Blitzbear> she made some a while back.. it came out pretty good
08* @dayden hears a whip cracking
<ndn_trader> for mamas day im puttin on the santa suit and giving her
what ever gift she wants lol
<two_feathers> lol
<WhistlingElk> snap
<@dayden> oh you a good son/daughter
<@dayden> you a son or daughter ndn_trader?
<@taffy> ok every one nite nite all
04* @taffy (taffy@ has left #native-american (Quit:
learning things are only good when u can help others)
<two_feathers> nite taf
<two_feathers> stay well
<ndn_trader> nite taff
<WhistlingElk> nite taff
<@dayden> i sent my mom flowers
<ndn_trader> well im a son of a gun sometimes , well thats what i get told
<@dayden> lol
<two_feathers> were going to park to let the kids play all day
<ndn_trader> u son of a gun , i wonder , does that mean it was a shotgun
<Windle> lol
<WhistlingElk> lol
<@dayden> i got flowers from my daugher and she's making me breakfast
tomorrow and she took me to see the movie thor today
<@dayden> i loved thor
<lostbirdie> nice dayden :)
09* ndn_trader is now known as thor
<lostbirdie> I want to see that
<two_feathers> today he got me some white sage plants, lavander plants
and a rosmary plant
<thor> hi dayden
<two_feathers> and we had king crab and shrimp for dinner
<@dayden> lol umm... i want to see the pecs first before i believe you
are thor
<@dayden> oh thats so yummy two_feathers
<@dayden> grilledd shrimp?
<two_feathers> we made a mess you should have seen my face lol
<thor> **** rolls up pant leg and shows his version of ceps
<two_feathers> jumbo shrimp
<@dayden> lol
<@dayden> you cooked the crab?
<thor> well i have huge thights , probably cause i eat to damn much lol
<WhistlingElk> grill the crab making sure of its wieght
09* MWolf (MWolf@ has joined #native-american
07* sets mode: +o MWolf
<two_feathers> i bake the crab legs
<thor> hi mwolf
<WhistlingElk> ok
<Windle> hey M
<@MWolf> hry
<two_feathers> i just thaw the shrimp
<@dayden> they have this seafood buffet here at one of the casinos and
its a little spendy....35 bucks a person BUT you get all the king crab,
maine lobster, shrimp oysters so on and so on you can eat
<two_feathers> hi mwolf
<lostbirdie> hey mwolf
<@dayden> hey joshy woshy
<WhistlingElk> hey mwolf welcome back
<lostbirdie> how goes it?
<two_feathers> oh that sounds soo good
<thor> i live in the praires , we here of crabs and we leave the party
<@dayden> was telling ppl about the book you bought me about the camera
<thor> that makes everyone go home
<@MWolf> hey there poola woola
<@dayden> lol thor
<Windle> lol thor
<@dayden> omg that was funny
<lostbirdie> lol thor
<@dayden> thats almost a MWolf joke
<@MWolf> i read the reviews and thats a great book
<@dayden> oh i've been reading it
<lostbirdie> is anyone watching game of thrones?
<thor> well ive been under tutiledge
<@MWolf> kewl:)
<@Blitzbear> hello mr. woof
<Windle> yeah, I've been watching it, lostbirdie
<lostbirdie> like it?
<Windle> yeah, so far
<@dayden> i spilled the beans on nupa josh....told russ she told us he
was making her navajo burgers for moms day...he says "i am?"
<lostbirdie> me too
<@MWolf> mr. johnson
<@MWolf> you having a magical day bud ?
<@dayden> he better tomorrow..he better make navajo burgers appear!!
<thor> brb
<@Blitzbear> might get that dang machine on-line tonight while nupa's is on
<two_feathers> oh and i planted mamoth sunflower seeds too
<two_feathers> mammoth'
<@dayden> ooh i like sunflowers
<@MWolf> :)
<@Blitzbear> lookin for the router's transformer now
<@dayden> they are so beautiful
<@MWolf> so, how was the thor movie paula ?
<@dayden> did you check the flux capacitor?
<@Blitzbear> lol
<WhistlingElk> lol
<@dayden> ooh i loved the thor movie
<two_feathers> yes the more you water em the bigger they are
<@MWolf> :)
<@dayden> worth seeing in 3D
<WhistlingElk> strong stalk is needed
<two_feathers> today i got cucumbers more beans sqwash and lots of radishes
<@dayden> yum
<WhistlingElk> comics frenzy
<@MWolf> my tomatoes are 3 feet tall
<@MWolf> my beans are climbing
<@dayden> you know thor is the only god they based a comic book character?
<WhistlingElk> another xmen, wonder woman, green lantern
<WhistlingElk> coming
<two_feathers> i had already been planted bush beans sqwash white corn
holopeeno peppers and somthing eles
<WhistlingElk> no spiderman
<two_feathers> oh and tomatoes
<@dayden> everyoen if you go see that movie stay through all the credits
they show more after the credits
<two_feathers> 3 ft wow
<@MWolf> dayden is the real wonder woman, iv seen her in her aluminimum
<WhistlingElk> lol
<Windle> lol
<@dayden> you sniffing the glue again?
<thor> back
<two_feathers> lol mwilf aluminum panties lol
<lostbirdie> lol
<@Blitzbear> i always read most of the credits after a movie
<@dayden> please dont encourage him
<WhistlingElk> bullet proof butt
<lostbirdie> lol
<two_feathers> lol
08* @dayden looks at Blitzbear out of the corner of her eyes
<WhistlingElk> ping, zow
<thor> what u do with them aluminum panties mwolf , take them to the
recycle center
<thor> lol
<thor> jk
<@Blitzbear> yeah..once a nerd, always a nerd
<thor> lol
<@dayden> lol
<@MWolf> i was joking
<@Blitzbear> hey
<lostbirdie> nerd rock!
<two_feathers> get 10 cent every ounce of aluminum
<@Blitzbear> have a nice evening.. din-din is on
<@Blitzbear> dont want to miss that for sure
<two_feathers> but then poor wonder woman lost her panties
<thor> thats a lot of dimes lol
<@Blitzbear> later
04* @Blitzbear (~Blitzbear@ has left #native-american
<Windle> k blitz, tc
<@dayden> gawd she feeds him awful late
<@dayden> you see the most recent pic of him?
<thor> a late feeding puts meat on the bones
<@MWolf> you know, he is really a happy camper nups has really changed
his life
<lostbirdie> better late than never,,,
<@dayden> of him and that scarecrow? i almost didnt recognize him
<@dayden> yeah shes really made him healthy
<@dayden> remember he used to be so thin bec ause he only ate every 3 days?
<@dayden> he looks really good now
<@MWolf> he was only eating once a day
<thor> every 3 days , wow , id blow away in the wind if that was me
<@dayden> oh maybe that was me
<thor> turn sideways and disappear
<@dayden> well once a day then
<@dayden> i used to do that
<@dayden> found out it was not a healthy thing to do
<@dayden> you used to eat only once a day MWolf
<@MWolf> i ate once a day for a couple years
<WhistlingElk> i lost 38 lbs in 28 days
<@dayden> yeah
<@dayden> thats alot of weight loss
<thor> well i have enough on me to cure world hunger , trust me lol
<@MWolf> i wish i coudl do that elk
<@dayden> lol thor
<two_feathers> sometimes my boyfreind and i wait till the army goes to
sleep and then we peek in the fridge hehehe
<@dayden> is there anything left two_feathers?
<WhistlingElk> i eat every two or three days, i ciulnt figure out why
<two_feathers> lol i finally went shopping today lol
<two_feathers> i went to save alot so we good now
09* thor is now known as ndn_trader
<@dayden> thats not good for you WhistlingElk
<WhistlingElk> i know
<@dayden> you supposed to eat several small meals a day
<WhistlingElk> i am feeling good today i ate twice
<ndn_trader> got winded from being a super hero , tryn to type super
fast and havin my sausage fingers collide on keyboard
<two_feathers> lol
<@dayden> lol
<WhistlingElk> i got take this lantus noe
<WhistlingElk> w
<@dayden> you a nut ndn_trader
<lostbirdie> its rough, ndn
<ndn_trader> so i may as well be me
<@dayden> ooh i hate lantus
<@dayden> if you get it into muscle it burns like kerosne
<WhistlingElk> i was just on humalin r bur now i gatta take both
<lostbirdie> what is lantus?
<@dayden> slow acting insulin
<WhistlingElk> last longer
<lostbirdie> ahh the dreaded diabetes :(
<lostbirdie> sorry
<@dayden> humalin is like nova log ...fast actingZ?
<@dayden> that was a question lol
<two_feathers> i take levramere and humalog both
<WhistlingElk> yup thats the one i amscared of
<@dayden> well test before injecting it
<WhistlingElk> i gotta use a sliding scale
<@dayden> and dont inject if you cant eat within 15 minutrs
<@dayden> yeah
<WhistlingElk> hech ya
<@dayden> i do too
<two_feathers> ya couse going into dka is not fun
<two_feathers> nope not at all
<@dayden> i test 4 times a day
<WhistlingElk> goes low real fast
<two_feathers> 8 times a day and more if im sik
<WhistlingElk> i test once
<@dayden> before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner, before bed
<WhistlingElk> more if needed
<@dayden> yeah it sucks huh two_feathers
<ndn_trader> all this injection talk is makein me hungry
<@MWolf> i test when i want to , once a month or two months
<@dayden> yeah if im sick my levels go wackly
<WhistlingElk> gawd they want me to poke my self 4-5 times aday ya right
<@MWolf> but then, im not a diabetic
<two_feathers> yup im type 1 and i feel for any type of diebities
<@MWolf> i bought a test kit as part of my personal health stuff i like
to knwo whats going on
<two_feathers> oh dayden be carfull i do no sickness effects it alot
<@dayden> well i like to test because it lets me know where im at and
what kind of foods affect me how and whether i need to eat soem carbs
before exercising
<WhistlingElk> i am worried about my left foot, i got a small sore on
the side!
<WhistlingElk> sh@#
04* lostbirdie (~Guest@c-98-214-5-74.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has left
<WhistlingElk> plus my eyes, i dont want to go blind
<ndn_trader> better go to the doc , or ud be limpin elk if u dont
<two_feathers> just keep it clean and get it checked
<@dayden> ooh two_feathers once i was traveling for work and i caught
this flu and i got really sick and i was so cold and my glucose was over
09* lostbirdie (~Guest@c-98-214-5-74.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined
<WhistlingElk> i only got one foot left
<ndn_trader> wb lostie
<two_feathers> thats not good
<@MWolf> birtie is the wordie
<@dayden> i had put on a heavy c oat and cranked up the heat in the
hotel room then got under all the covers and shivered
<WhistlingElk> lol
<lostbirdie> i got disconnected and stuff
<WhistlingElk> mwolf lol
<@dayden> then i realized wow i think i need to go to hospital
<ndn_trader> well i have to left feet , thats what my ex said when i
tried to dance with her ,, so u can have one of mine
<lostbirdie> you lost a foot elk?
<@dayden> gosh
<two_feathers> i understand completly, ive been in dka at least 2 times
a year
<WhistlingElk> yup to osteomillitus
<@dayden> so sorry to hear elk
<ndn_trader> sorry to hear that bud
<ndn_trader> so sorry
<WhistlingElk> its all good i am alive
<WhistlingElk> O:-)
<two_feathers> long time in the hospital, this last t ime it coused me
to get mitral heart valve prolapse with regergitation
<lostbirdie> geez sorry
<two_feathers> diebities not only effects your libms but your organs as well
<WhistlingElk> man
<WhistlingElk> kidneys
<WhistlingElk> oh yeah what are keytones?
<ndn_trader> diabeties affects everything
<@dayden> yup kidneys big time
<ndn_trader> i mean everything
<@dayden> eyes
<@dayden> heart
<@dayden> brain
<two_feathers> kidnys liver beta cells protine levels
<ndn_trader> organs
<@dayden> its not fun
<@dayden> affects moods
<two_feathers> heart, muscle tissue and muscle fat
<@dayden> although i am always level
<two_feathers> hormones
<two_feathers> periods
<@MWolf> yes you are
<@dayden> not moody one bit
<ndn_trader> yup , my sugar is up and i dont even feel sweet , just feel
sour and want to sleep
<WhistlingElk> they found keytones in my urine yesterday
<@MWolf> no never
<two_feathers> carfull elk
<two_feathers> thats a warning sighn
<@dayden> yeah if my sugar goes up i fall asleep like that
<WhistlingElk> its like being drunk huh?
<ndn_trader> so i never take sleep aids , i just head to the fridge
<@dayden> then wake up with headache
<@dayden> ooh but thats dangerous ndn_trader
<WhistlingElk> sore mucles
<two_feathers> if mine is hi i am moody or somtimes sleepy or body is tired
<WhistlingElk> i can relate lol
<@dayden> yeah feel sick
<ndn_trader> i know
<@dayden> sore
<@dayden> achy
<Hiya> hi all I am back finally...crazy peoples out there
<@dayden> hiya hiya
<two_feathers> if low i am gittery and fainty well hi i feel faity too
<ndn_trader> wb hiya
<Windle> hey hiya, wb
<Hiya> hiya dayden
<@MWolf> hey ya hiya
<@dayden> yeah when it goes low its scary
<two_feathers> and thirsty dry mouth
<@dayden> yup
<two_feathers> mines been 0
<ndn_trader> and none stop runs to the toilet
<WhistlingElk> yup and my eyes vibtate
<two_feathers> to over 700
<@dayden> gawd every drink like 3 galloins of water and flush all your
electrolytes out? not fun
<two_feathers> oh yes p all the time
<@dayden> hands legs feet arms cramp up
<@dayden> somtimes all at once
<WhistlingElk> gateraid
<@dayden> when i hike and ride my bike i take sports beans
<ndn_trader> geez i was feelin healthy ther for a bit jk lol
<@MWolf> bad man dont drink gatoraid
<ndn_trader> just tryn to liten mode
<@dayden> they are a jelly bean full of carbs and electrolytes
<ndn_trader> lol
<@MWolf> gatorade
<WhistlingElk> i want one of those racing wheelchairs
<@dayden> but the best thing for cramps to instantly stop them? a half
teaspoon of epsom salts in a glass of water
<WhistlingElk> i bet id get in shape quick
<@dayden> no more than a teaspoon
<ndn_trader> or eat bananas
<@dayden> they take longer
<two_feathers> its called poamprin lol
<@dayden> so does quinine water
<two_feathers> pamprin
<@dayden> but epsom salts act within 2 minutes or so
<WhistlingElk> or tums is also good for cramps,
<two_feathers> midol
<two_feathers> lol
<@dayden> its pure magnesium
<WhistlingElk> muscles cramps
<ndn_trader> midol lol i dont cramp there lol
<two_feathers> lol
<WhistlingElk> lol
<Hiya> lol
<ndn_trader> ok 2 feathers now ur tellin on ur self
<ndn_trader> lol
<Hiya> consider yourself lucky
<two_feathers> lol im still young lol 30
<ndn_trader> if i have a cramp there then i go visit the john
<ndn_trader> lol
<WhistlingElk> wow i am hungry again?
<two_feathers> lol
<@dayden> i woke up once to my left ankle cramping up so bad that it
turned outward completely and appeard broken
<Hiya> omigosh dayden...
<two_feathers> dayden
<Windle> wow dayden
<two_feathers> that happind to me
<@dayden> turned my foot outward so i was standing on the inside of my
left foot insteadd of the bottom
<@dayden> that was the worst one ever
<ndn_trader> wow , kind of like possessed ankle , that must have hurt
<Windle> my mom used to take quinine tabs for night leg cramps
<WhistlingElk> i done that, woke up and forgot my leg was gone nad bam!
fell on my azz,
<two_feathers> doc told me what it was it wassomthing to due with sugers
<@dayden> it hurt so badly i thought i would pass otu from pain in fact
i wished i could but to my horror i didnt
<two_feathers> ill ask again
<two_feathers> i see a doc soon
<@dayden> oh yes please see if you can find out

<two_feathers> i will
<WhistlingElk> webmd
<WhistlingElk> might help
<two_feathers> i go next week
<WhistlingElk> sorry josh
<Hiya> oh gosh I hate web md
<two_feathers> i hate that to md
<Hiya> everything I read about I suddenly develop symptoms...last time
my prostrate was acting up something fierce
<two_feathers> you gotta pay to see what youy ureally need to no
09* Guest1185 (~Guest@ has joined #native-american
<Windle> lol hiya
<two_feathers> hi guest
<WhistlingElk> prostate hurts?
<Guest1185> hi
<Windle> hey guest
<@MWolf> prostate
<Hiya> hiya guest
<ndn_trader> hi guest
<Hiya> sorry M
<ndn_trader> prostate
<Hiya> yes prostate
<ndn_trader> oh prostate
<@MWolf> lol
<WhistlingElk> lol
<WhistlingElk> one more time
<ndn_trader> not prostrate
<Hiya> and I'm pretty sure it was fine before I read about symptoms on
web md
<ndn_trader> lol im only messin lol
04* Guest1185 (~Guest@ has left #native-american
(Connection reset by peer)
<WhistlingElk> what are the symtoms?
<ndn_trader> who reads what and gets the symptoms , who said that
<Hiya> oh no...not you too??
<@MWolf> i figur5e as long as i can pee im ok
<WhistlingElk> never mind too much info
<ndn_trader> is that u hiya
<Hiya> that would be me ndn trader
<Hiya> that is me...I am very open to powers of suggestion
<ndn_trader> oh , ok , dont read bout rogaine
<@dayden> hiya you a nut too
<WhistlingElk> you dont get a sharp pain ya groin your good
<Windle> lol
<@dayden> brb
<Hiya> k


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